Saturday, 31 May 2014

FEATURE: Is Tiwa Savage Wanted By Hypocrites?

Alright, I'm going to start this post by saying that Tiwa Savage and her Hubby Tee-Billz need to thank Charles Novia and all the other nay-sayers not in support of her supposed racy WANTED video for getting it more HITS and making someone like me who rarely has the PATIENCE to wait for any online video to stream even if it's mine (Yep) I'm that bad.....

Now I'm a mother, sister, daughter, I've been a wife....hehehe. but most importantly as an ARTIST, I absolutely get what that video is about and the song is not bad at all.  Now anyone who says its not ART is just being downright MEAN. Point blank!

One of my guiles reading Charles Novia's comments and article about it, is not the fact that he has EXPRESSED an opinion. (his opinion). Its actually the ARROGANCE with which he expresses his opinions whilst assuming that he speaks for a vast majority and his thoughts are quite SUPERIOR to others who oppose his views. Hahahah.

Alright, I'm yet to clarify who appointed him judge and jury to come out as an Art CREATOR himself to openly RIDICULE another person's work of art, whether he appreciates it for what they call it or not. Is it his place as a self acclaimed critique whom by the way, if ever he reads the comments following some of his many write ups on blogosphere....Its usually the case of "Thanks.... but no thanks, Mr Novia." Hahahah

I happened to read the jibe, Ayo Shonaiya threw him on a forum for even saying it's tart and honestly Charles didn't handle that critic well. And whilst some of us may not have agreed completely with all of Ayo's views.....A point was clearly made. Charles MAY be known for simply dishing what he can't take and that is true about a lot of us, hypocrites. 

I remember attending the premiere of his movie ALAN POZA which fell on my birthday last year and whilst I was seated next to a friend of mine who is not only a celebrity but a first class AUTHORITY in filmmaking (I will withold his name so I don't start another civil war) who kept running a commentary on the shots, focus, sound, continuity et all. I remembered chiding him "Are you here to support Charles or to dig holes in his work? Stop it you're ruining this for me". To be honest, those MISTAKES however evident didn't ruin for me, what was obviously an art created with blood and sweat. I don't remember leaving the cinema hall with any special message from it.....but at least I was deeply ENTERTAINED.

I personally agree that 'sometimes' Tiwa as an Artist confuses me. I also agree that the WANTED video lacks originality but then again, aren't we all RECYCLING ideas as no one has the monopoly to ideas. I could easily say some scenes like the end bit on top of the armoured tanker was UNNECESSARY or the floor TWERKING that looked like a stubborn RAT convulsing from 'ota-pia-pia' could easily have been taken out during edit. Hehehe.

I can say that I personally would have loved some more STORY, perhaps see an array of chizzeled BARE-CHEST men in military bottoms chase down this SEXY wanted DIVA-convict. Hahahah. And I wouldn't have minded Charles play a cameo (her leading male perhaps).....Abeg oh! Don't shoot me down. Lol. I also would have preferred not to see all that bad grimace on her face from the unending forced GRINDING. 

But to compare her to Maheeda? C'mon Charles, even you know that was hitting it right at the Coochie and aiming straight for an ORGASM. It IRKS me that when someone makes some form of progress, it alludes to them copying or wanting ATTENTION. We say this is Nigeria not America. Okay, let's go back to the days of NO mobile phones and Internet. Let's scrap DSTV and all other paying satellite TV providers. Why do we even bother with Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram....Why are we blogging? Why do we go to fancy restaurants and eat foreign food? Why do we wear clothes? Didn't our great ANCESTORS in the village walk around bare-chest naked with nipples all over the place? Why do we want a place at the OSCARS? Aren't we content with our AMAA? Mschewww 

Infact, Why get educated? Oh!Thank you, Boko Haram for letting us know WESTERN education is bad. Some people have obviously been listening to you. So why are we taking so much from the bloody western culture? Hian! Bloody Hypocrites! We keep talking about Africa and Culture....And speaking of culture Tiwa has been in the forefront of those using their art to coin lingos and promote their indigenous culture. 

That, one video doesn't tow the line of her norm, doesn't suddenly make her a bad REPRESENTATION of this generation. Hang on! Onyeka Owenu may have sang "One love" and several other hits....But I still remember seeing her record jackets all over my family house with hands cupping her bare breasts seductively....and oh! Those sexy mono-straps....or is it the original bad boy Daniel Wilson, Alex O, Alex Zitto, late Mustapha Amego or Charly Boy....who were really SEX symbols. Or should I mention FELA and his band or the sexy gyration of Yeni Kuti and Femi Kuti's dancers. Why is all these suddenly linked to Tiwa's GENERATION? 

Was Tiwa's video more RAUNCHY than all the videos of our Nigerian male artists with all sorts of video VIXENS in bikini's or very little shading their bare pokered ASS? I dare say that the rumoured obscenity of this video was grossly EXAGGERATED. As an Artiste myself, I know that most artistes have a persona or ALTER-EGO in which they channel to express their artistry. It doesn't mean it's who they are in their everyday life. The Beyonce's and Ciara's of this world regardless of how they grind or what they wear in the music videos or on stage. Don't go around dressed or acting like that. Same goes for Tiwa. She has always presented herself in the public domain with RESPECTABLE finery. 

Even I, who write my unfiltered thoughts with a lot of graphic literary OBSCENITY know that, I simply channel an alter-ego who isn't my everyday personality. Do I swear or curse when I talk?  Noooooo! But I'm allowed to, when I write..... regardless of how difficult it is for the hypocrites to swallow. Yes! That's one part of my Art! And I will be damned, if I let anyone put sand-sand inside my Garri ojare.... because I know it doesn't and will never take away from me as a good woman or as a great mother. And just like everything classified. Its not for my son to read now until he's of the age, he can understand and APPRECIATE my art.

And honestly, we have too many people who just love to hear the sound of their VOICE even when it's cracked. We are impulsive in giving advice and picking sides without clearly analysing the INTENT or import of someone's action or the repercussion of our opinions and how we COMMUNICATE them. 

Has it occurred to anyone that Tiwa was a SEX symbol who's fan base are mostly MEN....Some of who jerk off to her videos and pictures....And some who day-dream they will either SHAG her for millions or marry her for free. And she dashed their hopes by getting MARRIED to her lover. Trust me I have been there.... and I know what it feels to LOSE the ATTENTION you seemingly get at the snap of a finger simply because you're no longer on the market. She now has to WORK  twice as hard to keep that FAN base and let them know just because she's married, doesn't mean they still can't fantasize about her. Its SHOW-BUSINESS baby, and anyone who believes people attain STARDOM simply on the MERIT of their talent is DELUDED. Leave auto-tune and air brush alone. Its simply about brand positioning. 

I agree that the good-girl-gone-bad image might be a little DRASTIC and a bit of effective PR might have warmed people up for what was to come. Still, I believe it's just the SHOCK talking. Take a look at the video again and listen to the song. Forget the usual club bangers. I HEARD less auto-tune and I think it's a FIERCE song even a Beyonce or a Rihanna can appreciate. 

I personally have quite a hidden FONDNESS for Charles Novia and I'm all for people expressing their thoughts and criticism....but please do it with LOVE. Do it in a way that its intent is HEALTHY and it doesn't appear malicious and OBNOXIOUS. I know the POWER of words and how it can either make or break a person. He should know better than anyone, that in this new ERA of social media, those tweets had the power to ruin her career and the hard work she has put into building her BRAND whether we like her or not. Thank goodness, we are mostly curious cats and she's a way stronger brand.

Still, If you like it... all well and good. If it's not your cup of tea, dump it with IGNOMINY and move on. We have more serious issues to tend to in this country. Let's all stop being HYPOCRITES. What another man allows his wife to do is, simply no business of ours. Kindly, MIND the BUSINESS that belongs to you and stop the friggin CYBER bullying. 

Have A Restful Saturday Lovelies! Kisses! 

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Thursday, 29 May 2014

Funny-Pix: What's In A Name?

Hey Lovelies! I know it's been a while I shared my thoughts on some FUNNY-PIX. Ever thought about "WHAT'S IN A NAME?"....Well, being that its throw-back Thursday. I've decided to share some photos I STUMBLED a while back at Here's my CAPTION of some of the most 'hilarious' brand names I've ever seen. Feel free to go "huh?"....or just break into cheesy LAUGHTER . 

#1) Feeling hungry? Biko, enjoy some chewables, of the finest grilled n' tasty MEGA PUSSI ever....Hahahah. Shior!!!

#2) Okay is this company a FREE escort agency? So why is their reputation building fast? Anyway, we get it...."Just RAM the bloody COCK in, HOOKER". Lol.

#3) I don't know any other thing PEE stands for. Brother, (in my finest ghanaian accent)...I just hope it's not what I'm thinking sha. Urine and Cola mix? Ha!!!!

#4) Its safe to say this brand has clearly stated it's Unique Selling Point. No long talk abeg.... Guys ditch the viagra and sip an EREKTUS. It has the power to ERECT you for us. Hehehe.

#5) I can't even stop laughing at this one.....Ofcourse if you wiped your butt after doing the CRAP. Viola!!! SHIT BE GONE! No miracles there!

#6) MINI DICKS are better than no dicks at all. So have your pick. White or black? Err...I meant Chocolate or Vanilla. Hmmm....Yummy MANN!!! 

#7) It sure looks like that though! Pooh is ready! Children it's breakfast time....Hian! (covers face).

#8) Isn't this supposed to be a chicken soup mix? Oh sorry! Real Jamaican woman no like chickens....she like a real Cock-a-doodle-do. 

#9) Ha!! I Litre of Fresh 100% Cok juice....Oya! Drink semen at your own detriment.

#10) This sausage is strictly for men. I repeat.... This sausage is STRICTLY for MEN. Be homo-guided! Hahahah

So what do you THINK about these "BRAND HOES" and my captions for today? Hahahah. Feel free to re-caption your FAVOURITE in the comment box. Best Caption wins free giveaway. 

Enjoy Your Throw-Back Thursday Lovelies! Kisses! 
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Tuesday, 27 May 2014

What About Your Friend?

So I've been CONFINED to bed rest (Doctor's orders), being that I have STRESSED myself these past 3 months barely sleeping more than 2 hours a NIGHT. 

Anyway I see a FLASH back of  one of my favourite TLC's music video "WHAT ABOUT YOUR FRIENDS?". Dang, it still sounds as fresh as a new baby's BUTTOCKS. Hahahah.  

Forget I'm UNDER the weather. Abeg, I can't help but do the sick bed-shuffle (Yes! I love music that much) I'm MIMING along with my SORE tonsils, but who cares....Don't know when next BET will bless me with some more 90's classic...."What about your friends...will they stand their grounds....will they let you down....Yea! Ooooh! What about your......will they ever be around....."

So here I am singing along and the LYRICS hit me. There are many people surrounded by faces, we give so much CREDIT and call them our 'FRIENDS'. Those who present themselves like they will ALWAYS be around but BOLT at the slightest CHANCE they get. 

The ones who love to FLATTER you with big words and evidence of their ACHIEVEMENTS (show offs), yet have been of no VALUE to you, are always suspiciously MUTE, too BUSY, in the middle of their OWN issues or constantly PROCASTINATING to help. 

The ones who own a BAKERY but will still take away your only SLICE of bread if you let them.

The "IT IS WELL" kind of friend, who LISTENS to you but NEVER does anything to help except give you false proclamation of HOPE.... " It is well".  

The ones who THINK they need to become 'billionaires' before they can SOW a tiny seed of KINDNESS in your life.

The ones who don't REALISE a quick phone call, a warm hug, a #500 note or #10,000 in the ENVELOPE, could save a life. 

The ones who think your ADVERSITY are the MEASURING stick for how much better they are than you.

The ones who ASK you how you are, but don't really want to HEAR the answer. 

The ones who don't UNDERSTAND that the basis of friendship is 'selfless' LOVE.

These past months, I have come to understand DEEPLY the meaning of the phrase "A friend in need, is a friend indeed"....Let me explain;

1) Those SPECIAL few, you don't really have to ask for their support but they are GENEROUS with it. Every single time you need them, they come to your RESCUE and throw you a life line.

2) The ones irrespective of how FLAWED you are, still see the good in you, and VALUE you.

3) The ones who don't mind SHARING the little they have, because they understand what it feels like to experience 'LACK'.

4) The ones who GO out of their WAY and even face difficulties on your BEHALF with genuine pride.

5) Those ones who's main GOAL are to see you GROW, even if all they can offer you is TIME, COMFORT, AFFECTION or KNOWLEDGE.

I have always said that the RIGHT person doesn't always have to be a LOVER. Sometimes, when you least expect it, a good FRIEND who will always be there for you, is all you really NEED. 

Have A Terrific Tuesday Lovelies! Kisses!
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Monday, 26 May 2014

Don't Stay Disappointed!

Hello Lovelies! Its Monday and I know I'm supposed to post my AUDIO DIARY for today but my TONSILS are very inflamed....and it has also affected my plans to film today on LOCATION. If you've ever made plans that failed or did something INNOCENT that totally got misinterpreted....or you were given false HOPE that got dashed or perhaps, it was your beautiful HEART that got broken. Then you are no stranger to DISAPPOINTMENT. Know that.....

"Sometimes plans may FIZZLE, Rain may DRIZZLE...

EXPECTATIONS come to 'nothing', Someone is up to SOMETHING.

TRUSTED people let us down, WE put others way DOWN...

DREAMS shatter, MONEY matters, Ask your darn father...

PEOPLE fake, CONDOMS break, DEATH takes... but Hey!

REMEMBER only God stays CONSTANT. So Keep your eyes on him, and bridge the DISTANCE, this very INSTANT!"

Have A Magnificent Monday Lovelies....And Regardless of The Many Disappointment In Your Life, Stay Motivated Always! Kisses!
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Saturday, 24 May 2014

I'm Not Missing In Action!

My ABC Lovelies! Oh yes....I have to practically woo you all. I'm sorry I have appeared M.I.A....only because I have been so busy tending to several other CREATIVE commitments that needed my attention, still I can promise that you all have been on my mind....and I wasn't doing anything extra-ordinary NAUGHTY (Girls guide honour). Lol.

So here I am plotting catch up and wondering if I should REGALE you with TALES of my entire chaotic week, that ended with a good meeting with my #4NL Think-Tank Family (And you know how crazy it gets when CELEBRITIES get together outside all the glamour) Oh Lord! Its magnified madness on a Cum'munal level .... Hahaha! 

Should I keep it simple or dish it raw?.....or perhaps save the GIST for another day when I'm not rushing off to attend a meeting, so I can serve my three course LITERARY delicacy on the finest PORCELAIN china I can afford. Hahaha. Or knock on my neighbour's door to borrow the garlic and ginger I shall use to PREPARE the royal ABC meal. Dang! Just a few days off and I felt like a druggie SUFFERING withdrawal syndrome. I absolutely missed my A(lex's) B(log) C(ommunity).

Whew! I think I really need to do a RANT and RAVE post soon or better still write something RAW and UNFILTERED. Oh Yessss! I can imagine all your MISCHIEVOUS eyes literally lighting up fire. You all love the SEX talk....Don't ya? Hahahah. Yes, I need to release some pent up TENSION....and get out more often as my winchi friend, Denrele Edun advised. I mean I might be a mother now, but I've still got a lot of fire to burn joor. 

Especially with my friends John Njamah, Ruggedman, Kalu Ikeagwu, Yemi Blag, Femi Branch, Tokunbo Coker, Wale Adebayo (sango)....all giving me the TEASE yesterday. I seriously need to move out of the "Alex-is-our-guy" friend zone shaaaaarply. Mba nu!....Alex is not a guy...but I am for this CRAZY nutters, despite my obvious double D's and feminine ASSignment staring them in the face as I walk away reeling in laughter at their mischief. Which ofcourse, Ufuoma Ejenobor-McDermott and Weird MC got their own fair share of.  I have obviously possessed a MASCULINE approach to handling some mischief. If you can't beat them, join them. In this case, it's the latter. Hahaha.

So dudes please, come along with your brushes for my COBWEBS and enough GREASE for my RUST down there....and if you like deep STIMULATING sensation....oh sorry, I meant conversation (He he he)....then you guys know I'm the right PUN .  You dig? (Tongue out. Hahaha)

So while I'm busy strategising with these crazy, hilarious, INFLUENTIAL, multi-talented and brilliant ARTISTES that are part of the movement advocating 4 NEW LAGOS in Nigeria. I'm trying to also EXPUNGE the soot springing up by a malicious unidentified non-entity trying to mess up my WORK opportunities. Hahahah. If you've been wondering a lot about what I have been up to lately, and why I took a brief hiatus from the movie industry. Then you might want to read this exclusive INTERVIEW I granted this week, to Encomium Magazine (Here).

Truth is, I may not always be in your FACE....but I'm certainly, not Missing in ACTION!!!

Have A Restful Saturday Lovelies! Kisses! 
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Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Get Back Your Ex....

Have you ever been on a rampage to WIN back the LOVE of your life? Ha! Me?....Yesssss!!! I tried every friggin thing possible EXCEPT turning up at his front door stark naked with my erect NIPPLES labelled in his name or tying his TESTICLES to the exhaust of my car while driving at 180kmph on third mainland bridge till he screams for his dear life and comes back to me. Hahahah..

If you have been DESPERATE at anytime or even tempted to start up a fellowship group in church or mount a permanent MONITORING station in front of your exes house. You've certainly been going about it the wrong way. Now I won't PRETEND I have all the answers considering, I personally gave up on that agenda a long time ago, and left my ROMANTIC fate to the cold hands of destiny.  But if you don't BELIEVE in waiting for destiny to JUGGLE the options, of choosing for you....who's face you WAKE up to or who greases you down below. Hahaha. Then feel free to try what I'm about to share....I know a few people who got back in the SADDLE with their exes for real, even long enough to get to the ALTAR and sneak in a few buns in their virile oven.

Before you embark on a TOP secret MISSION to get your ex back, I would advice you to EVALUATE your past relationship with that person. Was he/she a POSITIVE influence in your life? Was he/she a good partner to you? Have they matured/changed for the better? If your answer is No, then you need to THINK really deeply, if getting back together is such a good idea. Besides your LONELINESS or bruised ego could be giving you wrong signals and MIS-LEAD you into thinking you still NEED them in your life. Remember, Getting them back is easy, if you are not expecting much. But keeping them or expecting him/her to change is the difficult part... don't DELUDE yourself on your ability to change that person, it's not going to happen. People simply CHANGE because they love you enough to, not because you expect, desire or demand it. So here's what I learnt the hard way!

#1) Don't Apply Pressure...

Oh C'mon! Yes we know you are desperate. You want them back this very minute... But relax.... Applying PRESSURE is the best way to lose any chance of getting your ex back. (Ha! I learnt this one the hard just completely turned my ex off....Truth be told, it turns me off too when a man puts pressure on me). Besides, It is also a TESTED way to lose your exes respect and your DIGNITY. Even if you feel desperate, do NOT call him/her every day or even worse, every few hours! Do NOT start turning up at her house begging, crying or even shouting their name over the fence. Hehehe. Who really wants to get back TOGETHER with a crazzzzy drama king/queen? You dig? Bottom line...pressure won't make someone come back to you.

#2) Maintain A Distance...

I know that it might not make SENSE to distance yourself from someone you WANT to be with. Yea! But, this distance, however, is only TEMPORARY . In the first couple of weeks, maybe months after a beak up, distance is a good thing. It gives your ex time to MISS you and figure out whether or not to give your relationship a second chance.

Get involved in your own activities. Play hard to get. It is actually one of the most EFFECTIVE ways to make your ex wonder how you are faring without them....and whether, you are happier.

#3) Start Friendly Contact...

This is not OBSESSIVE calling and checking up on him/her....but rather, a friendly call every few days. This can be beneficial cos it shows genuine INTEREST in their welfare yet maintaining a friendly respectable BOUNDARY on your part. If he/she is missing you, they will look forward to these calls.....maybe even put a call across to you themselves.

If your calls leave them with a good feeling, he/she might take it as a SIGN that they are meant to be with you. Keep your calls POSITIVE  (don't moan and cry about your sick puppy or another love interest....hmm....i would know yeah? Yes, I've tried many times, aiming a cheap shot at making him jealous....hahahah....well I only succeeded in communicating that I had moved on and didn't need him) and we know that's NOT what you want  right? So Keep it light, interesting, upbeat and short. Leave your ex wanting MORE.

#4) Get Ready To Meet Up...

Finally! This may take a few weeks or even months, but once you have ESTABLISHED friendly contact with your ex and he/she seems RECEPTIVE  to it, you can see if they would like to meet up in person. Let them know that it’s just two friends hanging out, nothing more. Seeing them in person will present the opportunity to RECONNECT and REKINDLE old flames.

If they seem OPEN to another date, remain friendly and make plans to meet again in a FEW days. It may take a couple of meetings before he/she sees that the relationship may really WORK. If you're lucky, it may only take one date! But err....let's be realistic.

Lastly, one of the biggest HURDLES to getting back with your ex is holding unto past GRIEVANCES (I did that for so long and it kept holding me back from truly EXPRESSING my affection or even getting closure). Instead of focusing on the many reasons why you broke up, think about making the relationship work this time round.

After all, it's not every time one gets a SECOND chance....But if it doesn't work out, feel free to invite me to share a bottle of your favorite cognac with you, as you drown your sorrows. Believe me darling, you may not see the blessings worth celebrating now. But you will, when the PAIN is over and done!

Have A Wonderful Wednesday Lovelies! Kisses!
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Monday, 19 May 2014

You Can Make Things Happen!

I used to be the QUEEN of PROCASTINATION and waiting for the perfect moment to actualise my visions and dreams.

I used to be the PESSIMISTIC type who always silently NURSED a reason why things wouldn't go the way I planned, despite my passion and good intentions.

But I have recently LIBERATED myself from myself and in my quest for seeking knowledge and growth, some of these popular quotes by great ACHIEVERS have helped shape the IDEOLOGY that now fuels my drive to make things happen.

Here they are....Enjoy!

#1) "Good things come to those that wait, but only the things left by those that hustle." - Chris Gormaz

#2) "Remember that not getting what you want is sometimes a wonderful stroke of luck." - Dalai Lama

#3) "He who knows others is wise. He who knows himself is enlightened." - Lao Tzu

#4) "Many of life's failures are people who did not realise how close they were to success when they gave up." - Thomas Edison

#5) "Kindness in words creates confidence. Kindness in thinking creates profoundness. Kindness in giving creates love." - Lao Tzu

#6) "First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win." - Mahatma Gandhi

#7) "You will never find time for anything. If you want the time, you must make it." - Charles Buxton

#8) "Remember that great love and great achievements involve great risk." - Dalai Lama

#9) "Never stand begging for that which you have the power to earn." - Miguel de Cervantes

#10) "The people who matter will recognise who you are." - Alan Cohen

#11) "Your opinions, ideas and suggestions matter! Speak up! Write them down! Be the one who creates an answer the world needs!" -Sandy K

#12) "If you do what you've always done, you'll get what you've always gotten." -Tony Robbins

#13) "It is through cooperation, rather than conflict, that your greatest successes will be derived." - Ralph Charell

#14) "Act decidedly and take the consequences. No good is ever done by hesitation." - Thomas Henry Huxley

#15) "We have what we seek" - Thomas Merton

I truly hope one of these quotes INSPIRES you or MOTIVATES you to go out and ACT. Remember that A(ction) C(hanges) T(hings). So go out and make things happen. You can!!!

Have A Magnificent Monday Lovelies! Kisses!
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Sunday, 18 May 2014

UPDATE: Thank You ABC!!

I keep meaning to say THANK-YOU to all the readers and fans of ALEXANDRA N' HER NAKED THOUGHTS! It is with the vision to share my sometimes silly, other times, twisted and perhaps downright messed up imagination of random thoughts crowding my mind....Hahaha.... to provoke a 'presence of mind' or Inspire and motivate others through different spectre of life. It is through this journey, that we have together built a family, ALEX'S BLOG COMMUNITY (ABC). 

Here's a big Thank you to all my ABC BBM CHANNEL subscribers (old and new) on (PIN): C004ACCD6, Google+ members who follow my personal profile and my blog's official page on GOOGLE+ and FACEBOOK, those who follow my posts on BLOGLOVIN', Who subscribed and follow by email and the fantastic registered users of ABC shout-box here on the right wing of this blog. I appreciate you and the love you all show me simply by being here, reading my posts and blessing it daily with your ratings, likes, comments, suggestions and support. 

I get all the Facebook messages and I try to reply whenever I can. But if you use the ABC SHOUT-BOX here or BBM Channels, I might get to your messages quicker. I don't take your LOVE and LOYALTY for granted. You remain the YING to my're all cooler than ice-water....And I swear, I love you all plenty. Hehehe. THANK YOU once again. 

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UPDATE: New Audio Podcast....

Hello My Lovelies! Hope you all are doing good? Err....So I woke up this morning with a cracked voice and recorded a new podcast. Yaaay! Let's just say I'm inspired by one of my favourite Michael Jackson songs. Alright ignore how cracky my voice is today....hahahah....and focus on the message. Please LISTEN to "BE THE CHANGE YOU DESIRE" on Alex's Audio Podcast at the right wing of this blog and feel free to sign into the ALEX'S BLOG COMMUNITY (ABC) shoutbox, and share your thoughts there. Let's talk about "Change" today....We may inspire someone.

Have A Sweet Sunday Lovelies! Kisses!
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Saturday, 17 May 2014

FEATURE: TONY OKOROJI - Three Million Man Match For Jonathan?

I begged my father to let me post this on my BLOG yesterday, as I was privileged to read this ARTICLE before it was sent to print.....hahahah. But I knew I had to wait for it to be printed first, for it to make it to my saturday's FEATURE. Have you all been following, the conversations, claims, counter-claims and commentary(s) going on about our beloved country? Well, you need to read today's interesting feature, from Chief Tony Okoroji's newspaper Column "LOCOMOTION" in today's Saturday Independent. Here it is.....Enjoy!


"The conversations in Nigeria have been revealing since the school girls of Chibok were kidnapped by the Boko Haram sect and #BringBackOurGirls went super viral. Like never before, the attention of the world has been focused on Nigeria. I have watched in dismay as people whom you were sure could see have gone blind and people you thought could hear have gone stone deaf.

While the entire world is debating how to return these girls of history to their families, there are those who are falling over themselves to show the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria that they love him more than the rest of us. They have been everywhere standing reason on its head and twisting logic in all directions. I have followed arguments on social media where otherwise valued people had insisted that no girl was kidnapped at Chibok! To some, it is the political opposition in Nigeria that wrote the crazy script, directed and shot this blockbuster Nollywood movie that has gripped the attention of the world.

I have even seen some argue on television that because nobody had seen the photographs of the girls and the parents of the girls had not paraded themselves on TV, that was conclusive evidence that no girl was kidnapped. I actually followed a hot discussion on facebook following the posting by a well-known Nigerian Nollywood director in which he insisted that no girl was kidnapped in Chibok. The gentleman asked how anyone could have moved hundreds of girls in the middle of the night without a big jetliner. His conclusion? The Chibok affair is a badly written script.
If this drama does not have to with the lives and future of innocent Nigerian girls trying to improve themselves, it would be hilarious. You can see the struggle to be more Jonathan than Jonathan. The theme is very clear: If you are a true friend of President Jonathan, you have a duty to go out in public and argue forcefully that no girls were abducted in Chibok. Their logic appears to be that by so arguing, the Boko Haram problem will vamoose and the world will forget that the girls were indeed abducted!

I know some of these people reasonably well. Most of them are almost always hanging around Abuja waiting for any crumbs that might fall off the table of Mr President. These people are not protecting President Jonathan. They have their own agenda and are creating huge international embarrassment for our country. If these are the real friends of my President, then I am afraid that the President of my dear country has no friend.

Now, CNN has arrived with its cameras. Its reporters do not have time for the politics of PDP nor that of APC and will go wherever the news takes them. The world has seen the kidnapped girls, seen and heard from the girls who escaped the kidnapping and how they escaped. The world has seen and heard from the parents of the girls, seen the burnt-out buildings of Government Secondary School, Chibok. I will not be surprised if these self-appointed defenders of the president start a war of words with CNN and AFP and Reuters and Aljazeera and the rest of the world media and accuse them of working for APC. How else do they explain the earlier incomprehensible dribble out of their mouths? I will not be surprised that some people have sent proposals to the government with all kinds of scheme to profit from this tragedy that has befallen innocent Nigerian families and made our nation the talk of the world for the wrong reasons. Some fast thinking person may even have proposed a three million man march in support of Jonathan as counterweight to the Bring Back Our Girls demonstrations across the world. It is in the character of jobbers. In any case, elections are around the corner and man must wack!

We have been here before. Has anyone forgotten a certain Daniel Kanu and his Youths Earnestly Ask for Abacha (YEAA) and the two million man march for Abacha? For a long time, I suffered a private humiliation from the significant stain and injury done to the reputation of an organization I had worked so hard to build. I did not take part in the march and did not collect a penny from anyone but I got tarred along with those who did. To add insult to injury, those of us who raised our voices in protest of the infamy had our names sent to Aso Rock as enemies of the government. In Nigeria, you know what that means.

The Abacha Two Million Man March was a key chapter in the fall and fall of PMAN, a once very respected organization which was cheaply deployed to market a sordid idea.
I was sure that Nigeria would never experience that sad chapter any more. With what I have seen recently of those who purport to love Nigeria more than the rest of us, I am not sure anymore."

By Tony Okoroji

Phew! Which way Nigeria? Guess we need to ask ourselves some pertinent questions....and perhaps tell ourselves the hard truth.

Have A Restful Saturday Lovelies! Kisses!
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Friday, 16 May 2014

Let's Steal A Kiss....

I have been getting a lot of NAUGHTY personal feedback on my last post (KISS LIKE A MONSTER) with some wanting to prove to me that they're great kissers, some tweeting at me, that they really love kissing....and others admitting that they got an ERECTION from reading my post....Huh? How come? And it was totally non-sexual (so I thought). Okay, I get it..... my BLOG is hot like that..... Hahahah.

Anyway, my very good INDIAN friend Arja, decided to extend the courtesy feedback, and sent me a few delicious pictures he thought might be great to buttress his APPRECIATION for that article. Hahaha.

So I've decided to share them with you but not before I do a little online FLIRTING myself. I would absolutely love to steal a kiss from actor, Laz Alonso (more like him giving me the BACK KISS...he's so friggin sexy) and John Dumelo -the EAR-LOBE KISS, he seems like a man with ticklish ears....) And one and only singer, Maxwell with the UNDER WATER KISS (that's if I don't drown from too much excitement....Hehehe....i find it romantic, can I, not trust a man who has shared so much PASSION and honesty with his music). Here are the KISS-PIX;










Okay...NOW, it's your turn.....If you were to steal a kiss with one person right now....who would it be and which one of these KISS-PIX would you love to RE-ENACT? Don't spoil the fun.....I'm waiting! 

Have A Fun Friday Lovelies! Err....More Kisses!!! Lol.
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Thursday, 15 May 2014

Kiss Like A Monster....

Yesterday, my brother and I ran into an old flame....(don't know if I should even refer to him as such) cause there was really no FLAME to be honest. He was just an attractive guy I had been FLIRTING with until that DISASTER of a first kiss, followed by a few more HORRIFIC lip-locking that put a lid on my emotions forever (What a waste of good looks). Lol. So I remember when I first wrote an Article about (THE ART OF KISSING) and people were reeling with laughter at my obvious DISTASTE for bad kisses....Well, nothing much has changed about my position. Infact, if there's anything that's become PUZZLING to how much every available man wants to STEAL a kiss (if he's a rogue) or politely ask me for one (if he's a gentleman) .

Still, some of the men who've been in my life....however, may NEVER even have kissed me (okay, maybe I never let them after any SOUR experience)....still some will swear down by their PENIS that I simply hate to kiss....Hahahah. What they haven't realised, is that I'm the KISSMOQUIN of life, an absolutely fine kisser....who treats a kiss like it's pure gold and would rather guard my MYSTERY than bruise their usually fat EGO over their terrible skills (unless he's the kind of man that's willing to learn). 

Let's be HONEST.....some men are CUTE, some women are drop dead GORGEOUS, and they may even be great lovers, but they simply do not grasp the BASIC 101 of a great KISS....and I don't mean that wet SLOPPY suction some men they are plumbing the kitchen DRAINAGE with their mouth. Infact I hate that after a kiss there's evidence of your SALIVA abuse all over my face....with you having to SWALLOW  my entire mouth and cut off my air supply, just to show me what you consider AFFECTION. Hian! ( my mouth joor). 

It's always the TERRIBLE kissers that stare down your mouth like it's their LIFELINE....which is why I stay away from kissing, apart from being claustrophobic....because honestly, I take a kiss the way I do a plate of delicious long grain basmati rice....Yes! Crispy, long, clean, delicious and definitely not soggy. And by SOGGY, you know some lips appear like they've been soaked in saliva JUICE for 48 hours.....Lol....and the evil kenevil decides to swap your entire face with it. EVIL!!!!!!....buahaha!

For all those, who've been SCARED to complain about those disgusting kisses you hate with your partner/love interest .....Well....Yes, I know you LOVE them, Yes, I UNDERSTAND you don't want to hurt them but honestly.....You have to admit they SUCK (literally) and be KIND enough to help them FIX it ....or go through an entire relationship, either AVOIDING being kissed or grudgingly TOLERATING a SLOBBERY smack down.

A GREAT kiss has lots of benefit and can be a SATISFACTORY show of affection or a pre-amble to more INTIMACY.....If both parties know how to KISS. But we all tend to forget and sometimes under-estimate the POWER of kissing. And in most relationships and marriage, it's fading because people FOCUS way less on how to kiss and more on how to give just great SEX, forgetting that a partner who doesn't TRUST you with their mouth, will hardly trust you with their HEART. Here's a basic 101 of how to KISS LIKE A MONSTER.... Hahahah.

#1) You can put out some SUBTLE signals to hint  that you're angling for a kiss without coming right out and saying it.

#2) Get caught looking (briefly) at the other person's lips. Make your mouth APPEALING. Use a chapstick or lipgloss to smooth over flaky lips, and keep your breath fresh with mints or spray before even attempting.

#3) Break the kiss barrier (optional). If you're feeling brave, TEST the waters with a small kiss on the HAND or the CHEEK. If the other person seems interested, it's probably safe to proceed with a kiss on the mouth.

#4) If you're kissing a WOMAN: Take her HAND and slowly lift it to your mouth. Gently press your lips into the back of her hand for 2 or 3 seconds before breaking away. 

b) If you're kissing a MAN: Lean in and plant a 2- or 3-second kiss on his CHEEKS. If you want your intentions to be extra clear, aim for the part of his cheek just to the SIDE of his lips.

#5) Set the mood with a ROMANTIC compliment. Go big and pay the other person the sincerest COMPLIMENT you can think of. If you get it right, the other person might take the lead and LEAN in to kiss you.

#6) Say it in an INTIMATE way. Lower the tone of your voice slightly, and lock eyes. Not only does this communicate that you have deep feelings for this person, it ENTICES him or her to come closer to hear you.
Focus on an ALLURING quality. Even if you truly think that your date is an amazing football player or actor, now might not be the best time to bring it up. Instead, BASE your compliment on how you see your date as a romantic PARTNER. 

Here are some possibilities you can try:

a) "You are SO beautiful/handsome."
b) "Your eyes drive me crazy."
c) "I love to see you smile."
d) "I can't even believe I'm lucky enough to be with you right now."

#7) If all else fails, go for broke and state your INTENTION. If your date hasn't picked up on any of your hints and you're dying to lock lips, you might as well be straightforward and just ASK if you can kiss him or her. Don't worry, though — you can be direct while still being romantic and compelling. 

Try these phrases if you're at a loss for words:

a) "I'd love nothing more than to kiss you right now."
b) "I'm sorry if this is too forward, but I'd really like to kiss you."
c) "I want to kiss you so much that it is just about killing me."

Go in for the KISS. Don't waste any time once you have the go-ahead — close your eyes, lean in and smooch!.

#8) Keep your lips soft. Tense puckers are for family members or people you're obligated to kiss, but keeping your mouth slightly parted and soft COMMUNICATE a sense of openness.

#9) Do a few soft kisses. Start slow with soft, GENTLE kisses and skip the tongue and the teeth — for now until your partner seems receptive.

#10) Try to avoid letting your lips SMACK. The sound can be distracting, and might break your IMMERSION in the moment. If you do find yourself smacking, slow down and part your lips a bit more.

#11) Stay LIGHT at first. Avoid smashing your lips against your partner/date  mouth — for now. Kissing softly and gently gives the other person the chance to stop if it's uncomfortable, as well as allowing you to GUAUGE his or her interest.

#12) Stay at a MANAGEABLE level of saliva. Slobbery puppies are the last thing you want your date thinking of while you kiss him or her. Avoid this fate by swallowing EXCESS saliva occasionally. If you notice that your lips are a bit too wet, pull away and DISCRETELY purse them to bring the extra spit back into your mouth.

#13) "Lock" lips. If your initial kisses have gone well, try a lip lock, which can lead to closer kisses (and is a nice gateway for a more intimate kiss. Basically, you'll "STACK" your lips so that (for instance) it looks like this:

a) Your lower lip
b) Your partner's lower lip
c) Your upper lip
d) Your partner's upper lip

#14) At first, putting your date's lower lip BETWEEN yours is the safest bet. Most people have larger lower lips, making them easier to grab gently with your lips.

#15) Make sure to BREATHE. Ideally, you'll be able to breathe softly through your nose while you're kissing. If that's not possible, though, break away for a second to take a breath.

#16) Don't feel self-conscious about being out of breath or needing to take a BREAK for a second. Breathing hard is an indication that you're nervous and excited, which your partner might find flattering.

#17) Use your HANDS. Don't just let your hands hang at your sides like limp noodles. Hahahah — put them to good use!

#18) Place your hands lightly on your partner's shoulders or around his or her waist. Take the intimacy up a notch by PULLING your partner in closer.

#19) Put your hands on the sides of his or her FACE, using your thumb to sweep across the CHEEKBONE, or put one hand under his or her chin and tilt it upward.

#19) Another seriously sensual move is to put both hands around the back of your partner's HEAD and tangle them in his or her hair, gently pulling.

#20) Test using your TONGUE. Once you're in a lip lock with your partner's lower lip between both of yours, lightly run the tip of your tongue over it. If you can move it SLOWLY, even better.

#21) See how your partner responds. If he or she presses in closer or returns the gesture, you're probably clear to keep increasing the INTENSITY of the kiss. If your date pulls away, maybe it's best to pull back the tongue for now and stick to lips-only kisses.

#22) Sweep your tongue along the INSIDE of your partner's lower lip (not outside o). Try to move slowly and lightly at first, increasing speed and pressure only if your partner seems to respond well.

#23) Use very light, darting MOTIONS and keep your tongue moving — letting it sit limply in your partner's mouth isn't appealing and will bring a quick end to the kissing. Try deeper and harder strokes only if your partner seems responsive.

#24) Mix it up. Don't feel OBLIGATED to keep the intensive tongue activity going forever. Alternate soft and hard, slow and fast, deep and shallow. You can even go back to using only your lips for a few minutes.

#25) Alternating your technique will keep your partner from being able to PREDICT what's coming next. Maintaining this sense of surprise and spontaneity helps your kisses avoid becoming stale.

Increase the intensity with occasional breaks. PULL away for a moment to look into your partner's eyes, WHISPER something in his or her ear, or simply catch your breath and marvel at your good fortune.

If you're a man in a relationship, I will say it's usually SAFER to always let the woman direct the pace and control the INTENSITY of a kiss. Men are aggressive by nature and lots of women respond negatively to aggressive kissing. If she wants more FIRE, let her light it herself and pay ATTENTION to what she likes.

Don't feel entitled....A kiss is not something you get simply because you're in a relationship. Its a prize you have to earn....if you've churned down my BASICS...then go ahead and Kiss like a Monster.....Aaaaarghhh! To be Continued.....

Have A Terrific Throw-Back Thursday Lovelies. Kisses!
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Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Ha! I've Been Infected....

Lately, a lot of people have been complaining that something is off with me. I haven't been my usual social SLUT and I haven't had the many one on one LOVE AFFAIR I used to have with my friends. Let me explain. If you're  my personal contact on BBM or WhatsApp....chances are, you've most likely been getting QUICKIES with me...and by that I mean....receiving just my broadcasts and no personal messages from me....And you hate it! Hahahah.

I've had a number of my special friends BLOW down my throat on how I no longer wrap my LEGS around them like I used to ....and for someone like me who places a lot of VALUE on friendship and hurts that I can't be as socially LUBRICATED as I would love to be with each and everyone specially....And I think it's time to cry out for help. I've been INFECTED.... Yes!

And it started with a SOFT and TENDER whisper, full of DESIRE. I had lost some CONTROL and became RECKLESS in my entanglement with MOTIVATION......refusing to protect myself from the clutches of a somewhat fulfilling ROMANCE ignited by fire, and now I have been INFECTED.

I've been Infected with....PASSION ....and its slowly moving through my system...breaking all of my defences. And as much as I hate that its become my MASTER and I a loyal servant, attending to its every whim and letting it affect some of my other relationships, I still love the positive outcome of this VIRUS... 

Virus because it takes over me, maybe even POSESSES...all of me....untill, I've used it to fuel my DRIVE and yield some great results....and then it comes right back again OBSESSED and infatuated, RAPING my entire being. Ha! I awakened from my ILLUSIVE moments of strong Invisibility....remaining hidden for fear of success, failure and even EXHAUSTION from struggling to be noticed by the universe....The fear of tapping into my GREATNESS....and embracing my own uniqueness.

I recently RE-CONNECTED with the ARTIST inside of me and I've so been busy developing my VISION. It feels like water running a marathon right through me. I have been released from my own MUTE bondage and I no longer FEEL as empty.....because I found my voice and I've refused to be shut down, by circumstance, CHALLENGE or fear.....And the only truly TESTED way for me to live, like I have nothing else to to let PASSION take control. 

Now whilst this virus does have its negative side EFFECT, if not managed properly or is one of the most important tools that drive our GREATEST loves and DEEPEST despairs. Even as I'm constantly SEARCHING for life's purpose....I like who I become when I lose my self in passion's EMBRACE and drop down my creative PANTIES to pursue PURPOSE with ORGASMIC freedom.

So if I haven't been a good friend lately, I'm sorry everyone....I have been INFECTED deeply with PASSION and it has taken control of me.

Have A Terrific Tuesday Lovelies! Kisses!
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Monday, 12 May 2014

Alex's Audio Diary 14

We spend so much time worrying about all the things we DESIRE and crave for. We even feel ENTITLED to 'success' based upon very limited efforts on our part. Without realising that something needs to GIVE for us to achieve our goal, target or vision. And by that I mean making certain SACRIFICES to unlock your HIDDEN blessings....Still I ask, when last did you "COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS". Please LISTEN to my audio for today....

Feel free to share your thoughts and this audio with others. And don't forget to drop a birthday wish for my No.1 Blessing.... my adorable son, Ray. He motivates me.

Have A Magnificent Monday Lovelies! Kisses!
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Saturday, 10 May 2014

FEATURE : TONY OKOROJI - Finally, The World Is Cooking For Boko Haram!

I'm sure this is a SUBJECT of every kitchen table conversation in almost every home. And it's no different in my family I'm here spending a few weeks with my family and following up the most important issues to happen to this COUNTRY in my lifetime....even as I'm trying to RACK up my mind and finish the screenplay I'm writing for a movie. Oh yea! I must have gotten some of that talent from my father....hahahah....Oh well, it's not always that a daughter loves to read something written by her father, but being that I enjoy his mind....and as a point in case...We share the same passion for creativity and the same zeal for excellence. So whilst I'm being a little LAZY today (and unapologetically so....considering how hard I've worked these past months) Lol. I thought to share with you all this interesting article written by Chief Tony Okoroji in his weekly paper column "LOCOMOTION" in Saturday Independent. Here it is......Enjoy!


"Where I come from, there is a saying that when an individual cooks for the community, the community will eat all the food; the people will lick their fingers and ask for more. On the other hand, when the community cooks for an individual, you can imagine; where does the individual begin?

Nigeria was for a long time seen as the ‘Giant of Africa’. Even without a rebased economy, Nigeria was feared across Africa. Love Nigeria or not, which country in the continent had enough madness to blatantly challenge Nigeria to a fight? When Liberians went after each other in a war of attrition, it was the Nigerian assembled ECOMOG that went over there and when the crazy young men intoxicated with cheap liquor and ‘grass’ saw a power far beyond their ragtag army, their madness cleared. They had to stop the nonsense. It was not much different in Sierra Leone. In fact, wherever military force has been required in Africa and around the world, Nigerian military muscle has almost always been flexed.

And then the smiling Goodluck Jonathan, a Christian from the Southern minority became President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Suddenly, a previously unknown bunch of Islamic radicals called Boko Haram decided that it was time to strip Nigeria naked and expose the powerlessness of the ‘Giant of Africa’. At first, the reaction was that Boko Haram could not be anything that Nigeria had not dealt with before. Has anyone forgotten what happened to the Maitatsine religious zealots that once tried to make parts of Northern Nigeria un-governable?

If the Jonathan government thought that Boko Haram was simply another Maitatsine, it was hugely mistaken. When reports of the reckless abduction and killing by Boko Haram in some parts of North East Nigeria began to spread, the government may have been in denial. Boko Haram was treated not as a major security challenge but as a political or public relations irritation. One day, Boko Haram arrived Abuja and there were huge explosions near the Eagle Square in the heart of the federal power in the city. Suddenly, life changed in Nigeria’s once peaceful show city built with billions of dollars of oil money in the bowels of the enchanting rocks in the centre of the nation. When Boko Haram bombed the Police Headquarters in Abuja, the United Nations Building and some churches, there was no longer any way this could simply be treated as a public relations question. Boko Haram had openly challenged the Nigerian government to a fight. Innocence died.

A state of emergency declared in three northern states of Borno, Adamawa and Yobe did not change much. Tough talk and show boating took over and several times on TV, the law enforcement agents were ordered to flush out and eliminate the Boko Haram sect. Now and again, a few fringe members of the sect were shown to Nigerians on TV as having been captured. Nothing changed except that half of the roads in Abuja have been blocked to traffic and there is security check everywhere. The business of security has spiked in Abuja as the fear of Boko Haram became the beginning of wisdom.

The leaders of Boko Haram have clearly enjoyed the fight with Nigeria. They have been miles ahead of the Giant of Africa with our big army, thousands of police officers and myriad security agencies. Boko Haram has stripped Nigeria naked and exposed our powerlessness. It is now clear that despite the posturing of the nation’s leadership, no one is sure of the structure of the group and how to truly fight it.

The day of reckoning however comes for everyone no matter how tough you may think you are. Just ask yourself: Where is Osama Bin Laden? Where is Sadam Hussein? Where is Muamma Gaddafi?

Boko Haram has clearly enjoyed the huge publicity around the world and may have begun to think that it is unassailable. When the sect went to Government Secondary School, Chibok in the dead of night and abducted the hundreds of innocent schoolgirls trying to write their exams, they crossed the line and galvanized world outrage. As the social media caught fire with #BringBackOurGirls and demonstrations spread around the world, what for several years was a Nigerian problem has now become a universal challenge. British Prime Minister, David Cameron has described the Boko Haram action in Chibok as ‘an act of pure evil’. American President Barak Obama has publicly expressed outrage at the action of this Islamic sect and dispatched American security experts to Nigeria to take on Boko Haram. The French Leadership is aghast and has offered help. China is supplying satellite surveillance equipment. If Vladimir Putin was not engrossed with his dangerous games in Ukraine, Russia would also be on the case. Finally, the world is cooking for Boko Haram.

In the age of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Skype, WhatsApp and multi-channel live television, the world has truly become a global village. What happens in any part of the world affects everyone. Pakistani teenager, Malala Yousafzai, who herself escaped assassination in the hands of Islamic extremists, because of her commitment to education, has described the abducted girls of Chibok as her sisters. Superstar actress, Angelina Jolie says that she is sickened by what Boko Haram has done and insists that the men must be brought to justice. American congresswoman, Marcia Fudge wants a special place in hell for the self-confessed leader of Boko Haram, Abubakar Shekau. Kofi Anan says, ‘it is abominable’. Even American First Lady, Michelle Obama is spreading #BringBackOurGirls. Everyone knows that if Boko Haram gets away with the evil in Nigeria, the madness will spread to every part of the world and no one will be safe, hence the worldwide outcry. When the Nigerian government thought that the world would be focused on the World Economic Forum hosted by Nigeria, the world is focused on the girls of Chibok.

But what Boko Haram may have thought as their biggest success may turn out to be their death sentence. Can they eat all the food being cooked for them by the whole world? I doubt it."

By Tony Okoroji

Hmmm....So what do you think Lovelies? Do you think the Boko Haram Terrorists are ready for what's about to befall them? Feel free to share your thoughts as always....and don't forget to join ALEX'S BLOG COMMUNITY and follow me on Twitter: @AlexOkoroji.

Have A Restful Saturday Lovelies! Kisses!

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Friday, 9 May 2014

UPDATE: Celebrating 100th Post!

Yipeeee!!!! I almost forgot....I'm Celebrating my 100th Post Today. Incredible!....And you have given me access to share my 'naked' thoughts with you and hopefully inspire you some-what in the process. 

ALEXANDRA N' HER NAKED THOUGHTS! started with me expressing what has now become a VISION. So I have decided to share the knowledge I acquired experimenting with my phone.

I'm giving a FREE Google+ Hangout Master Class on how to create/design your own personal blog or website all by yourself using just your mobile the next 50 Registered Users to join ALEX'S BLOG COMMUNITY (ABC) forum.... right here on the (right wing) of this blog. Its easy and it's free. If you're one of my next users. CONGRATULATION! You'll be acquiring skills that will be super beneficial to you as a brand or entrepreneur. So go Join NOW!!!

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The Love Revolution....

Hey Lovelies, I'm sorry I've been a little M.I.A....its been a crazy period of violence and terrorism here in Nigeria. And I've honestly been a little un-inspired  to share much amidst the multitudes of projects on my thighs. I keep wondering, why were 200+ young girls abducted and not boys? (that's not to say I would prefer that). But why do these hooligans believe that western education is wrong for girls?...its reminiscent of the many who secretly terrorise others, especially their own women and treat them like crap.

Yet, I'm thinking....If you listened to Mondays audio (We Are All Terrorists). That the more un-loving a person behaves, the greater is their NEED for love and healing. Perhaps LOVE is the real REVOLUTION we all need to change. Starting with the most important relationships! 

So with that in mind, here's my NAKED truth for today... inspired by one of my favourite sticky reads by Tony Gaskin Jr, to the MAN in every woman's life;

#1) You want a Queen, but you want to be able to treat her like a side-piece at your convenience.

#2) You want a woman that understands you, but on your best days you can't even begin to UNDERSTAND her.

#3) You want her to follow your lead, but do you even KNOW where you are going?

#4) You want to ENFORCE submission but yet you take undue advantage of her willingness to SUBMIT.

#5) Listen to her when she speaks LIFE...The world is so cold, that's why God made her heart so WARM.

#6) When things get tough; Don't turn on her...Turn to her. She will be there holding it down for you. 

She's STRONG because God made her your backbone. Don't try to break her; BUILD her instead and you'll be a better man for it.

P.S: Yes! Every man wants to be KING, that's okay...But KINGS end up only with QUEENS... And that means, you must treat a woman like she's ROYALTY... Because only a Wise King who understands the revolution of love....knows that if the Queen is 'happy'... then his kingdom is HAPPY as well!"

Have A Fantastic Friday Lovelies! Kisses!
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Wednesday, 7 May 2014


Ever wondered, so many times about who you really are? Or failed to EXPRESS that STAR radiating on the inside of you...Hold on a second...You're not alone. I've been there and I've struggled for so long to find me and accept who I AM. 

So during a recent chat, a nice man I was hopelessly FLIRTING with (hahahah)....Had asked me who I am...And for the first time, I could ARTICULATE who I really am:

I am COMPLEX than meets the Eyes.

I am as SIMPLE as Understanding.

I am DEEPER than the Average Mind.

I am FULLER than the Regular Spirit.

I am the BEAUTY that's worth every dime.

I am No CONQUEST for the Lazy Man.

I am That EXCLUSIVE Kind of Woman.

I am WORTH Every Bloody Fight.

I am The Ultimate Grand PRIZE.

I am A CREATIVE Lunatic...
I am Mother, Daughter, Sister, Wo-MAN?...
All five letters a Wo-MAN! I am Alex, Yes....I am SPECIAL!

Dare to Dis-agree? Wink!!

If you've been able to discover what's special about you...Feel free to share with me, who you are....I'm CURIOUS to know. Use the hashtag #Iam...

Have A Wonderful Wednesday Lovelies. Kisses!
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Tuesday, 6 May 2014

If Being Second-Hand Is A Crime....I'm Guilty!

When I'm looking for some real time COMIC relief....I check out some of my favourite blogs to read was during one of those early morning calls, I STUMBLED on an article.... Something about Nigerian Female Celebrities loving second hand HUSBANDS. Okay, I didn't even bother to read the original article until the replies came with singer, Tiwa Savage and her husband spitting FIRE....and yes, my attention went straight to the troupe of comments...(my favourite guilty pleasure, and oh! hear me cackle like crazy).  As I read what represents for me the MENTALITY of the average African. Some intelligent, some ignorant and others downright stupid.

Okay, I'm not going to share what I think about Etcetera's writing skills or his COMMUNICATION style (everyone is free to share their opinions however hideous)....I'm not even going to knock Tiwa's somewhat TARDY response (after all it's her Instagram, not mine). I'm simply going to stay on SUBJECT....So hey, here it is... If being a SECOND-HAND lover is a crime....Then, I'm guilty! Sue Me....hahahah.

I trust my people to take an ARTICLE and interprete it however they like, without asking themselves where the MESSAGE is. And honestly I failed to take away any CONCRETE message from that article other than the fact that some claimed he was telling the truth.  What is this TRUTH? Abeg, truth is RELATIVE from wherever side of the fence you are standing. Still I'm thinking, where is the message? What exactly was he going on about? Was he saying it was a bad thing to be an OBJECT of 'choice' after a failed relationship? Was he saying that Nigerian Actresses/Celebrities deliberately go out of their way to pick potential partners from FAILED relationships or that their MOTIVES are negative? Or that they or their partners have no RIGHT at another shot at HAPPINESS? Biko, what exactly was he saying....because asking people to create their own list of these supposed guilty celebrities didn't make much SENSE to me. Iya Basira who used to do my laundry 4 years ago has been married 3 times and she was wife no 3 to hubby number 2. She's not a celebrity...and I can mention so many others like her. But, how is that even my BUSINESS? I bow o...

I'm not saying whether it is right or not for someone to STEAL someone else's man or woman....But, let's be very HONEST. No one except the two people involved in a relationship truly understand the DYNAMICS of what went on or went WRONG in their RELATIONSHIP . And honestly, any man or woman who doesn't want to be SNATCHED will NOT be snatched...Because relationships are for grown adults, not kids. So perhaps it's best to FOCUS all anger and disappointment at the 'party' who is supposed to be LOYAL...not the one who isn't 'obligated' to care about our feelings. 

Okay, I love to use MYSELF as an example merging his 'second-hand' THEORY. Four years ago, I MARRIED a second hand husband....(yes, i knew he had been married before and separated with 2 kids a few years before I met him). We started something and I was willing to BUILD a did not MATTER to me that another woman and 2 beautiful kids had been in the PICTURE (I'm way too enlightened and mature for small minded issues... plus my heart is way too big with love to afford any hatred) All I knew was that whatever was RESPONSIBLE for the failure of that marriage didn't come from me.... and I extended my love to his ex and her children.....Fast forward, that marriage didn't last and I'm SINGLE again, NOT because of my 'inability' to keep a marriage nor because I chose an already USED man (and oh! I'm still friendly with his ex wife)....but because the REALITIES of relationships are way deeper than our FICKLE minds can FATHOM and sometimes 'separation' is the best solution to save whatever SANITY and possible 'self value' is left. Now, my FAMOUS  third-hand ex husband, found another first hand wife (I'm glad) and the MEDIA and some friends kept calling and sending messages to get a wind of my REACTION. I was quiet then...since I didn't have a PUBLIC wedding, I chose not to have a public separation. (And lord, knows I wish them all the best). Are you saying that because my FIRST marriage didn't WORK and I have a child I should be STIGMATISED as a second hand product....that no one should touch? Or that any 'good man' who finds the COURAGE to accept me and my beautiful child should have to suffer the rancour of such foolish IDEOLOGY. Infact, any man who thinks he can't see a future with me because another man had once placed his RING on my finger or that my son was spun out of  that SPERM, is exactly the kind of small-minded man I do not NEED. 

However we've all heard a FATHER isn't the sperm donor but the one who raises a child with love....and it never fails to IRK me why silly theories like these are some of the reasons for so much HATRED in the world... with all the cyber BULLYING some of my colleagues have had to ENDURE. And let me be straight up NAUGHTY, I'm yet to find a PRICK who didn't want a CUNT because another prick has been there....  Hahahah.... So what's the big bloody deal if you think someone found LOVE in a hopeless place?

I mean, if you are not a VIRGIN....then there's nothing brand new about you and you've lost all MORAL rights to judge who or what another person deserves. Wouldn't I rather CHOOSE a man who once had a few solid relationships and a failed marriage TO the single  available brother who is sleeping with Talia, Dora, Henrietta and every friggin OMO-TA whose legs stay open.  Lol. Or how any man, can even think the-never-been-married lady that has ABORTED 6 pregnancies is a much solid/better woman... than the jilted 'single mother' who is working tirelessly to RAISE her child... Aha! This is the number one reason why boko haram still exists. People aren't just thinking with their BRAINS anymore.

Haven't you tried buying a new product that packed up a week after...and whilst trying to REPLACE the faulty parts, the 'technician' would advice you to buy a FAIRLY-USED part as it's more durable and preferable to the brand new ones. Ehen! See....

Afterall, all second hand was one time, brand NEW. Everyone deserves a second chance with SOMEONE who makes them forget their heart was ever BROKEN. Or the one who shows them why 'A BIG HEART' is a big deal and why it never worked out with others in the first place. And, smacking truth be told, the next man I marry... will be taking home the GRAND PRIZE because he'll be taking a refined woman whose edges have been POLISHED by the wisdom of failure. For I wouldn't be the woman I am today, if I didn't GROW from the things I experienced in my past relationships. 

So once again, if being second hand is a crime, then I'm GUILTY as charged!

Have A Terrific Tuesday Lovelies! Kisses!
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Monday, 5 May 2014

Alex's Audio Diary 13

Do you know "We are all terrorists" by default? Ever thought of the fear and hurt we inflict on others through our actions and words?....just because we seek CONTROL and POWER....Yet we fail to realise that the only kind of power, we should seek is the "Power of Love". Please LISTEN to my audio.

Feel free to share your thoughts and this audio post with others. And don't forget to sign up and become a registered user of ALEX'S BLOG COMMUNITY forum (on the right wing of this blog) and contribute your ideas for discussion. You can also follow me on Twitter: @AlexOkoroji

Have A Magnificent Monday Lovelies! Kisses!
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Saturday, 3 May 2014

FEATURE: TONY OKOROJI - Who Says Amaka Igwe Is Dead?

Since I got the news about the indomitable amazon Amaka Igwe's shocking exit, I've been unable to get over her death, especially since I still communicated with her not too long ago and was looking forward to working with her soon on a film project. And whilst the creative industry is trying to come to terms with such a huge loss...people who knew her closely have gone on eulogise her as best as they can....I truly admired and respected her a lot (who didn't?). Anyway, I thought to share with you all, an article written by a man I also respect...maybe a little more....My Father! Please read his write-up about AMAKA IGWE printed in his weekly column "Locomotion" in today's Saturday Independent'll love it!


"At close quarters, creative people are usually not your most organized or impressionable characters. There appears to be something about creative ingenuity that makes normal laws and rules that apply to ordinary people not to apply to those blessed with this gift. Your truly gifted writers, actors, singers, directors, producers, et al behave different from the rest of us. You can say that they live in their own world. Oh, they can drive you crazy.  As it is said in today’s Naija jargon, dem no send! I have asked myself whether creativity and good behaviour are mutually exclusive. Of course, once in a while, you meet that person who breaks the rule.

At the height of his dominance of Nigerian popular music, I travelled from Lagos to one of the eastern states with the magical one, Majek Fashek, a true musical genius of whom I am an eternal fan. On our itinerary was a long scheduled meeting with the governor of the state at 9.00 am the morning after our arrival. At 8.00 am, I left my hotel room to see Majek in his room on the same floor. It was time to set out for our meeting with ‘His Excellency’. Lo and behold, when I got to Mr Fashek’s room, he was fast asleep. It took a bit to wake him up. 

When reminded that the Governor was waiting for us and we should already be on our way to Government House, he simply shrugged his shoulders and said that he was not done with sleeping! I had to turn on my stern voice to remind Mr Fashek that we did not travel hundreds of miles and spend the sizeable amount of money as a joke. When he finally made up his mind to honour the appointment for which we left Lagos and then had his bath, he remembered that he did not bring any clothes for the visit. At that point I told him that I did not care if he wore his boxers or came to the meeting stark naked!  

The great Fela Anikulapo Kuti had his own laws and rules and did not care what you thought of him. So many times, I was the victim of his yabis. That however did not stop me from visiting Fela now and again at his Kalakuta Republic home in Ikeja where we threw banter back and forth. Can you imagine anyone else in the history of mankind that you would visit and he would shout through a partially open door, ‘wait for me o, I dey sh-t’ or ‘wait for me o, I dey f--k’?!

I was at a meeting earlier in the week at the Boardroom of the National Broadcasting Commission in Lagos when the news filtered in and the broadcast guru, Mac Emokpare, who was at the meeting, announced the passing on of Amaka Igwe, the creative genius behind Checkmate, Violated, Rattlesnake, Fuji House of Commotion, Solitaire and many more movies and programmes which have held Nigerians spell bound for years. Mr Emokpare asked for a minute silence in honour of Amaka. It all appeared like a joke to me because prior to that date, I did not hear that Amaka was ill or in any kind of danger. Was this a scene in one of Amaka Igwe’s movies, I asked myself.

I have personally been jolted because Amaka was not just another creative industry practitioner. I have always believed that Amaka Igwe was one of the few people in the creative industry who fully understood my passion and what has driven my commitment to the industry these many years. I had no doubt that we had a special relationship. Despite her prodigious creative talent, Amaka was a good human being – warm, courteous, organized, inspiring and consistent. Where others whined and complained, she went to work. I have spoken with Charles, Amaka’s long term working partner and husband and he has told me how whatever happened was supposed to have happened and none of it still makes sense to me.

In the industry, I get called Tony, Chief, Presido, Chairman and so on. Amaka never called me any of those. She called me Dede’m. In the part of the country where we both come from, that carries very fond and special meaning. Last week, I attended the Nigerian Entertainment Conference very well organized by Ayeni Adekunle Samuel’s NET. I sat through the discussion session on Nollywood which had Emeka Mba, Ramsy Noah, Peace Anyiam Osigwe and Shaibu Hussein which session was moderated by Chris Ehindero, himself a well-known Amaka Igwe prodigy. 

I was pained by the catalogue of issues identified by the panel as standing between Nollywood and the achievement of its huge potentials. As I listened to the panel talk about the massive divisions and endless bickering and the lack of truly dedicated, intellectually sound and focused leadership with strategic commitment and not thinking all the time of government hand out, a leadership that can properly articulate the challenges and begin to address them, my mind went to Amaka.

At the first NET Conference last year, I had listened to Amaka present what I consider the best paper ever on the phenomenon called Nollywood. She understood the issues and articulated them so brilliantly because she had lived through them. The presentation itself was a masterpiece. I went after to hug her and then thanked the good Lord for giving me the opportunity to witness what was a true professional at work.

If you tell me that Amaka Igwe is dead, my answer will be ‘no!’ As long as we can continue to watch episodes of Checkmate, Violated, Rattlesnake, Fuji House of Commotion, Solitaire, etc and listen to TOP Radio and take part in BOB –TV, Amaka is alive. As long as the many people trained or inspired by Amaka can continue to express themselves with the professionalism and ethos practised by Amaka Igwe, then Amaka is alive.  

My brothers and sisters in the Nigerian creative industry should not let Amaka Igwe die. To do this, we must stop all the unproductive fighting and work together to achieve for our nation the dream we share with Amaka: to make the Nigeria creative industries the true engine of our nation’s socio economic development.

P.S. While I was writing this, I received the very sad news of the passing on of Mrs Pat Oloruntoba. Mrs Oloruntoba was the ever smiling face that welcomed one and all to COSON and made them comfortable.  She was the one that made sure we had a drink when we were thirsty and something to eat when we were hungry. Irreplaceable! Pat had the unique talent of knowing where to find every document in the thousands of files at COSON. She knew each of the several thousands of COSON members personally. Patricia Oloruntoba will be enormously missed. May her soul rest in peace. "

By Tony Okoroji.

All of these deaths only remind me of how fleeting life truly day we shall all exit...But whenever we do leave....The question remains, what would you be remembered for? Amaka Igwe will forever be remembered for her indelible contributions to the creative well as the late Mrs pat who was always cheerful, polite and hardly ever gave anyone problems. So Lovelies, again...I ask...when it's time to go...what would you be remembered for?

Have A Restful Saturday Lovelies! Kisses! 
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Friday, 2 May 2014

Are You A Romantic Or A Realist?

My friend Susan was dating this HOT guy she met at a friends engagement party...and for a few months they were like white on Rice (the long grain Indian basmati type...hehehe) . She fell in LOVE with his charming, kind and somewhat unpretentious disposition.

There were so many occasions that he could have gotten lucky with her (imagine a series of HOT N' WILD steamy make out) but he always stopped at second base (nothing more than a little KISSING and a hand job...if you know what I mean).  Lol.

Now, a man rejecting a woman for SEX is pretty much like a kick in her GENITALS. So for several months she wondered if he really liked her as much as she found him ATTRACTIVE.

And when she had enough of wondering and waiting for him to put his SHAFT where his hands had been , she HINTED to him that she would like to spend some quality time with him somewhere private and romantic away from their usual RENDEVOUS.

That was when he dropped the BOMB . They had some BOUNDARIES...he was weary of.

She found out she was DATING a man whose marriage was already PRE-ARRANGED to his childhood friend abroad, who was planning to return home in 2 months. I can imagine people applauding him for showing a bit of RESTRAINT and applying some caution. But isn't half cheating, CHEATING anyway? Hahahah. Well Susan, is crazy in love with him and very confused about whether she should just stay...until his fiancee comes back or whether to just walk away.

Now being an ex-romantic turned realist, who still gets a little confused sometimes...I know I love MIRACLES and HAPPY ENDINGS... but I've experienced way too much to allow my own HEART rule my of course, I told her to SLAM the door in his misleading face, TOSS the key in the trash and walk away like a QUEEN-BITCH would. Hehehe. 

Still, there are two clear STANDS on this issue... the ROMANTIC who will stay, and the REALIST who will walk away.

Which one are you? Let's look at both views from two registered users on ALEX'S BLOG COMMUNITY.


"A RELATIONSHIP is a dead end one if there are major incompatibilities, for instance; if one partner wants kids and the other doesn't, if one partner does not intend to marry the other, if it's abusive or if long term personal goals clash.

Most women are SMART enough to be able to spot the red flags of a dead end relationship right away. (But, they simply chose to ignore them and allow themselves to get emotionally involved on a deeper level).

When you stay in a dead end relationship, you are actually in DENIAL. There is a certain part of you which believes that maybe one day, eventually, your lover will REALISE the value of your relationship. However, the reality is... he has told SUSAN that their relationship is limited because he will eventually marry someone else. I cannot understand why anyone would want to stick around for that. FACE the pain and the HURT sooner, rather than later. Trust me, any later, your pain and disappointment will be worse.

I'm very PRACTICAL in my approach to relationships. I've been hurt too many times in the past so I've learnt to defend my own heart first. I know that people say that it's the journey that counts and not the destination... but if I cannot see a GOAL in sight, I am simply not staying for the RIDE."


"I am a true blue ROMANTIC guy who will not settle until I feel butterflies in my stomach or see UNICORNS swimming in glitters under the clear blue sky, when I am with someone. Some people believe in reaching the destination while others choose to love the journey instead.

I choose the JOURNEY because every step taken is a memory made and an experience enjoyed. And I Love the THRILL.

Would you not want to have few MORE months with him rather than not to have any time with him at all? Sure you will CRY your heart out and feel STABBED over and over again but time is a guarantee that all wounds will heal.

You will only know the meaning of LOVE after experiencing the pain.

But be sure to know when to let go and never, ever be The Other Woman." 

So what do you think about Barbie and Tj's views?....Or better still what would you do if you were in Susan's shoes....Are you the ROMANTIC or the REALIST? Feel free to share your thoughts...And don't forget to become a REGISTERED USER and get interactive on our forum at ALEX'S BLOG COMMUNITY (on the right wing of this blog).

Have A Fantastic Friday Lovelies! Kisses And More Kisses!
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