Monday, 30 June 2014

FEATURE: The Hedge And Risk Financial Market Report (2)

Hello Lovelies, its all about your money and your investments....please get your fix of Today's HEDGE AND RISK FINANCIAL MARKET REPORT below...

Daily Market Report                      _            Friday June 27, 2014


Augusto & Co. has upgraded the credit rating of Access Bank Plc from “A” to “A+” with a stable outlook. Access Bank Plc achieved the “A+” by actualizing a good liquidity position, satisfactory capitalization, as well as improved risk management framework which had a positive impact in asset quality. (Source: Business Newspaper). The value of non-oil products that moved out from Nigeria in 2013 rose to $2.97 billion from $2.561 billion in 2012, Nigeria Export Promotion Council (NEPC) revealed. Speaking during the NEPC workshop in Lagos, Executive Director/CEO, NEPC, Mr. Olusegun Awolowo, said that about 117 products were exported to 93 countries world-wide in 2013 as provided by Cobalt International Limited. Awolowo said that Nigeria’s exports are no longer limited to the traditional markets of Europe, especially UK and products such as cocoa, bean, palm produce, groundnuts and solid minerals (Source: Vanguard Newspaper)



Nigerian interbank lending rates were mixed on Friday, after liquidity boost from government revenue disbursals and cash calls for joint oil production. Overnight rate remained sustained at 10.50%.


Yields on short term maturities rose for the second consecutive day, as profit taking was sustained in to Friday’s session. Demand for bonds softened following Thursday’s bullish-run (a reaction to the 3rd quarter bond issuance calendar) as most maturities recorded only marginal price gains. 


Despite opening the week on a positive note supported by dollar inflows from oil company sales, the Naira depreciated as demand from corporate bodies accelerated, pushing USD/NGN to close the week at 163.00/$.


Trading on the floor of the Nigerian Stock Exchange closed on a positive note on Friday as the NSE All Share index gained 1.10% to close at 42,187.62 points from 41,729.59 on Thursday. The market capitalization also rose to NGN13.930 trillion from NGN13.779 trillion on Thursday.


According to the Commerce Department report, U.S. consumer spending grew less than forecast in May, putting a damper on the strength of the projected rebound in U.S. economic growth this quarter. Purchases, which account for about 70% of the economy climbed 0.2% last month after being little changed in April. The report also showed American hoarded more money for a rainy day as incomes and inflation picked up.

The dollar posted weekly losses against major rivals on Friday. The dollar fell 0.69% to ¥101.44 from ¥102.08 a week ago. The euro moved up 0.24% to $1.3612 from $1.3600 a week ago. The pound was up 0.14% to $1.7022 from $1.7015 a week ago. 


Crude oil futures on Friday suffered a second straight weekly loss as worries over the fate of Iraq’s oil exports fade and traders weighed healthy domestic U.S. crude supplies.
Gold settled higher on Friday, posting its fourth straight weekly gain, as weak U.S. data on consumer spending hurt the dollar.

Hope you found today's financial report useful? Enjoy The Rest Of Your Day Lovelies! Kisses!

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Cry No More Dear....

Today is the last day of the month. AREN'T YOU TIRED OF CRYING?

You have cried enough. You lost the job....Yes! The relationship is done....Yes! Your heart was broken....Well, And the WORLD never felt so cold... Err.... But the world isn't over yet.

You've been ANGRY, sad, rejected, hurt, shocked, lonely and everything else NEGATIVE. But it's time to step out of the negative EMOTIONS and be grateful for the lessons you can take, moving forward.

It's time to stop feeling sorry for yourself and realize that, just because they don't WANT you....doesn't  mean there's something WRONG with you or that someone else wouldn't want you or be a part of your VISION. Remember that they are not the only ones, you can have FUN with, hold hands with, do business with, share INTIMACY with, build memories or stay happy with.

The reason you may not see it now, is because your mind is still cluttered with MEMORIES, you need to move past. You don't have to forget it all, but you don't need to dwell there anymore, cos it's locking you down.

Get up and move. It's time to create NEW memories somewhere else, with someone better. Believe me, You will find someone BETTER who will love everything about you and your restrictions, no conditions and with 100% Conviction. But you will never know if you don't try.  So wipe those TEARS and Try Again............Let the new month embrace a HAPPY you!

Have A Magnificent Monday Lovelies! Kisses!
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Friday, 27 June 2014

#AskAlex: She Wants You, She Wants You Not....

Sharing my thoughts on my opinions, ideology or EMOTIONS, is something I've become very comfortable doing, because I realise how relieved I feel, when I just let go and let out all of my BURDEN.... and just knowing that some of what I share actually  help others address their own issues, is what inspires me.

For the last week, I've been getting quite a bit of direct contact from my loyal ABC readers, who want my advice or my OPINION on whatever issues they are going through....and though I will not pretend to be a LOVE or life coach. I like to admit that I'm a woman who has made her fair share of mistakes and has gained a bit of WISDOM the hard way.

One of my very consistent readers, who I also now consider a friend, sent me a MESSAGE this morning and has given me permission to SHARE with you all, the content of our BBM chat. Have you ever found yourself deeply ATTRACTED to someone and wanting more, yet they continue to put you in the FRIEND zone, despite your efforts? Well my PM message below must have gotten his attention

"You deserve someone who jumps fences to be with you,not someone who's on the fence about being with you. You should be a priority not an option."

Here's my chat with Demele below....

DEMELE : Hi Alex, Can I get your Naked Thoughts on something?

ME : Sure. I'm listening....

DEMELE : What does it really mean when a lady says she just want to be friends with a guy? Is it not said that the best person to be in a relationship with is your friend? Why is it that ladies fall for those that tend to 'deceive' them but take for granted, those that are 'straight to the point'? I know it's natural for a lady to say 'No' at first even though she may want the guy, but is there not a limit to the 'No'? If you ask, they act all too unconcerned. If you do not ask, they say you are not bold. So what is it that they actually want?

ME : Lol. They want a man who is consistent, confident and has strong convictions about his feelings for her. Understand this....Women don't fall in love. Infact, I don't believe anyone does....though it's way easier for men to confuse that instant lust or attraction for love. Women GROW to love. Can you tell the difference? And for something to needs to be nurtured and nourished over a period of time. A woman needs time to figure out that she needs you, but it's up to you to show her that. So she will test you in so many ways....most of it is subconscious though.  Cause she doesn't want to let down her guard and then fail at the choice she makes. That being said, if you are a very good friend and she enjoys your friendship....whilst you still give her something to be attracted to, or crave....she will gradually want more. Because when a woman says she wants to be friends....she may be saying she wants to have you close....but with some boundaries to help her decide whether she wants more from you or not. For men, they are straight up telling you they don't see you as anything more. And that's it. But for a woman, she may be stylishly saying she doesn't want any pressure but she's considering you for a mate. Whether you win, now depends on how you carry on.

DEMELE : You've been a great help. I appreciate. However, I have a few more things i'd like you to help clear out. When is the best time to 'ask' to take the 'friendship' to a more serious level? If one has asked and she says ' I'm not ready for a response now. Let me think about it', when is the best time to ask again?

ME : Honestly, don't ask again....Give her something to want. Become exciting, maybe even evasive. Disappear for a while, but stay in the picture (by that, I mean....cut out the long phone calls if any....but send a simple n curt text. "How are you dear, Hope you are well? Just checking on you briefly. Take care". You have shown care without being all over her. If you were of real value, trust me, she will notice and miss you. Don't cut off completely. It will give space for someone else to walk in. If she's a strong assertive woman like me. She probably doesn't like smothering. After a while, She will seek you out and probably call you...she may even want to talk or find out what's wrong and why the subtle change in attitude. Women always want they don't understand....its in our genes....we silently love a healthy challenge. The good thing about that it will also give you some space for your own clarity. And time will reveal whether you both really want each other or not. It's difficult but stay strong. Whichever way it goes, You will end up the wiser. 

DEMELE : hmm....Thanks

ME : Meanwhile, give me your permission to share this on my blog. If you don't mind....we might help someone going through the same emotions.

DEMELE : Thank you so much Alex. You've made me more confident with a lady I truly want to build a future with. It's OK to share it on your blog. I want other men to benefit from it too. Can I have a pix of you, I will like to use it as my dp as a way of my appreciation. 

ME: Awww. Sweet.....Okay. Will send you one. 

DEMELE : Do have a pleasant day Alex.

ME : You too dear. Thanks.

And he actually used my picture as his BBM display picture. I honestly hope he's able to get past the friend zone, cos I personally know how it feels to be in love with a "Friend". Hopefully Demele and I have been able to encourage someone with this post. 

If you have any thoughts you want to share with me. Feel free to contact me and let's talk about it. I don't promise to have all the answers....but as someone who knows quite a bit about joy, pain and struggle....yet you let me share them here with you. I'll be more than happy to share in yours too. 

Enjoy The Rest Of Your Friday Lovelies! Muaaah!
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Meetings, Fun And Music Till Infinity....

Yesterday I was at a long business meeting with the fun loving Victoria Nkong, a CREATIVE Entrepreneur and the C.E.O of Qtaby Concepts, who by the way has the FRANCHISE for a hot french fashion label, JB Hounyovi's "Lé Braided Couture"...when three nice looking men walked in, and my eyes MYSTERIOUSLY settled on the light skinned one....Errr...(You all know how I can be around good looking men....Lol. My eyes have been trained to notice certain ATTRACTIVE things or shall I say people. Hahahah)

Anyway, they walk up to us and it turns out they are good friends of Madam C.E.O. A quick hug, KISSES and then came the introductions, viola! the threesome was the musical sensation, INFINITY, whom recently won a COSON Song Award (which I remember presenting) amongst many for the popular song "Olori-oko". And I had always thought their golden VOICES were reminiscent of the old popular jodeci....with their synchronised harmonies.

Well, for those of us MUSIC lovers who thought the Infinity group was BROKEN, done and out will be glad to know that the group comprising of Joseph Robbery Okougbo (the cute light skinned one...and oh! my crush...*coughs and fans self), Sunny Steven (the dark chubby and charmingly mischievous one and Samson Nnogo (the lively, chirpy and technical one), who together, just got a new management, Qtaby Entertainment, finished a UK tour early this year and released their "BEYOND INFINITY" album. 

I just listened to it and i'll be honest. I'm absolutely loving the feel of this contemporary gospel album....It is a mild combination of country, soft rock, pop and it still has their SIGNATURE infinity harmony. Quite a number of songs stand out nicely for me. 

Well, today is the official release of "THE ANTHEM" video that was shot in Anthem during their tour and they will be giving out freebies to those who download the album and answer questions on their FAN PAGE

Well congrats to them, despite the many speculations that they were done. They have proven that against all odds, they still stand till infinity. And that for me is inspiring!

Feel free to click DOWNLOAD to access the video and let me know what you think about it. I'm curious! 

Have A Fantastic Friday Lovelies! Kisses!

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Thursday, 26 June 2014

Alex's Audio Diary 17

Most recently, I have learned that there are no GUARANTEES in life. And it's hard to prove that certain DECISIONS may bring about a desired outcome. But I've also learned that to make a shift in PROGRESS, one needs to teach oneself how to take RISKS and accept the BELIEF that those calculated risks will eventually be WORTH it in the end, even if you're unable to prove it now....that's what I call the "LEAP OF FAITH" . Please LISTEN to my audio for today....

I hope my audio for today ENCOURAGES you to ditch the FEAR and take a "LEAP OF FAITH" concerning your goals or vision today. You shouldn't be SCARED to go all out for something you believe in.

Have A Terrific Thursday Lovelies! Kisses!
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Wednesday, 25 June 2014

FEATURE: The Hedge And Risk Daily Market Report

Hey Lovelies! Don't be surprised of all the thoughts that cross my mind, MONEY is top of the list, as it is one of the basic requirements to function either in business or to achieve some of our domestic/personal desires. And as a CREATIVE ENTREPRENEUR in the making, growing my finances and understanding how and where to manage them has become very important to me.

Have you ever wondered about bonds, forex or all those crazy financial terms that give you a headache whilst dreamingly wondering where to invest your money or where to get all the necessary information you need about the financial market?....

Well, I present to you, my new sponsored feature.... HEDGE and RISK DAILY MARKET REPORT....Please get your fix below.....

The Daily Hedge and Risk Financial Market Report 


The outflow of offshore funds from Nigeria which accelerated at the beginning of the year has all but ceased, as investors pile back into the country, which is one of the top frontier markets by weighing on the Morgan Stanley Capital International (MSCI) Index. MSCI Index is often used as a common benchmark for global stock funds, which includes a collection of stocks of all the developed markets in the world. Consequently, total foreign fund inflows into the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE) were NGN41.2 billion ($252 million) in the month of May, and almost equivalent to the levels of outflows, according to the most recent data from the bourse. 
(Source: Business Newspaper)


Money Market Systemic liquidity levels remained high, opening above NGN200 billion. Nonetheless, NIBOR rates moved in mixed directions from the short and long end of the maturity spectrum. The Overnight rate rose by 8bps to close at 10.58%. Fixed Income Market Trading in the T-bills market was mixed as there was slight buying and selling on short to mid tenors while long tenor bills remained flat. The bond was stable as there was little movement in yields. However, the short end benchmark (13.05% FGN AUG 2016) closed flat. Naira appreciated by 5 kobo to close at NGN162.65/$.
• Transactions on the Nigerian Stock Exchange closed upbeat on Tuesday as market indicators improved by 0.39%. The market capitalization closed at NGN13.758 trillion, while the All-Share Index increased by 163.05 


The head of the Bank of England (BOE) on Tuesday said that the U.K. economy is likely to grow more strongly in the second half of this year than the bank had expected, but subdue wage growth suggests there is still more space capacity to be used up before the rise in the benchmark interest rate is needed. The BOE has signaled that interest rates in the U.K. could rise before the end of the year.


The dollar rose against the pound on Tuesday after comments from the head of the Bank of England had investors questioning the timing of the first interest rate hike in the UK. The pound fell to $1.6981 from $1.7024 late Monday. The dollar rose to ¥101.92 from ¥101.88 late Monday. In other trades, the euro climbed to $1.3606 from $1.3600 late Monday. The Australian dollar fell to 0.9364 U.S. cents from 0.9422 U.S. cents.


Brent crude climbed back towards $114 a barrel on Tuesday on continued fighting in Iraq, supply disruptions in Libya and expectations of a decline in U.S. crude inventories. Gold traded near a two-month peak on Tuesday, as a drop in European stock prices after soft German economic data helped bullion build on last week's gains.

Hope you found today's financial report somewhat insightful and useful. 

Enjoy The Rest Of Your Wednesday Lovelies! Kisses
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Saturday, 21 June 2014

FEATURE : Shan George or Jaga? Who's Better?

Anyone who knows me, knows I absolutely love MUSIC and that shouldn't be such a surprise considering my background, with being BORN into a musical family and starting a ROMANCE with my ear drums.....Hahahah! 

Well, it is with that same ecstasy that I usually sort out some musical THERAPY and I recently stumbled on an incredible work of art. A freshly ground rhythm of DANCE HALL and HIP-HOP and I simply wanted to kick off my 6 inches and just TWERK my bootie.  It was that goooood. 

The sound from RACELINE gave me a cocktail of Baba-Dee and Burna-boy caught PANTS down in some BROMANCE which was nothing but my very wanton IMAGINATION of a two-some that didn't exist. It was simply the pure genius of a musical monster JAGA, the second son of veteran Actress, Producer and Singer, Shan George, a woman I consider a sister and a friend.....But Dang! Shan....Your son is a rising star. And If I weren't older with personal baggage, the size of 10 bags of Garri. I would be camping around the BACKSTAGE door to sign my name on his yellow chest or manning your front gates maami. Lol.

I wouldn't mind saving every dime, just  to get an autographed copy of my FUTURE last name (Oh! how I wish I was that young again. I would simply make him rap to me every time he does something off).  Take heed all future girlfriends. Hahahah.

Considering, the much recorded SUCCESS of his first single 'Raceline' which hit the airwaves in April 2014, I have no doubt in my mind that this young London based Nigerian Rapper 'Jaga' aka 'Mr dry gin' will WIN over more grassroot indigenous FANS with his second single 'Mboro' which he just released and was recorded in his mother's native Bahumono language in Cross River State. Jaga who's father is from Edo state says he did the song in his mother's Bahumono language just to teach his mother, how it's Done. Aha!!!

Well let's see who scores BETTER.  It can be recalled that Shan George has recorded a few songs like 'Nkenkene' and 'Ababa' ft Sunny Neji in her own Bahumono language. But Jaga takes the language to the dance floor, move over francaise.... Bahumono might just be the next language of love. And in my opinion JAGA slammed dunked that verse! POW!!!

You don't have to BUY my thoughts. Simply click Download, listen to it and let me know what you really think. I'm CURIOUS!!!!

Enjoy The Rest Of Your Saturday Lovelies! Kisses!
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Tuesday, 17 June 2014

The Good Fight!

Severally, I have heard FIGHT for your friendship, fight for your love, fight for this and fight for that.

There is something called having the 'GOOD FIGHT'. The good fight means you are willing to RISK brief moments of peace to bring about positive change or PROGRESS. And most times, the couple or friends that fight a lot are usually the ones who love each other the MOST...

Because it shows they CARE enough to notice when the other person SCREWS up... And care that much to mention it, so the person can fix it.

We fight with the people we love the most because we have EXPECTATIONS and subconsciously believe they are the relationships WORTH fighting for. 

Now, while some relationships are worth a good fight... You can't be the ONLY one fighting, if the other party doesn't feel you are WORTH a fight. 

They shouldn't expect you to STAY connected, if all they do is give you many REASONS to walk away even though sometimes we instinctively PUSH someone away, simply because we are hoping, they will pull us CLOSER. 

When you stop fighting, it may simply mean you've stopped caring. So THROW the punches if you may.... but for great purpose and with good reasons only.

Have A Terrific Tuesday Lovelies! Kisses!
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Monday, 16 June 2014

You Too, Are Awesome!!!

Realising Its a Monday and I'm already mentally EXHAUSTED thinking about the load of mental work and CREATIVE assignments waiting for me to ACCOMPLISH this week. And for some strange reason, I can feel PRESSURE trying to sneak in to steal my joy. 

After chatting with my dear friend Vanny yesterday who's very sad and unhappy presently. I thought to share this video again. (even though I tried doing that before some months. Lol. Anyway, I've sorted my video issues).

Usually when I feel Sad, Inadequate, Frustrated, Unloved, Weak, Pressured, Fat or just plain Depressed... I love to watch a video one of my closest female friends 'Nthenya' sent to me sometime last I can always REMIND myself that I'm awesome. If you feel as frustrated as Vanny or you sometimes doubt yourself. Well, there's LOVE in sharing....

Here it is below; Watch it...And remember that YOU too are AWESOME! 


Feel free to share this page with as many FEMALES you know... or the MEN who 'appreciate' might just re-inspire a broken soul. Let's start an 'AWESOME FEST' people. Go motivate! 

Have A Magnificent Monday Lovelies. Kisses!
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Thursday, 12 June 2014

Alex's Audio Diary 16

Most times we all have a VISION or a GOAL and then we make plans towards it and centre them around other people, without even THINKING about the challenges that might spring up were they to disappoint us. Well, I'm training myself to beat the CHALLENGES and become more SELF SUFFICIENT.  And most times, the "DO IT YOURSELF" mantra helps me achieve more than I anticipate. Please LISTEN to my audio for today. 

Feel Free To Share your Thoughts and Don't forget to check out my new DIY website. I used my mobile phone. Hehehe. Have A Terrific Thursday Lovelies! Kisses!
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Monday, 9 June 2014

Are You Discerning?

Happy New Week Lovelies! I know I have a post time-line. But I love to switch it up sometimes because ROUTINE can get boring or don't you think? So instead of my audio for today. I'm sharing "MY INSPIRATIONAL TRUTHS " aka #AlexDailyBoost. I don't pretend to know everything about life, but I do know that I'm constantly trying to discern WISDOM and GROWTH from my personal experiences...and I find LOVE in sharing. So here's a piece of my thoughts for today:

#1) People can look at life however they want, but to CONQUER it, they must embark on it without FEAR...

#2) Never make the people you LOVE feel ALONE, especially when they 'need' you and you can be of VALUE no matter how small. You'll be sabotaging your future INVESTMENTS.

#3) Be GOOD to those who are always there for you. They DESERVE it...

#4) We are all GUILTY of the 'good' we did not do...ever heard of 'Paying It Forward'?! Aha! Think!!

#5) What you SAY is not always what others HEAR. This is why we should work at becoming better communicators as well as listeners.

#6) You get in the biggest fights with the people you CARE about the most, because they are the relationships you're willing to FIGHT for.

#7) Don't give up just because of what someone said. Use that as your MOTIVATION to push harder.

#8) Be slow in choosing a friend and be even slower in LOSING them because friendship is not an 'opportunity' but an equal RESPONSIBILITY.

#9) Ever heard that saying "The devil you KNOW is better than the angel you do not know"... cliche but very profound. There is a lot of power in me!

#10) A Liar is a Thief.... a Thief is a Cheat. The Loyal never cheat and a Cheat is never loyal. Go figure!

#11)  People can pull you by your boots. Try to 'teach' you, 'guide' you, maybe even motivate you. But...Remember that Nobody can LIVE your life for you. It's up to you to KNOW better, WANT better, and DO better.

#12) What answers are you praying for today? Are you waiting for GOD to reveal what he wills for you.... or Are you waiting for him to show you what YOU will for yourself...There's a difference. Without DISCERNMENT even the smartest of us will lose direction.

Have A Magnificent Monday Lovelies! Go Conquer Today! Kisses!!!
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Saturday, 7 June 2014

Sex Sells....And We All Are Buying!!

Last night was very ILLUMINATING for me. I mean, put aside my complete commitment to making sure some of my personal BRANDS I recently created grow into the vision I have forecast in my mind's eye. Yes ke! So I've become completely fixated with my BLOG and page views and my POPULAR post ratings. (Which is normal....kinda like checking your stocks and forex) Hahahah.

So yesterday I checked and found out that even though I share my HONEST thoughts on several issues of interest related to Life, Inspiration, Love, Sex and Reality. Na the SEX come dey WIN hands down. Yepaaa!!!! Does it mean that my people don't want INSPIRATION? Or don't like motivation. Hahahah. I even thought there are more LISTENERS than readers in this country. Abi my audios are too DRAB a sophisticated medium for us? Nooooo....I just think it's the fact that my AUDIOS are really serious inspirational topics.  Oookay, I know what I NEED to do.....Perhaps I shall record a WILD moaning session, the next time I lead the BEDROOM choir and maybe that might ginger my audio listeners a bit. Lol.

Because I noticed, any post I write that is RACY or has some telegraphic OBSCENITY or any relation to sex or nudity or the PERCEPTION of it.... goes VIRAL like gonorrhea on a cheap commercial sex worker.....and virtually creeps it's NAKED way, to lusciously MOUNT my popular post and GRIND it for days or weeks or months depending or when the next cerebral VIRUS gets written.

But what does that say about EVERYONE reading. Hahahah. I the midst of so many intellectual and inspirational articles, how can a funny pix of a woman's vagina (SNAP-SHOT) be my most popular post presently and three (3) of my (RAW and UNFILTERED) posts also leading my most read articles? Hian!!! Making me look like a SEX Lover at first glance.

With so much hypocrisy, I can imagine some of my lovely readers hiding in their closet or in the bathroom, maybe even under the bed to read my raw and unfiltered posts..... Errr....or is it the FOOLERY of the individuals who send me messages through my BBM Channel asking me to send them "Naked Pics". Hian!! Like I'm a 'One-Stop-Shop' for everything NAKED. So I had enough of the strange REQUESTS and decided to use one of them as my PUN. Here's the conversation that ensued....

OFENTSE: "Hey....Can I get naked pics?. Please....Alexandra....Please. I'm 19."

ALEXANDRA: "Wait! I will send you naked pics of my husband. Are you happy now? Wait for his dick!!! Oloshi!"

The guy ran shaaaarply. Shebi, he wanted nudes....i was willing to send him a naked picture of my FICTITIOUS husband's 10 inches of hard cold steel. Let him MASTURBATE to that. Silly Wanker! Lol. Now, I have nothing against EXPRESSION. But I have something against idiocy and IGNORANCE....Take whatever JUICE you want to take from my posts. But don't even try to be silly. Abeg, don't say I intentionally invited this attention joor....HOW?? Even a brand guru sent me a chat message on Facebook last night, trying to confirm if I'm the author of the "Naked and Something".....Errr.... You no see me see wahala!!! Ewooooo!!! So I nicely corrected him "Excuse me sir, do you mean my blog ALEXANDRA N' HER NAKED THOUGHTS?" and he replied....Yes! That's it! "Naked Thoughts....What a name to call a blog....and it provokes thots".....And I wanted to put my hands through my phone and pull his ears....or perhaps BLOW cool air into his eyes. I believe it may have been infected with dust. Lol. How come once again, ALEXANDRA suddenly disappears and it's so forgettable. Yet, it's the "NAKED" that has his attention. Pervert!!!. 

So I typed....."Do you have a problem with the name?" he replies "No, I don' can I? When you have my NAKED ATTENTION...." hahahah.  I just bust into hysterical laughter. Choiiii! And then we all wonder why Rihanna, Maheeda and so many celebrities have chosen to become SEX symbols. When we all are buying what sex sells. And it didn't start today.

Now while I was trying to CONVINCE him that I chose a simple name for my blog which is a combination of my first name "ALEXANDRA" and a description of what my posts are about "HER NAKED THOUGHTS".....i honestly meant 'naked' as in 'transparent' and 'unfiltered'....not raunchy....even though raunchy could be transparent and honest where applicable. Hahahah! But Ehn! The man insisted that I was gunning for CATCHY....Allow me to take credit for being unintentionally SMART and since "play on words" is my forte. I'm about to CAPITALISE on this like every BRILLIANT creative entrepreneur. And to quote a comment from one of my ardent readers... "Sexuality is a part of our behaviour. It's part of our world freedom. Sexuality is something that we ourselves create. It is our own creation, and much more than the discovery of a secret side of our desire. We have to understand that with our desires go new forms of relationships, new forms of love, new forms of creation. Sex is not a fatality; it's a possibility for creative life."

So, if my sex is SELLING here......Biko buy, buy, buy and take away sef for others. Hopefully, The INTELLECTUAL climax here is worth your time!

Have A Restful Saturday Lovelies! Kisses!
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Thursday, 5 June 2014

He Woke Up With A Hard-On....

Too many times I've wondered about the fascination MEN have with themselves. And by that, I mean their not-so-little destructive willy's....Hahahah.

Haven't you ever noticed how much men CROTCH unto their PENIS or toy around with what I call their precious MINI-EGO subconsciously, whilst engaged in a private conversation or gently stroking or massaging their 8 inches of manly spark PLUGS carried away in front of the television or their computers....and its almost NON-SEXUAL....or so they say. Lol.

Well, my little 4 year old man has joined the LEAGUE of "Crotch'ing tiger, hidden dragons"....err....(note my play on words) I sometimes catch him with his little HANDS in his super-man panties CUDDLING little willy and sucking his tongue. Oh! feel free to FRAME that image in your mind. Hahahah.

Anyway, I woke Little Ray up in the morning. And I said "Ray, do you want to wee-wee?" And he NODDED his head and said "yes mummy" I took him to the loo and he brought out his pee-pee. OMG, this dude woke up with the strongest-little-yellow-boner I've ever seen. Haaa! My 4 year old woke up with a HARD ON. Chineke meeee!!!! Oh boy, first the SHOCK that greeted my face would make a fantastic ARTSY cover spread for VOGUE ITALIA. Hehehe....My face was a combination of mixed emotions. 

A little surprised as my over-driven WANTON imagination had never thought the "Morning-wood" phenomenon applied to all men including little boys.....And super PROUD, that my little boy can actually get it up abeg....Atleast, I don't have to worry about my future daughter-in-law crying on my neck...."Mama, your son na BAD market oh"....Thank goodness, 'ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION' is out of the way. My son is going to be a stud. Duuh!!! Lol. Still many times, I have to SLAP off his little hands when I catch him do the stroke. I guess men, no matter their age just love themselves way too much. Hian! That's the real EGO.....and yet they claim we women are vain and we love ourselves.

I mean....Can you imagine, women watching "Lekki Wives" or "Tinsel" or "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" and stroking their NIPPLES or while sitting in front of the computer to reply work emails, be massaging their pum-pums and then say it's non-sexual. Hahahah....You get the drift? Exaaaactly!

How is it possible, that we women are able to SUPPRESS whatever ADMIRATION or probable 'solace' we could find in the confines of our own beautifully crafted bodies as opposed to men and their huge fascination with their own One-eyed Monster....The PENIS? Ehn!!! Alright, perhaps you, my Lovelies have an interesting answer for me....I'm very CURIOUS. Do share your thoughts....First to comment gets #3000 airtime of any network. Drop your emails.

Have a Tantalising Thursday Lovelies! Plenty Wet Kisses!
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Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Ha! I Need You....

One of the things I'm learning by EXPERIENCE at this COLLEGE of LIFE is that we all NEED somebody. Be it a Mentor, Lover, Friend, Family, Associates, even ENEMIES and Critics to keep us on our toes.

Yet, I have seen too many people act like LIFE is their own personal ISLAND where they can do as they please, call the shots and perhaps pre-empt the RESULTS.

They think, just because they are RESPONSIBLE for their own personal decisions, they aren't ACCOUNTABLE to anyone, even when their silly decisions may have a TRICKLE down effect on the LIVES of others.

No matter how Cool, Swave, Special, Talented, Beautiful, Famous, Skilled, Wealthy, Intelligent, Successful or Great a person you think you are, LIFE is not a ONE man's GAME. We all NEED each other.

And Life is a huge TEAM sport... that requires the CONTRIBUTION of others for it to function. If you are PLAYING alone, trust and believe you will soon be out on the BENCH, all by yourself, with no team mates to comfort your loss....because you can never WIN this game by yourself. 

I have learned that the BEAUTIFUL thing about life doesn't just depend on how happy you are, but on how HAPPY others can BE simply because they HAVE you on their team....PONDER!

P.S: And oh Lovelies! I need you on my team. Don't forget to follow and invite others to follow me on Twitter: @AlexOkoroji for more of my MUSINGS on #AlexDailyBoost and share my thoughts with others.

Have A Terrific Tuesday Lovelies! Plenty Kisses!!!
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Monday, 2 June 2014

Alex's Audio Diary 15

Recently I've been learning a lot about PATIENCE being a virtue in practice, and why embracing it's wisdom demonstrates that we UNDERSTAND and accept that sometimes, things must UNFOLD at its own time. I have come to also value the process of WAITING for things to manifest whilst keeping a cheerful approach and an optimistic outlook on challenge be it in love, relationships, career, health or just life in general.. Please LISTEN to my audio diary for today.

Feel free to share what PATIENCE means to you and why you think it's necessary, if it all you do. Have A Magnificent Monday Lovelies! Kisses!
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