Saturday, 29 November 2014

UPDATE : We Are On Radio Baby

Hey Lovelies! How are you doing? It's been a crazy week for me trying to tie up lose ends....and oh! keep my brain buzzing. I wanted to do a THANKSGIVING POST and collectively thank all you loyal ABC Sweetkins, the awesome friends and acquaintances who have made my year somewhat eventful despite the many challenges. All In all I still feel like a WINNER because I challenged myself beyond my imagination.  I started this year without a blog and now look where I am....with a blog, an upcoming book and a radio show....Yes, I said it....a RADIO SHOW dammit!!! Hahahah.

"I realise that 'ACTION' is what separates the Heroes from the Cowards, the Achievers from the Complainers, and the Successful from the mere Dreamers. Well, because of this, I choose to ACT" - #AlexDailyBoost

Finally it's 10 days to go to the LIVE premiere of my online Interactive Talk Radio Show "THE NAKED TALK with Alex Okoroji" on Wednesday, Dec 10, 2014 at 2pm (WAT), 3pm (CAT), 8am (EST) . The number for LISTENERS to 'call in' on my show directly or through skype is +1 (215) 383-3766. So please save it and and lock down the date/time on your calendar. You can follow the show on BlogTalkRadio. Its UNCUT| UNFILTERED| UNSCRIPTED| and downright unapologetic (you know me na) hahahah. 

Believe me, You don't want to miss it.  Podcasts of the live show will be available here on my blog ALEXANDRA N' HER NAKED THOUGHTS and also available for download on ITunes. Let's do this Lovelies! Don't forget to tell a friend to tell a friend to tell their frienemies.....Or what do you think? Hahahah. I need you all to come through for me....And oh! I love you all for listening. Muaaah!!! 

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Have A Sensational Saturday Lovelies! Kisses!
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Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Things To Expect When You Date A Woman Like Me

I've tried DATING a few times. Let's be honest, as much as I'm sweet to be around....I'm not exactly the easiest kind of woman to UNDERSTAND at first....Why? My head is pretty much on my shoulder, I know what I want and where I'm going in life, and I clearly don't suffer fools. I've loved and I've lost, but that clearly isn't what is holding me back. The truth is, I've been way independent and SINGLE for far too long, that I have survived without someone else breathing down my neck and imposing themselves in my space or making my decisions for me. In fact I might even have a little OCD and I try not to FREAK out from seeing disorder and mess in my own space. Lol. I've become a paradox that even I try to fathom. Yes, I'm Sensitive and Emotional yet I don't 'love' loudly. I'm extremely Confident, yet quite SHY. Very Open and revealing, yet PRIVATE, secretive and sometimes lucid. Very attentive yet often times just ALOOF, I love being around people but I also like my own space, I write like a potty mouth but will never be caught dead speaking inappropriately in person....Confusing right?

Yes. I'm sort of an 'Enigma' and that will scare the SHIT out of any simpleton. My needs have changed. So much so I'm not even sure if I remember how to date and if I also have to worry about babysitting a grown ass man (Hahahah). So many men have asked what they need to do to get through to me, I tell them to be PERSISTENT and CONSISTENT (I mean if you are persistent, you'll the get the woman.... if you are consistent, you'll keep her) Exactly!!! But even keeping a woman like me, takes a lot of work right? Well, I'm sure I'm not the only COMPLEX woman on the planet....I found some interesting points at, so permit me to share a few 'things to expect when you date a strong independent woman like me....'

#1). Expect her to do her own thing often and without letting you know, at least at first. It’s not that you don’t matter; it’s just that she’s learned to love doing what she wants, when she wants, and without asking permission or informing anyone.

#2). She’ll probably want to take things slowly because she’ll not be used to all the attention. Don’t think she doesn’t like you enough, she probably likes you a lot; it’s just all new to her.  

#3). Expect her friends to be overprotective of her and to be suspicious of you at first. They’re not used to her being with someone and they’ll want to make sure you’re the kind of guy who will treat her well.

#4). She’ll have a hard time letting you do things for her. Try not to take this personally. She’s just used to taking care of herself and it’ll be hard for her to live in a world where she’s got someone else looking out for her in that way.

#5). Expect her to be stubborn, to always want things her way, and to fight you when she doesn’t get it. Don’t always give in to her, but do let her win sometimes.

#6). She needs to be left alone often especially when you first start seeing each other and it should feel like she’s head over heels. Believe that she has more butterflies in her stomach than she knows what to do with, which is why she’ll need to compose herself.

#7). Expect her to pull away from you, especially when she realizes how much she likes you. She’ll come back to you but she’ll need time to think her feelings through.

#8). She’ll question you, sometimes directly, sometimes implicitly, about your feelings for her. She’ll always want to know if they are real or if she’s making things up in her head.

#9). Expect her to be headstrong. She’ll tell you, “I’ve got this,” more than you’ll want to hear. But she’ll get used to your offers to help. And in time she’ll know how to let go of the tight grip she seems to have on everything. 

#10). She’ll be guarded, and she won’t be keen on letting you in. She’s waiting to see if you’re patient, she’s waiting to see if you’re worth it. She’s hoping that you’re worth it.

#11). Expect her to be stingy with trust, to only give a little bit at a time. But every time she gives you a little, it’ll feel like a big step for her. Cherish these big steps.

#12). She’ll come across as strong, maybe too strong for you at first. But don’t be intimidated, this is her outer shell. And when you get to know her, you’ll know she’s strong but soft; tough but kind.

#13). Expect her to be reserved, at least about the things that matter. Until you really get to know her. And then you’ll see the untamed, raw, and always beautiful open version of her that she’ll let you fully discover.

#14). She’ll be slow with her vulnerabilities, and hide many of her weaknesses. And when she shows you them, she’ll feel naked. Clothe her with your words.

#15). Expect her not to need you, and not to believe in needing much of anything at all. But she’ll want you. And when she does, it’ll be the most exhilarating feeling you’ve ever experienced.

#16). She’ll be scared – scared to be hurt, scared to love, and be loved. Scared that you’ll eventually hurt her or leave her and if and when that happens, she won’t know who she was before.

#17). Being alone is her default, it’s her comfort zone. But expect her to fall in love with you faster than she’ll admit and in a way that isn’t loud but still powerful; it’ll be like a little bit of heaven. And it won’t matter if you love her for a while or for a lifetime; her love will change both you and her forever.

So what you do think Lovelies? Do you feel like any of these point directly at you or your love interest/partner? Let me know your naked thoughts....

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Have A Wonderful Wednesday Lovelies! Kisses!
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Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Buried Between My Thighs....

So my phone RANG and i peered at the strange number on my screen. And deciding to click the answer button, I heard a familiar soft baritone....."Hey baby, it's been a while, it's Matthew" Holy fuck, I stare again at the number....Hell no, it can't be him....he is far away in London, smacking up the coolest joints and WOMEN he can find....yes, he was cool like that and all the women wanted a piece of him (not that I blame them), after all he's the absolute McDreamy....and that used to scare me shitless....The REALITY that I wasn't that much different from all the other women....the thought that my supposed 'superior mind' wanted the exact same thing the average VAIN and obtuse bimbo wanted....A man candy with PERSONALITY and a 9 inches jack hammer. (Yes, I like my men steamy hot, well endowed and available....but I also want them to be EXCLUSIVE....or do I?)

I think he sensed my doubts and replied "This is not a prank Alex. it's really me. I'm back in Nigeria baby....How are you?". Now my heart starts racing....okay, apart from the little SPRINT my heart did when I finally figured out a name for my upcoming book, the last time my heart did the MARATHON, my legs were actually quivering around his own waist as I straddled him with pure unbridled ECSTASY. Ah! right! When I think of Matthew, the carnal imagery is pretty much his NAKED body next to mine, communicating things I never knew, I never knew.....Oh dang! If only you all really knew. Hahahah.

Anyway, I replied coolly "Oh wow, welcome back Matthew...." (Even though I was giddy with excitement, i'm really not the type to love loudly). I don't always wear my HEART on my sleeve and it's pretty easy for most people to assume I do not care...."Hey Baby, what's wrong? Aren't you excited to hear from me?" he said....I'm TEMPTED to hunt him down and use my stilettos on his head of curly hair or I might as well slap him around with my breasts (if I'm able to somewhat convince myself I could easily push around a manly man of 6 feet plus), then again his reflexes are pretty good.... I might erroneously find my NIPPLE trapped in his mouth....and we wouldn't want that sort of DISTRACTION now, would we? I try not to chuckle at my ever cryptic imagination and FOCUS on my momentary anger....Ehen! There it is ...."Matthew, I haven't heard from you in more than a year....Am I supposed to throw down a party?" (Actually I did want to throw a party, and shimi all the way from Iyana Ipaja to Queens drive....The Alleluyah shimi....Don't you know it? (Hands TWISTED in the air and waving it like I just don't care) Lol. 

Matthew was a member of the Elite society....he wasn't just an ordinary good looking chap) He was a society man, an accomplished, highly RESPECTED and sort after power broker, let's not add a powerful dresser to the exquisite celebrity with an intense mind.... but it wasn't always the beauty of seeing him decked out in the finest clothes, I admired. I liked him better dressed NAKED, completely nude, no barrier between us....just his velvety soft VANILLA skin tempting my patience as I run my hands all over his body and watch him wrestle the CHILLS I send his way with my fingers. I loved that about him....He was EXPRESSIVE and pretty much the only man who was willing to let me have some form of control in the bedroom, and was willing to try just about anything with me. There were no routines, no boundaries, no hang ups and certainly no JUDGEMENT....Every time was different. Standing feet on the floor, his back to the wall, my tummy on the bed, ass in the air.... legs behind his head, naked, 69,  eagle SPREAD....and no point was he ever disconnected. What the hell! I turn purple....

"C'mon Alex, you didn't want to see me remember, you told me to stay away from you, to give you and Mr lover-man a chance....What's his name again, the Actor?" OMG, his words breaking my reverie.... I knew he was talking about Tiger (not his real name) but I wasn't about to offer Matthew his name and give him a chance to prod further....and I certainly wasn't about to think of the fact that I actually SACRIFICED my chance to really be with him, for a man, who up till this moment hasn't understood the depth of the things I had to sacrifice for him....But this isn't about Tiger, don't even want to think about him....This is about the only man I have actually experienced complete SOUL SEX with and he just performed his re-appearing act....almost as if he could read my thoughts....he asked "So how's your book coming along? I've been following...." Huh? Surprised, I replied "How do you know about my book?" "Honey, I read your blog every other day and I'm very proud of you...." Oh goodness gracious, this is the 3rd ex who has talked about my book and my blog this week. Yemmie actually thinks my style of writing is "Very Interesting" Like seriously....(Okay, that's post for another day). Though, I find it a little freaky that my exes don't mind reading my varied thoughts about other exes, my weird sexcapades, mancading et all. Ha!!! "Anyway, I'm very proud of you Naked Alexandra...." he said. Hahahah....I burst into a fit and crack up. I guess I totally have forgotten how WITTY and affectionate, he can be.

I'm not sure if it's my HORMONES or that time of the month, but it's working....Whatever spell Matthew is spewing across the phone line, its working on me like MAGIC. I'm giggling and chuckling and my baby voice is out in full gear....Yes! I've become a cuddly tweeny tamed KITTEN in a matter of minutes, and after 45 minutes of catching up, and flirting....he dungs it in the net....POW...."Alex, I have missed you like crazy, you know you need to feed me, honey...." I don't know if it's the way he says my name, or its the loving endearment he attaches to such a MISCHEIVOUS statement ('Feed me' is our little secret code for ORAL sex). All I could think of was his head buried between my thighs, licking my honeycomb and telling me how SWEET I tasted. And yes, he gives the best head ever. No teeth and certainly none of those epileptic SLOPPY swirling, some men do to irritate the FUCK out of you. Lol. You know what I mean na....

No, he's the type that shows you he's hungry for all of you as he eats your little MARINATED pinky....Yes, Matthew is a gifted PUSSY man. Believe me, his head never comes up for air until I CUM all over his mouth and he laps up every single drop of my juice, like it's monkey business. Phewww!!! I whimper and he asks "What are you thinking baby?" I'm not sure if I should tell him the truth, but typical of me....I give myself away. "I just thought about me feeding you for a second...." "Honey, I'm starving...." he throws back and I CACKLE. I know that line too well and I can even picture his finger teasing his 9 inches of hard steel....You read that right....Picture a 9 inch veined muscular COCK....and what wouldn't I give right now to have his meat in my mouth....Aaarrrggggh! I guess I must be hungry too.... So he asks "Aleeeex, you are pretty quiet....what am I doing in that imagination of yours?" I broke into a mischievous smile and thought to cut the chase, it's Matthew, I know he can handle the real me. So I whisper gently "Matt, you are actually buried 6 feet in my snatch".....this time, he chuckled loudly, "You are craaaazy woman, Alex.... and you know I like super sexy crazy...." (TO BE CONTINUED....)  

Do you think Matthew is right about me, Lovelies? Do you really think I'm crazy? Do share your thoughts.....I'm dying to see myself through your eyes.....

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Have A Terrific Tuesday Lovelies! Kisses! 
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Monday, 24 November 2014

Its Time For Change....

Hey Lovelies, the #Expression word for this week is 'CHANGE', because it takes having to make a switch in thinking and in character to make the resulting difference we need in our lives. Remember that you can't Change if you're going to stay the Same.

So here's a little moniker to boost you....

When you Change your THINKING,
You Change your BELIEFS.

When you Change your beliefs,
You Change your EXPECTATIONS.

When you Change your expectations,
You Change your ATTITUDE.

When you Change your attitude,
You Change your BEHAVIOR.

When you Change your behavior,
You Change your PERFORMANCE.

When you Change your performance,
You pretty much will Change your LIFE.

~Frank Outlaw

Happy New Week Lovelies! Its another chance to finish what we started and change the outcome of our goals for good. Let's move sweetkins, it's time for change!!!

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Have A Magnificent Monday, Kisses! 
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Sunday, 23 November 2014

#AskAlex: I Love Her But I'm Not Ready To Be A Step Father To Her Kids

Dear Alex,

I like your blog and I also like how you give in depth opinions about other people's worries. For so long I avoided dating women with kids but presently I'm in love with a single mother of 2 and I've known her for 3 years but we only recently started spending quality time and we even KISSED. She's an amazing woman and I really wish she will take me seriously, But she wants something more committed and I don't know if I can give her that because I'm not sure I can be a step father to her kids. Do you think it makes me selfish? Andrew.

Hello Andrew. Thanks for following my blog. It really means a lot to me. I've been trying to figure, how best to help you with your present concern. Since I am no STRANGER to the wonderful world of parenting, with four years of being the sole care-giver of my adorable son, Ray.... gave me that sneak preview into one of the most difficult jobs on the market (and I can understand your fear a little). And while some might be thoroughly enjoying their independence at the moment, and hoping to start their own future families from scratch, I pretty much have accepted the reality, that my future family would in fact be an EXTENDED one, as anyone who wants me in their life, will also be gaining a free son, Ray. Now, A lot of the times, when people say they are in love with someone, I almost honestly don't know what they mean.....because to me, the word "LOVE" is an active reflection of several virtues. Let me explain....

Love is Compassion, Love is Kind, It is Generous, it doesn't keep records of wrong doings (meaning it is Forgiving), as it is also Giving, it doesn't INSIST on its own way (in other is COMPROMISE), it is Sacrifice, it is not Selfish (ln other words, love isn't about your own needs, but the needs of the other person). So just imagine that she says she loves you but can't be with you because your dick is too small or your nose is too crooked. Wouldn't you expect her to love you completely, even with the crooked nose and a limb dick? Just saying.... So how can you claim to "be in love" with a woman, who wants a committed relationship that doesn't EXCLUDE her kids, but you are afraid to give her that....And yet you want her to take you seriously? How more 'serious' can she be? And you not realising that, may just show her how selfish you can be....

Is she supposed to throw away her kids for you....or better still, engage in a meaningless SEXUAL relationship that isn't going anywhere or giving her or the children any form of hope?

When you truly love someone, you love all aspects of them and everything that connects to them, even if those things aren't perfect. Okay, scratch that....lets be a little more REALISTIC.  Its impossible to love everything about a person, but if you really like more things about them, then the few things you don't like about them become IRRELEVANT. In this case, you love an amazing woman but hate the fact that she already has kids with another man, right? But I'm thinking how can you love a woman apart from her children who are products of her love, her upbringing, her challenge, her patience, her struggles, her prayers, her goals and her LIFE. You don't have to be their STEP Father. You can be their father or guide or mentor, whatever it is, as long as she can see that you are making an effort to include them in to your life as well.

Let me knock this in, I'm a single mother and despite the STIGMA, single parents face everyday, both from society and from those who should love and UNDERSTAND them, I wear "motherhood" like a badge of honour because it is my proof that I survived life in itself, whether I have a supportive spouse or not. Now, If there is anything a woman is blessed with, it's INSTINCTS and she gets a double portion of that when she becomes a parent. Any woman who knows a bit of the struggle it takes to raise children, definitely wants a SOLID man in her life, someone who will be an awesome 'companion' to her as well as a great 'father' to her children. And she also knows when a man isn't there for the right reasons or even for the long haul.

#1) Why Is She Single? 

I see in so many ways how SOCIETY brainwashed our minds to think that 'single parents' especially mothers are victims of their own bad choices.. Well, in some cases....that could be true. But we also forget that most single mothers end up so because of LAZY men who refused to grow up and take actual responsibility for their own actions. Also a woman could be left single to raise a child under so many different circumstances, not because she was a 'reckless woman unworthy' of love or marriage by the MORON who supposedly deserted her and the kids. 

She may have been a victim of separation or divorce (and it isn't always because she was the evil wife who couldn't lock down her husband or keep a good man), Relationships are way more COMPLICATED than we could ever fathom....She could even be widowed (not because God hated her or she didn't pray well enough for the protection of her husband's soul) only God knows who belongs in our life and for how long, because only he calls the shots when it comes to our purpose and those we need to drive it. She could even be 'single by choice' (Yes, a woman reserves the right to be lonely, than to be in bad company and no one should ever blame her for being wise about that). Whatever the reasons are, everyone still deserves a fair chance to be happy again, because SINGLE is not a disease and children are a beautiful gift from God, whether they are yours or not. Besides you should be proud that she is the kind of woman who does what is right, not was is easy. The kind who is strong enough to face her fears and ride the tide like a soldier. Not one who could have easily aborted her pregnancy, abandoned her kids or dumped them with a father who wouldn't care.

#2) Who Is A Father?

Let's be honest, any woman who already has children is checking out a potential mate, not just for herself but for her kids as well, let me use myself for example. I'm clearly not dating, not because of a scant availability of successful hot looking men with great sexual package down below, with good intentions and a fantastic relationship resume....but....I ask myself.... are they FIT for the "Daddy" role? Hang on, I'm not exactly scanning every man I see, hoping to kidnap one and invite the justice of the peace over to marry us off. I mean, if I ever had to seriously consider a great mate for myself, I would be wondering if he will also be a good MENTOR and guide for my son Ray. Why? A father is not really the man who donates the SPERM. A father is actually the one who raises a child. And I keep wondering if any of the men who flock around me, wanting something, are ready to become a great father figure to my son. Would I want Ray to take after any of these men in character and values? Are they the sort of men, I would want my son to emulate or even build an attachment to or learn from? Do they love him as much as they love me, if not more. Do they see him as a part of me and not an extra liability?

One of the major problems I realise, is that we tend to see children of single parents as the father's property not a mothers product and most men don't want another man's 'baggage' or better still a child with another man's DNA.....but have we thought about it this way, that all the man did was biologically donate a little bit of sperm not more than 50ml, yet they forget the woman they claim to love also forms an important part, if not a more important role in the child's existence, because it was her ovaries and her womb that incubated the little foetus for months, the stress the pains and even the miracle she has worked to turn a simple restless spermatozoa into a human being. Rather than be appreciated and valued, she gets the short-circuit for birthing a miracle simply because it belonged to another man in her past. Love doesn't discriminate.

#3) What She Wants

Any sensible single mother will not accept any man, who accepts only a portion of her. She wants a man who is not afraid of a challenge, one who will complement her weaknesses and fill in the boots. Someone who is willing and ready to become everything she not only wants, but NEEDS and while most men tend to think a lot of it is purely financial, it's not exactly true. She wants a man who will relieve her from the mental, psychological and emotional responsibility of being alone. Someone who will give her ideas and tips on how best to get positive result from her kids and turn them into great independent minds. Someone who will be a great confidant as well as her partner in crime in the area of child rearing, as well be a great SUPPORT system to her. Someone who understands that love is universal and doesn't choose which DNA only deserves it. Someone who understands that motherhood is a full time job she doesn't get paid for, but finds creative ways to REWARD her with his love.  Always remember that women are big time suckers for men who genuinely love kids and their children will always be the way to her heart. If you care, then do something sweet and affectionate towards them and you'll win her over completely.

#4) What You Can Learn From Her....

Being around single mothers isn't always about listening to them whine about their baby daddies, lack of child support or even their piles of BILLS and the responsibilities on her shoulders. Well, I rarely talk about my ex husband to other men, I almost never do and I certainly don't find the fun in reminding them of a not too pleasant PAST. But if a man were lucky to spend a lot time around me and see how I manage my home, work and Ray. He would definitely think I'm 'Super Woman's' first cousin. Hahahah. 

Here are things a man can learn from a single mother.

a) You can't parent out of pain, fear, and insecurity. You have to love and nurture children and be living examples of what is right, no matter what you've been through.

b) You can't mistreat or cheat on your woman and expect to produce a happy and healthy home. You have to cherish your woman because a happy woman equals, happy kids and happy kids make things way easier.... and that makes a very happy home.

c) A man can't effectively lead his home until he can lead himself. He has to become a master of self before anything else, by how he manages a woman who already has that 'bragging' right in mastering herself and her home, because she can help him to become the solid man he needs to be.

d) Let your woman be great and she will make you greater. Respect her, honour her input and love her children, oh, you can be sure she'll forever love you for that and you'll be better for it! 

They say the best thing a father can do for his children is to love their mother....

I say the best thing a man can do for a SINGLE MOTHER is to love her children, because that's a one way ticket straight to her heart. No return! You dig?! 

So do I think it's SELFISH of you to want her and not want her kids? Errr....Let me ask you this, then....

Do you think it's selfish for her to only kiss you and not let you go all the way with her body? It's doesn't seem fair to have one without the other right? EXACTLY!!!! There you have my answer. Lol.

Do let me know if this helps to clear your doubts and solve your concern dear. Xoxo.

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Got A Question? Feel Free To #AskAlexHere

Enjoy Your Sunday Lovelies! Kisses!
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Friday, 21 November 2014

FEATURE: Campari 2015 Calendar Cover....And The Bond Girl!

Hey Lovelies! Some years back, the Nigerian media went agog with news that I was dreaming of being the next BOND girl....(Heeheehee)....a simple facebook update turned world news. Well, that dream is still valid and to add to my other ambitious lists of many GOALS. I have also dreamt of making it to the COVER image of my favourite Aperitif.... The Campari's high profile CALENDAR....and stand head to head with all the other gorgeous leading ladies like Salma Hayek, Eva Mendes, Uma Thurman, Penelope Cruz or even Jessica Alba who have gallantly made it to past editions....But Dang! it seems like I need to wait another year for my turn (Hahahah), as someone else has already beat me to it.

Regardless, I'm excited to announce that, That, Campari® proudly unveiled the cover image for the 2015 Calendar, entitled ‘Mythology Mixology’ and can also confirm that the official unveil date for the next edition was the 5th November 2014.

The iconic Calendar cover image features this year’s stunning leading lady, Former Bond Girl and French actress, Eva Green, wearing a beautiful custom-made red gown poised against Campari’s wheel of time. The wheel symbolises the key dates in Campari’s rich and colourful past, where 12 of its most iconic and best-loved cocktail recipes were born. Whilst these intriguing stories journey through Campari’s glorious over 150 year history to date, the collection also has a distinct contemporary feel that challenges fans to look to the future and imagine the endless possibilities for this timeless spirit brand.

Eva’s striking stance entices fans in to join her on an imaginative journey of discovery, as the dazzling heroine leads us through a contemporary reinterpretation of the brand’s history and celebrates the classic cocktail recipes that are still so popular in today’s modern world.

The Calendar was shot by the worldwide acclaimed and exhibited fine art photographer Julia Fullerton-Batten, the first ever woman to get behind the lens on the Campari Calendar.

The Campari Calendar, of which only 9,999 copies are printed, will not go on sale but will be distributed to friends of Campari around the world.

Campari fans can follow the journey on social media and get involved in the action at #CampariCalendar. Here, you can discover all of the Calendar imagery and will be able to watch behind the scenes footage across the Campari feeds, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest.

For more information go to:

So do you think I have what it takes to make it to the 2016 Calendar? Hahahah. (Dreams do come true you Do Let me know what you think, and don't forget to share your thoughts about these gorgeous photos. I really like the sexy one at the time wheel machine and the head shot where she's flanked by two giant bottles.

Don't forget to also reserve your own 'Specially Autographed' copy of my upcoming book here "THE NAKED EXPERIENCE" and win an invite to my Book Gala and Two VIP tickets to my Book Tour.

Have A Fantastic Friday Lovelies! Kisses!
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Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Is This A Joke Factory?

I know it's not THURSDAY....but whadeheck joor....I can make you laugh anytime I want, Right? *wink.

So yes, I've been in quite a bit of PAIN for the last two days (despite being on creative lock down, working on my book)....suffering a bad fever inflicted upon me by a wicked COUGH and a mean ass flu (My absolute worst nightmare and the most terrible I've ever experienced). I even wheeze and sneeze. Can you imagine? I'm actually on sneezing spree....(Stand by, get free bacteria) Heeheehee.... I even wanted to record an audio and broadcast my LIVE stream video for the day....Errr...but.... (Wait, I still might if I feel a little stronger today)....though....I seriously, feel like I look and sound like piece of crap. Hahahah.

Anyway, I couldn't sleep much and decided to do some text edit and work with Victor on my BOOK cover design (it's looking really good by the way)....When I received a video from my indian friend, Arja at 5am. And, If I thought nothing could make me sneak in a loud CACKLE.... seeing how difficult it is for me, to even break into my 'million dollar' smile (yes na, you do know my smile costs that much)....Well, this video had me cracking up like craaaaaazy. The little girl in it, is so 'freaking' HILARIOUS....and the guys at were smart to create a video for the hilarious audio. I had to play it over and over again. And you know what? It pretty much has the same effect on me everytime.

I don't know if it's the part she asks the man "Are you the top man?"....or where she questions "Is this the demolition company or a joke factory?".... and asks for a 'ball park figure'....or the part she tells him "Fill your boots, man...". If you like WITTY, then this will CRACK you up.

So if you are having a wet, dampened, SCREWED down, fucked up sour day (Excuse my sour mouth) *tongue out. How about I share something to cheer you up a little and put some good LAUGHTER in your heart.

Please WATCH and Enjoy this video....Hahahah.


So what did you think about the little girl? Feel free to share your own thoughts.

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Have A Wonderful Wednesday Lovelies! Kisses!
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Monday, 17 November 2014

#AskAlex: Is My Woman Holding Me Back From Progress?

Dear Alex, 

I need your advice. I'm very confused. My Family thinks my present girlfriend is spiritually holding me back from making progress...And my mom wants me to visit her pastor who thinks my childhood friend Mary (whom I dated briefly n treated very badly when I secretly asked her to abort my baby 2 different times in the past.... may be the right one for me) but Mary says she's no longer in love with me, even though she still loves me as a friend and helps me out whenever I need her. I have great sex with my present GF and she's cool to hang with but I have a special affection for Mary though I didn't realise it till now. If she's the one, then I don't want to lose her to the new man that wants to marry her. Do you think my pastor is right? What should I do to win her back? Solomon.

Hey Solomon,

Forgive me but I have to be really CANDID with you....How the hell do you ask a woman who has been a good friend to you to abort two different pregnancy that came from your loins and yet EXPECT her to still want anything to do with you?....Seriously!!!!

Okay I'm not going to judge you and I'm also not in any position to give you the kind of spiritual advise you may be seeking or even tell you if your present girl is 'spiritually' holding you back from progress, neither do I think it's even a question for your pastor. But I can give you pointers that can help you answer the question yourself.

When I met my ex, I was a budding Actor and Writer with great promise.... And a sexual relationship dragged too far, we both ended up married, but a little before then, the realities started changing. What was convenient was no longer convenient....He didn't want me to act anymore even though I thought He would be the one person to understand that the CREATIVE industry was my LIFE. That I didn't just stroll into it for fame, money or lack of education. I was born into the Arts. And even though I wasn't willing to compromise a CAREER I consider a part of my life, I still respected him and stayed away. Moved in to another city, got cut from Jobs, my colleagues and my contacts....Was even forced to put on some weight (something I did out of respect and love), because no one expects the person they are in a relationship with to SABOTAGE their future. What I earned from working hard in 4 years plus, I lost it in 6 months of getting married. No job, no friends, no extended family, no contacts....And I ended up a FRUSTRATED stranger in a country I really knew no one but his family....Stuck with an overweight backside, an insecure husband and a growing baby. Lol. Now do you think he was holding me back from making progress? Aha!!!! Was it the Devils fault? Nope, this was clearly a result of my bad choice. I didn't ask myself some hard truths....And I thought 'OBSESSION and LUST' was love. But someone who really loved me will never Jeopardise my future...And let's be honest, I didn't even know then, what I know NOW. 

It's important to stop blaming the devil or some spiritual POWER for the negative things that happen to us, as a result of the silly choices we make. The devil isn't always responsible for every MISTAKE we make, we must sometimes, know that there are 'consequences' for every action and there's something called KARMA and its trickle down effect. We can't just HURT people, take advantage of them and treat them badly, yet expect to live a happy fulfilling life. That's not how life really works, so if you ask me....I will say STEP back a bit and look inwards at your choices, by answering a few questions.

#1) How Do You Know Your Partner Is Holding You Back?

It is very easy for us to find ourselves stuck with partners who really do not add value to our lives and do nothing for our growth. Lots of men, have such TROPHY women who just take up space and drain their lives but add no increase what so ever.... Please read "SHE'S SINGLE BY DESIGN" it might help you figure out what kind of woman you have. But it's not difficult to figure out if she's of VALUE to you. Does she know about your long term vision? Is she an ASSET and does she find ways to improve you and connect you to avenues that help and motivate your goals? Does she make sacrifices that  SUPPORT your dreams? Do you feel like you are winning with her in your life? Can you make analysis of your life before her and with her, which is better? Has she helped you achieve any goals? Can you discuss your work with her and does she INSPIRE you with ideas to better your craft? Can you trust her judgement and INSTINCTS? Does she bring good luck to you? Or do you think your life will be better without her? Is she keeping you from spreading your wings or is she always beating you down and comparing you to others. Does she feel like you can be greater and actually EMPOWER you to.... or is she just comfortable with who you are and what you have achieved so far in life? Can you really picture a fulfilling life without her? Why? Why Not? If you can honestly answer this questions, then you have the ANSWER you need as regards whether your present girl is holding you back.

#2) Does Your Woman Have The 5 Qualities A man Should Look For In A Woman?

Now. Its quite funny what men really look for in women. Its usually the fleeting obvious....but what about SUBSTANCE? I understand you enjoy great sex with your woman and believe me SEX is very important in any romantic relationship (don't let anyone tell you different). Its important because it's supposed to communicate the things that words can't and bond you both closer....But a relationship can't be all about sex. In fact , women don't DATE for the sex, (they don't need to) and even a man shouldn't. You both can screw each other nuts and yell like banshees, but after the sex, there better be something connecting you both in the real world aside the "ooohs and the aaahs". Lol. Is she someone you discuss real tangible issues with and even seek her counsel....or is she just a good time lady? Please read "THE WOMAN HE WANTS Vs THE WOMAN HE NEEDS" but to make it easier. Here's a list of the five kinds of woman a sensible man should look for....

a) The Available Woman: I don't mean just a single unmarried woman who's not presently dating. I mean a woman who is EMOTIONALLY available and open to love. Let me use myself as an example. I have been single for 3 years plus (despite being chased by so many good men who either wanted to date or even marry me and become a father to my son) amidst all their hard work and effort to get me and my attention. It was just a waste of time. Why? Because my heart, my body and my love (For so long) belonged to another man (Tiger) . So if you are going after a woman who isn't ready to give you a chance or mentally has her mind LOCKED on someone else or hasn't emotionally moved on or healed from a previous relationship and you aren't helping her to. Then, its going to be a bloody waste of time, even if she agrees to date you out of sympathy. 

b) The Loyal Woman: Every man knows what an asset it is, to have a good woman you can TRUST. One that is reliable, dependable and has your back anytime, any day. Not one who is going to get back at you by sleeping with your friend or the one your enemies can use to GAIN access to you. The one they call the "ride or die chick" who will stand by you, stand with you and stand for you, against an entire army and die trying, no matter what happens. No matter even if you hurt her or disappoint her because she's wired to stay true and COMMITTED to you. That's one woman every man needs.

c) The Godly Woman: Ha! Hang on a second, I don't mean the "speaking-in-tongue-fire-spitting-evil-banishing-prayer-warrior" type (Not that there's anything wrong with that. Lol).  But the truth is I'm not referring to the religious FANATIC with extreme Islamic views or Obsessive Christianity Disorder (OCD) who can read the Bible back to front, front to back, is a member of every christian group and leader of all church committee, but lives a reckless secret life. I'm referring to a woman who simply has the FEAR and LOVE of God and shows it in the way she values her man and treats others in the society. Someone who lives a 'transparent' life reminiscent of God's expectations and seeks spiritual growth, not by aiming for PERFECTION, but by living her life according to God's divine purpose and his grace. 

d) The Selfless Woman: Have you met the kind of woman who's heart is hard as stone....Oh I don't mean the tough kind. I mean the kind who can not be moved by other people's SUFFERING or needs. The kind that cares only about herself,  and her desires, and will never make sacrifices unless it BENEFITS her agenda? I'm talking about the kind who will only 'love you' as much as they can use you....The kind that their Loyalty ends where the benefits stop. Every man needs a woman who's willing to make sacrifices on his behalf and put his needs before he also puts hers before his (That's what love really is) "A give and give...." Not a give and take.

e) The Focused Women: There is a quote that says "Every man with a dream needs a woman with a Vision". That saying is absolutely true because women are reflectors and incubators and whatever you give her, she will double it. Now imagine that you have a woman in your life who is ambitious, hard working, driven and consistent....There is no way such woman won't be an asset to your growth, because she herself aims to grow and be successful in her own life, thus adding value to everyone who surrounds her.

#3) Now, Who Do You Really Love?

This is a question to really ask yourself. But to help you a little, I will say the person you LOVE is the one you consciously choose to be with, based on your acceptance of who they really are....Flaws and all (Remember love is a decision, an action). Not the one you choose because of lust, infatuation or silly small issues....but the one you are willing to respect, care for, value and be loyal to.... because they make you feel like a better person whenever they are around you.  

You might need to ask yourself though if your new found AFFECTION for your childhood friend 'Mary' is just your EGO speaking because she has found a way to move on without you.... or have you realised the value of having her in your life? What are you willing to do to PROVE it? Remember love doesn't hide. Are you willing to give up whatever fun you have going with your present girlfriend? (Remember you can't eat your cake and have it....) And any man who really tries to CHEAT a woman who loves him, is really cheating himself out of real love. Also for your present Girlfriend, you narrowed your relationship with her down to sex, so I guess it's probably a relationship of 'Lustful Convenience'. Well, all that glitters is not gold...and perhaps if you had given Mary a chance, who knows what a great loving family you both would have now and how much personal PROGRESS you would have made (especially with her being so supportive even after you have hurt her severally). That's just my opinion though.

#4) Want To Win Her Back?....

Well, I don't believe in falling in love. I actually believe people "grow to love"....and I do think there's a great chance you can still win her heart back if you really want her to be a part of your life. I also think the fact that she "loves you as a friend" is even way stronger, deeper, more meaningful  and long lasting an affection, than the temporary feeling of "being in love" which usually diminishes after infatuation fades (cos you've known her a long time) Couples that stay married for 35 years usually aren't in love. They just love each other and have grown fond of having the right companion. (Besides, friendship is the best foundation for real lasting relationship, because there are no SECRETS and no LIES.) But here's the truth, a woman who really knows you and has experienced so much with you will not be easily fooled, neither will she give in easily after a bad experience with you. Remember you were supposed to be her friend but you hurt her. Forgiving you is not enough. You have to show that you are willing to make an effort to change. Why? "Well, a man doesn't change because a woman wants him to....He changes because he loves a woman that much." Please read "GET BACK YOUR EX". 

I know that it's so easy to get confused when it comes to matters of the heart....And though it helps to have family and friends APPROVE of those we love and choose. Its still a personal decision you will have to make for yourself.... based on all the hard facts. You also need to sit down with Mary and bare your soul....just acknowledge how you have treated her in the past and genuinely apologise for it. Its okay to be vulnerable (only then will she get a glimpse of the real you) and let her know your true intentions moving forward.

Hopefully today's post will help resolve some of the issues. Do let me know how things go dear. Xoxo.

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Friday, 14 November 2014

Give The Gift Of Goodbye

A friend of mine once sent me this....
"Never allow someone to be your PRIORITY while allowing yourself to be their OPTION"
And it had me pondering over it. I'm thinking these might seem like just mere words but they carry a lot of meaning. I can think of several situations and so many ways I have given major IMPORTANCE to certain people who never gave me the same treatment back and I let it seem like it was okay. But how can it be okay for you to invest your time to make someone a priority whilst you are being treated as just a mere option, whenever it suited them? Exactly!!!

All of us, at times, will have people who leave our lives for one reason or another. Beyond family and the commitment of marriage, there are some relationships that are meant for just a SEASON. It may be something you weren’t expecting. You may not even understand it. But if you’ve played your part to walk in love and forgiveness, if you know in your heart you’ve done your best and given everything and that person doesn't TREAT you well, that’s when you have to trust that God knows who needs to be in your life.

One time, I heard somebody talk about the "gift of goodbye". It means when somebody chooses to leave, you may not realize it right away that they just did you a huge FAVOUR and sometimes even you, may choose to give someone that sort of gift or love yourself enough to gift yourself on behalf of that person hurting you. Maybe that person was holding you back. Maybe they were keeping you from spreading your wings. Maybe they weren’t a good INFLUENCE or just didn't appreciate you enough. 

Whether its about your career or your relationships, you should never give anyone the POWER to play with your time or your emotions or even treat you any LESS than you treat them (Forget deserve) because we only deserve what we have EARNED. So if you have earned the right to be treated in a good dignified way but never get it, then perhaps its best to have some dignity and distance yourself for good. 

'Goodbye' may seem a very painful way to SOLVE a problem but most times its necessary and ultimately for better, because you should never let anyone twist you into thinking you can't live without them.

Give the people who do not value and appreciate you, a fantastic gift....Give them The "GIFT of GOODBYE".

And while you're at it, never look back...because "goodbye" most times, opens another door for you to walk in to your DESTINY. A much better door to move into PRIORITY and create the next chapter of your life.

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Have A Fantastic Friday Lovelies! Kisses!
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Tuesday, 11 November 2014

In Very Clear Terms

On the back drop of my one hour LONG conversation with Leila (she was indeed very distressed and I emailed her my number, so I could talk her through things) I know what it feels like to sink into depression and the last thing she or her baby needs is to fall VICTIM to fear. You can read (#AskAlex: MY BOYFRIEND CLAIMS WE ARE JUST FRIENDS). And so many people still get carried away. Truth is I wouldn't know any of these, if I hadn't been the proverbial back pocket chick for years. A man's second option or his rebound girl. And constantly wondering which day, I would end up being the main squeeze amongst one too many....Lol. I wouldn't know these, if too many men hadn't misinterpreted my nicety for a sign that I was also interested in them seriously, or even the many times, I also have misconstrued a man's 'Act of love' as a sign of his love or fallen prey to SEXIPIDITY....Ha! What do I know?!

But no matter what you do, don't let people USE you to pass time, mark time or just to keep their boring lives interesting....You need CLARITY at every stage of your life and certainly someone who knows for sure that they WANT you (warts and all) to be a part of their lives.

If they are not willing to DEFINE the relationship they want with you or have with you in very CLEAR terms... and stay within those boundaries, no matter how seemingly good they might be with you, clearly they are intentionally SETTING you up for a very bad fall...and dare not think they will be there to catch you.

If you are going to fall and break your bones... Better to FALL for someone who genuinely cares and break your bones knowing that the persons hands might just have CAVED under your plenty baggage...and not because they considered you unworthy to stretch out their hands.

Nobody that wants you stays SILENT about their desires. If they think you are worthy, they will definitely FIND their voice. If they don't, please grab some dignity and find the bloody door. 

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Have A Terrific Tuesday Lovelies! Kisses!
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Make Room For It

Happy New Week Lovelies! (Despite the frustrating issues with my Internet). This is still another a chance to finish what we started. Now whilst it is okay to CELEBRATE and appreciate being alive, it is more important to reflect on what we are doing with the life we've got. Are we maximising it and using it to INFLUENCE others positively so that we can leave a good legacy or are we just co-existing?

Today I'm so saddened by the death of Dr Myles Munroe, his wife and the cabin crew members on board the private plane that crashed yesterday....but glad that he lived a great life of purpose and that his teaching(s) will forever live with me and millions of others who were affected positively. One of my fondest quote by Dr Myles Munroe is

"The greatest tragedy is not death, but life without a purpose."

This is why, when we discover something that NOURISHES our soul and gives us immense Joy, we should create ROOM for it. Whether it is Good Music, A Work Project, The Bible, An Interesting Blog, A Guide Book, Your Talent, Goals, Aspirations, A Pet, Your Children, Career, Lover, Spouse, Charity or just a Great Friend....Love yourself enough to APPRECIATE the VALUE....And do everything you can to make room for it in your life, as long as it adds purpose to your growth and to the growth of others, because you never know when it will all end.

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Have A Magnificent Monday Lovelies! Kisses!
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Sunday, 9 November 2014

#AskAlex: My Boyfriend Claims We Are Just Friends....

Dear Alex, I admire you a lot. Thanks for always sharing your wisdom and your experience. And I have learned so much from reading your blog articles. But I'm so depressed right now and I need your opinion about something. I have been dating my man for 3 years, cooking, washing and sexing him. When we are together, he usually mentions that he loves me but when we are in public and his friends or anyone asks if I'm his girlfriend, he says no, we are just good friends. And it hurts me every time. He says he likes being private about his life, but I'm just confused. Do you think he really loves me cos I don't know what to think. I recently just found out I'm 8 weeks pregnant and was hoping that he will pop the marriage question, but he says he wants a child conceived in marriage, not outside wedlock. That we can always try again when things get serious. What do I do? I'm confused. Leila.

Hello Leila,  I am so tempted to scream right now....But the truth is I shouldn't be surprised because once again I have sort of experienced something a little similar and men are so complex than they actually believe. You can read one of my rant and rave posts (WHAT DO MEN WANT).

My first instinct is to ask if he's married because you didn't mention that (but since you are expecting him to pop the marriage question). I'll assume he's a single available man.

First things first,  I can't stop reiterating that LOVE is a choice, a decision, not a feeling....And because it is a decision, it becomes an ACTION. In other words if we agree that love is a (verb) an action, then love doesn't HIDE because actions don't hide. If someone truly loves you, then their love will always be VISIBLE for all to see because love can not be bottled up or contained. The moment you start doubting if someone truly loves you is the moment they are doing things wrong (why?). Because apparently, their actions don't match their words. (Notice I didn't say feelings, because feelings are conditional and change with time but love isn't.... And it remains true and consistent over time). Of course the love-giver might control their 'feelings' but you can still see love written all over their actions. That's why it is way easier for someone outside of your relationship, to tell you whether your partner loves you or not....because they can base their opinions logically on how your partner behaves around you, with you or behind you....and it will have nothing to do with how many butterflies flutter in their stomach, or how much of Shakespearean English he or she uses to communicate their feelings. But the hard core visible facts proven over time, not fleeting intangible rhetoric. Let me put this in context.

a) If your man works hard and buys a Ferrari, will he lock it up in the garage or tell his friends that it belongs to his neighbour.....Or will he invite everyone he knows to take a quick drive in his brand new sleek ride?

b) If You got a pair of the Newest Swarovski Diamonds you have been dying to acquire. Will you lock it up and never wear it or will you wear your new love to the biggest party you can garner attention and tell everyone who admires it that it belongs to your sister....or will you own it and be grateful that everyone admires your beautiful jewellery?!

That's how love is. You want to show it off. You want the entire world to know that you are happy because you have found the right companion and someone you are proud to have in your life. No matter how private one is.

For an example: When my ex husband got re-married, I kept getting calls from journalists and reporters who wanted my comments....(Actually, they pretty much wanted juice for their newspapers). So I avoided doing interviews and stepping out in public because I didn't want to talk about anything pertaining to my divorce because I consider it my personal business and I wanted to deal with the issues privately. But If I eventually went out somewhere and someone asked me how my marriage was doing....I would nicely say, "I am presently single and I don't want to talk about the details...." NOW that's me being 'private'. But if I say "No comment" (that me being DISCREET and leaving people to fly with their own hypothesis)  or if I say "My Marriage is doing okay" (That's me out rightly lying). So if he says "Yes we are seeing each other or Yes, we like each other a lot and we are spending time together" and leaves it at that, then he's being private but when he says you are just friends even if he has no intentions of being committed or FAITHFUL to you, he is still out rightly lying because you are MORE than just good friends, you are lovers and you both are involved in an intimate relationship like every other couple, whether it is just a sexual relationship or a love one. If he claims to love you privately and then publicly rejects you, That's not love....And it's time you re-evaluate things.

#1) Don't Be A Secret: 

If a person is ashamed to show you off publicly, then you should be ashamed to give them your heart privately. Its that simple. If you haven't met his family, friends, colleagues after 6 months of being together (Which is pretty much the honeymoon stage of any love liaison) ....He definitely doesn't have any long term goals that includes you. And that also goes for the constant denials as well. Please read "WHEN, FOR THY COMMITMENT SAKE?" it may give you insights on whether your man is commitment-phobic.

#2) Don't Give Him Extra Benefits:

This one I learned the hard way. Being very domesticated and growing up as the first daughter with five (5) biological younger siblings and cousins to care for, in a very large family. I'm the avid NUTURER. I want to cook, clean and care for everyone including the man in my life....but err, that's where we get it all wrong. So he thinks you are just friends but yet you give him the benefits reserved for a lover and a husband....and expect he'll want more from you? Hahahah. That's impossible. I made that mistake with Tiger before. I shopped for him, constantly offered to do his laundry, take over cooked meals, gave him little gifts, shared my activities with him, stepped in whenever he needed me, and tried to make sure his apartment was in order whenever I could....And oh! I gave him great SEX too. (All these in a bid to prove my love and solidify my stance with him, despite my insecurity with the truth staring me in the face) Yet he wanted other women, the elusive ones, after all he had conquered me. I was no longer an interesting catch. What was there to look forward to? But I don't blame him, After all he had a good friend who was a standby Vagina, A maid and The perfect Back pocket Girl....(ME)....Lol. And I didn't know I was stabbing myself in the heart, cos I was doing things all wrong.  My point is, you have no business catering to a man who just wants to be a good friend....or do you shop, cook, clean and screw all your good friends? Exactly!!! 

So leave the benefits for only the man who is willing to acknowledge and appreciate you publicly (someone who can't stop gushing about you to those who truly matter to him). So lay a requirement from the on set and ask him what he wants from you or with you.... You can read Steve Harvey's guide book "Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man...." one of the chapters talks about Men respecting Standards and The questions a woman must always ask a man before she gets deep. You can also buy Sherry Argov's "Why Men Marry Bitches" I would have offered to ship you my hard copy as I don't have this particular E-book but I think my sister mischievously nicked my hard copy or should I say borrowed it. Lol. But you must let a man define the relationship he has with you. (I always thought that was being desperate) But no, that is just being clear. Until he clearly admits you are his woman, perhaps it is safe to see yourself as just his friend and act as such, nothing more. 

#3) Identify And Understand What Real Love Is:

One of my favourite songs by "Musiq Soulchild" is the song titled "LOVE" and a line in the chorus says that so many people use the name of love in vain and even those who have faith in love sometimes go astray. And that is so true. They want a favour, they claim they love you. They want your booty, they claim they love you. They want your money or a trophy companion, they will claim they love you. But we don't realise that the Grace and Sacrifice in love is what makes love TRUE. Please read (THAT FREE LOVE) and (THE ACTS OF LOVE) you will understand people who haven't experienced what love really is and don't understand it, will definitely abuse it. There is nothing selfish about love....and someone who considers their privacy more important than a person to be loved or the happiness of the person they claim to love as a lesser priority to their own needs can never show love. 

Recently, I went to an event and spent the night at Tiger's (Not his real name) apartment. I couldn't go home cos it was a little late to drive (even though honestly I just wanted to spend some time with him). He probably wasn't expecting me to stay initially and whatever food he had left as a single bachelor, already had his name on it. Tiger had offered me the only plate of food left....and though I was damn hungry enough to eat two extra portions, I had to be CONSIDERATE and decided to split that one plate with him. What am I saying? Just the thought that a grown man was willing to SACRIFICE the only food he had left without my asking for it, is a sign of love, even if he never verbally expresses his feelings. And the fact that I refused to be 'selfish' and eat the food alone despite my incredible hunger, is also a sign of love on my part. Now if I were ever to identify and choose a deeper act of love between a man who is wealthy and buys me a brand new Range Rover..... Or a man who sacrificed his only meal for me and took the time to run me a hot water bath....Who do you think I would choose? I would choose the man who gave me his food, because love is about the small mundane things that have value in purpose. And a person with the right quality of character adds value to that purpose of love....You can read my post (WHAT HAS CHARACTER GOT TO DO WITH THE COOCHIE). It will help you decide if your man has the depth or Strength of Character.

#4) Don't Fall Prey To Sexipidity

Sexipidity is a name I have coined for "sex stupidity" and men do know how to drag us down that lane along with them. I am so pissed off that your man thinks he is so smart without realising the foolishness of the statements he makes (forgive me). He only wants a child conceived in marriage but he is having pre marital sex with his good friend of 3 years, yet he's surprised a baby happened. Okay, what a wise man!!! But in this instant, he's neither a good partner, nor a good friend....Because good friends don't take advantage of those they supposedly care about. And he should be supporting you and holding your hands like a real man. Please read (ALL SOLID MEN PLEASE STAND UP).

But here's a basic rule about SEX we all forget..... 
a) Don't have sex with someone you are not willing to have a child with. (it doesn't matter whether you are both using protection, pulling out or going raw.....none of it is 100% fool proof) if he can't imagine you as the mother of his child or him as the father of your child...or you can't imagine your child having the genes of your sex mate, then you have no business frolicking with that person. SIMPLE.
b) If one is man or woman enough to have sex, then one should be man or woman enough to accept the CONSEQUENCES of one's actions and deal with it responsibly. (Hence the reason I think your man is acting quite the jerk right now).

And I know how you must feel, for your character to be questioned, your love to be tested and your patience to be tried. Remember, I have been there before. 

I honestly can't  tell you what to do even though I would love for you to just shove your bra down his he can choke on it. Hahahah. But my joke aside, this is a serious situation that requires a lot of thinking and deliberate action. I would like you to know though, that a child is a wonderful BLESSING from God and you don't come into your own until you are raising one (even if you are not the biological parent). I must have had a good life before Ray (My son) was born, but I don't remember much of it because once he came, he crept into my life with a NEW awakening that truly changed my life for BETTER (despite the challenges). So with or without this man, you'll be just fine because the strength you really need to go through this tough period, is inside of you and the source of God's genuine love and grace surrounds you.

Do let me know what you decide. Hope my post helps you to make the right decisions.....You can also read my Love and Naked Reality post (MY CRACK ON THE RELATIONSHIP CODE). It may help put things about your relationship in better perspective. Do take care dear and remember, you are not alone. Xoxo.

NOTE: If You Like Today's Feedback Post, Feel Free To Share It With Those You Love (Or Even Like A Lot).

Got A Question? Then #AskAlexHere

Have A Sweet Sunday Lovelies! Kisses! 
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Thursday, 6 November 2014

THE NAKED CHALLENGE (2): The Julian Challenge

The first post I ever wrote on this blog (ITS FINALLY HERE) in January, I mentioned how a good friend of mine 'Julian Bassey' challenged me to take my writing to a bigger audience and start my blog, which was something I always wanted to do but never found the time and perhaps even the COURAGE to really start.

In some of the new paper interviews I granted in 2012, I mentioned a few times I was starting my own BLOG but that never really happened until two years later, when Julian actually deleted me from BBM because he was frustrated with my frequent BBM broadcasts and told me to go to a bigger platform, and even said I could earn a lot of money from it. And oh, it will only take me 30 minutes to start on blogger.

Ofcourse, he lied. It didn't take me 30 minutes (well, because my note book had no Internet connection at the time and I fiddled with my mobile phone for almost the entire day, trying to link my Gmail account to blogger and even get a hang of how it even works....and viola! My first post was written. And 184 original posts down, baby.... my blog is getting high like it's smoking some Jamaica weed. Lol. 

I pushed my own boundaries and I eventually configured and DESIGNED my entire blog all by myself using just a BLACKBERRY mobile PHONE and I'm still blogging with it (thanks to another amazing friend of my Biodun, who gifted me the Z10 that does all of the amazing work outside, my brain of course). And now I'm earning some money from my audio's and articles....and even designing SUPER CRAZY ideas to promote the brand and expand what has now become a genuine VISION. How amazing is that? 

But how did I get here? Did I just wake up and find myself in this new crazy world of online publishing and broadcasting? No! (even though I dreamt of it for so long). I finally allowed myself to be challenged and went on further to push beyond the challenge that was set for me and set an even bigger one for myself.

Is there something you've always wanted to achieve? A goal or vision that up until now have seemed very unattainable. A degree? Medical school? Film school? Perhaps you want to lose a certain amount of weight? Get married? Start your own business? Work from home? Cooking classes? Record your album? Volunteer for Charity? Start an NGO? Your Own fashion label or maybe just build a closer relationship with your family and God? Then this one is definitely for you....

It's the THE NAKED CHALLENGE (2)...."The Julian Challenge".

The Julian Challenge: is named after my friend who inspired me to take this new journey I'm embarking. And I DARE you to find the 'courage' to go after a particular GOAL you have always wanted to accomplish. The beauty of setting and sharing your goal HERE with the world alongside a reasonable time line, is to make yourself accountable to people, so they can remind you, encourage and motivate you to keep making PROGRESS.

So here's my own #TheJulianChallenge

ME: A lot of my friends, fans and followers have advised me to write a book and I've always wanted to author one (even though secretly I have been afraid to take that leap). Well, now I've decided to take my own challenge and write one. I'm presently writing my book "THE NAKED EXPERIENCE" is a guide book that will chronicle my journey from the Timid Girl to the Confident Woman i've now  become. And how my experience exposes a vulnerability that has given me the Presence of Mind and Freedom of Expression. And I'm expecting the book to be out in January 2015 to meet up my February Book Tour/Seminar also tagged "The Naked Experience" (see event banner on the side bar and book cover image on my Official Info Website .

Why Am I Telling You All This? 

That's what's great about #TheJulianChallenge. I'm keeping myself accountable to you all, so you can keep enquiring, motivating and encourage me to accomplish this new goal, so that I don't disappoint you and myself.

Now it's your Turn....Are you BOLD enough to take THE JULIAN CHALLENGE and encourage someone else to do the same? 

Share your goals here and I'm sure the ABC family will find ways to keep pushing you to accomplish them.

If You Like Today's Challenge, Don't forget To Share This Post With Those You Love (Or Even Like A Lot). 

Have A Tantalising Thursday Lovelies! Kisses!
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Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Give Me A French Man Please

I was in a meeting with a book PUBLISHER, an acquaintance of a good friend of mine who is supposedly an educated and established older man. I'm not TRIBALISTIC in anyway, but I think he's from the west and wears his age on his forehead. You know those type na....the ones who want you to dobalè....Err, I mean PROSTRATE or take a dip every time you see them or even catch their eye....Good morning sir (Dobalè), So what do you think sir? (Dobalè), When can we get feedback sir? (Dobalè). 

Alright, I really do not have time for this type of CRAP. I mean it's not like I'm looking for another Daddy'm (not that one could have more than enough though) that being said I'm looking at his somewhat lecherous STARE masked in false professionalism and I could almost picture him mentally STRIPPING me off my clothes, despite the fact that he was 'forming' tough Oga for us. As if it wasn't obvious the effort with which he was trying so hard, to be overtly serious and brash gladly giving away secrets of the internal BATTLE he must have been fighting with himself. Lol. After reminding me five bloody times that he's an old man who's very ACCOMPLISHED and that oh, he's also a Chief Barrister (I wasn't even aware that joint title existed somewhere in the books)....

So here I was patiently waiting for a sign of conviction, that as always, my INSTINCTS were right. Just as my friend slipped in to the gents. He stretches his strong swollen hands to touch mine and then whispered "Ehen, Alex my dear, so when are you meeting your daddy for lunch in my hotel? Just you and me o. So we know each other better" Ha mogbé! Daddy ke? "Chief-Barrister-I'm-Older-Than-The-Universe" wants to put it down on me, just like that. Mba nu, bad market!!! Lol. 

All these BIG uncles that act like they are older than Abraham in the Bible (as if I really care) I mean I could easily be having his mate SCREAM my name next to multiple profanity as he convulses in a bid to get my approval of his ding dong....but this right here means absolutely nothing to me, abegi. Not my style and certainly not with the way he thinks he's more knowledgeable and more EXPERIENCED than everyone else because of a few greys on his hair. Wait, has he even seen my pubic hair? (Thank you Lagos traffic, Multiple bills and Bad Policies....Y'all take the credit) Hahahah. And did I forget to add housekeeping and caring for Ray without a maid has added extra streaks of golden gray to my CURLY collection?! He can park his age for all I care abeg, (if age na the matter, him sef no follow) after all I had a big thing for Metuselah (Err....Yes na! Okay I'm Just kidding) and when it comes to making a pass at a woman....we all know age ain't got no business with the bedroom nor with business itself, though I like to ADMIT that I prefer my man much older and wiser, cos the older the wine, the better for me, I'm that sort of VINTAGE collector.... Hehehe.

And whilst I'm thinking about the only two things I realise command respect in Africa,  AGE and WEALTH....I secretly want to slap some sense into some pea brains. Why can't we just get over the MENTALITY to lord over and demand respect like a persons age or bank account is even proof of one's Character and Success. (Haven't you ever seen a fool at 40? And believe me, I know a number of them, including this one hoping i'm desperate enough to knock on 235). Mstcheww!!! So for Pete sake, the only way I'm calling any other man 'Daddy' is if he's willing to go on all fours and EAT me up 3 days in a row non-stop, cum et all and I mean non-stop, no pulling out for some air or catching his breath (That's 72 hours running old man, and when you finally have my cream grey up all your hair. You can let the world know just how easy it was for you to earn my respect....Shior!!! Lol.)

My point? CHIVALRY is dead and Arrogance is in. A man no longer has to work hard at getting a woman's attention. He does not even need to be nice, tactful considerate, open doors, walk behind you, help you carry bags or even just be the average gentleman, even if his intentions are pure and it better be....Oh no! He just needs to flash his ROLEX, his bland award collections, a few dollars in your face and a news paper "cut out" of himself.... Viola!!! The women will be fleeting around him like flies on poop. Kai! women don't even realise it and I'm starting to THINK most english speaking men don't even CARE. Hence why, I pretty much fantasize these days about real men speaking real languages, I can not translate.... so that even if he calls me a "BITCH" in French, Spanish, Portuguese or Hindi....I would just think it's SEXY anyway and say "I love you too hun" with a big smile on my sweet face.  Lol. 

And to prove that a little element of chivalry isn't a fixture of just my over-active imagination or the CREATION of emotionally unstable writers from romantic telenovelas. My meeting in the Republic of Benin over the weekend proved so. We had gone to meet JB Hounyovi, the famous French-African Fashion Designer....and whilst we had been invited to another of his SPECIAL hide-out showrooms, it was his reception of us that pretty much reminded me of how different french people really are. He had come out to get us from the gate....oh biko leave Naija man alone o, the security aka 'maiguard' will do the honours after he has kept you waiting for 30 minutes in the hot sun because 'Mr Big Oga' can only prove he's a big busy man by keeping you waiting na. (or don't you think?) Lol. Or is it the boyfriend or side boo you SCREWED his brain throughout the night, who can't even put on his pants to accompany you out the door till you leave, as he waves at you a PALE goodbye from a little peak hole like you are his delivery lady or the newspaper girl or better still the neighbourhood milk woman. Hahahah. You get my drift abi? And then  Monsieur JB does the famous "Bise" (aka the air kisses or just kisses across both cheek)....which is really the way french people greet each other.  

And he welcomed us and I remember Victoria Nkong repeatedly filling my head with "Bonjour, Merci, Ca'va" and all the elementary french I honestly didn't learn in school because I was more FIXATED with gushing at the cool cat they sent in as our French teacher (and I probably wasn't the only girl in senior secondary gushing over him and how he used to pronounce our names....actually, my name....A-l-e-x-a-n-d-r-a with a rich baritone french ACCENT that made the scant hair on my legs curl. Hahahah. So we got into Monsieur Hounyovi's Master craft HAVEN and had a brief chat about business, the photo shoot etc when he eventually called us to the dinning table for LUNCH. Of which the hunger wey hold me ehn, I was this close to kicking off my heels and my manners and just dash straight for the kitchen or wherever the smell of that Jasmine rice or Basmati rice was filtering from. 

That's how Internationaly-Acclaimed-Award-Winning-Impresario-Extraordinaire  and Fashion guru of the Francophone world (with plenty gray hair for that matter....Lol) along with his butler dey serve us food o,  No go come, nothing like "I'm the big boss" No Shakara ....Not even when Victoria and Jimi offered to help him out (even though earlier, Mr Nigerian Jimi, nicely strolled out of the car, leaving me to carry my bag despite the fact that I had another bag and a little 4 year old on hand....even though, Victoria TEASED him about it....and I just made a mental note that "These Nigerian men ain't bothered mehn".

Is it the warm reception JB gave us (and he didn't spit thunder and fire that he was being called by his first name, not addressed as Uncle, Chief, Engineer, Architect or Daddy (I even remember Victoria mischievously refer to him as "Daddy" for Ray's benefit and the man didn't find it funny at all. I can picture Chief-Barrister in his shoes hanging that achievement on his wall. Or is the very courteous man at the hotel front desk or is it the Qtaby production LIAISON that helped Ray find a great spot to pee in the market (Despite being a man and having Ray's mom, right there) or the cabbie driver who waited for hours without angrily driving off or beeping the hell out of our phones (just to annoy us out of that meeting). Abeg what are we even talking about sef? Any man who isn't ashamed to cook, dish, serve me and chase me. That's the one I want. So Please oh, Give me a French MAN Any day. Or what do you think Lovelies? 

NOTE: If You Enjoyed Today's Post, Kindly Share It With Those You Love (Or Even Like A Lot). Hehehe.

Have A Terrific Tuesday Lovelies! Kisses!
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Monday, 3 November 2014

Its Okay To Just Smile....

Happy New Week Lovelies, if you are reading this.... CONGRATULATIONS, you're alive. If that's not something to smile about....then I don't know what is. Hahahah.

One of the most precious things I love about my 4 year old son Ray, is his amazing SMILE, no matter what's happening, whether the sun is shinning or its raining or even if I'm UPSET with him, he just pulls a beautiful smile and my heart melts cos instantly I break into one, myself. It doesn't matter that I'm depressed, tired, unmotivated, lonely, broke or just frustrated, his smile brightens up my world and instantly makes me forget all of those worries. And somewhere in the middle of that smile is where I find my HOPE.

It wasn't too long I stumbled on this powerful piece of music "Just Smile" by singer and songwriter, James Fortune ft Cavena Jones and D' Shondra Rideout. It was Victor who kept playing it back to back and every time I went in to check on the graphics he was whipping up for my websites, I heard it....Got goose pimples and broke into a peaceful smile in my heart. Just thought to share the song with you. Hope the lyrics give you peace like it gives me. LISTEN....


Sometimes, your JOY is the source of your smile, but other times, your smile might be the source of your joy.

Even if you are hurting right now, don't cry because you lost something and it's over, just smile because it happened. And Remember that the start of every PEACE you will experience, begins with a smile. Just know that with a smile you are always winning.

NOTE: If You Loved Today's Boost, Don't Forget To Share It With Those You Love (Or Even Like A Lot).

Have A Magnificent Monday Lovelies. Kisses!
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Sunday, 2 November 2014

#AskAlex: I Think My Husband Is Still In Love With His Ex

Dear Alex,

I have been following your brilliant blog posts for a while and I'm so impressed with your writings and inspiring audio's. I just got married 6 months ago and I think my husband is still in love with his Ex. I always suspected he still had feelings for her because of the way he treats her and always makes reference to her about everything, but I found my proof a few days ago when I stumbled on a text message he sent her, telling her that the sex was great and she's the only woman he loves and will always love. What do I do Alex? My heart is broken, I've done nothing but cry. I can't even confront him. I'm just too weak. Is it my fault? What do you think I should do? Please reply. Thanks. Sola.
Hello Sola, I wish I could see you and just throw my arms around you for a tight squeeze. I completely know what you are going through cos I have been down that road myself. I am not a relationship expert, so I won't pretend I have all the answers. My candid opinion will be based on what I've learned from the greatest teacher of all, EXPERIENCE.

I have been through this same situation twice. Once in 2001 and I stumbled upon emails by my then boyfriend Joseph who had written to his ex girlfriend in London. My heart was torn apart and I felt BETRAYED. He wasn't sleeping with her because, she was far away in london but he was thinking of her, dreaming of her and wishing I was her and oh the best part, I really looked a lot like her. (in other words) I was her clone and his emotional infidelity was way more serious to me, because there's nothing worse than someone you are intimate with building emotional connections outside your relationship.  And that was the birth of the general dis-trust I had for men. Foolish me, I bought his excuse, forgave him and still dated for 2 years till he left the country. But he never ended up marrying any of us anyway. Six years later, I met "Tiger" (not his real name) and I fell in love with him, same drama....Yet I tried to be the bigger woman, sacrificed a lot and tolerated being COMPARED to the other lady who lied constantly to him, cheated him, faked a lot of stories and even falsified a pregnancy for months. But he didn't see what was wrong with that, he preferred her and made so many excuses for her...After all love forgives all, right? And another 7 years down the line I'm still living in her shadow despite the fact that  she's not more intelligent, not more beautiful, generous, kinder, accomplished, loving or better than me in all ramifications. (oh maybe it was the sex, who knows?) Lol. But what does that tell you about most men? Exactly! Its not about you or what you are doing wrong, its about them and the funny choices they make. You can be the most perfect woman in the world, but if a man doesn't UNDERSTAND the role of a woman in his life or the purpose for which she was created, he will mistreat and under-value her.

Now I know you are newly weds and I know that you love him or you wouldn't feel so desperate for a solution. Here's what I think you should do....Cut off his balls and dice it, into some little penis chops for some sweet pepper soup. (Okay, i'm kidding....Let's just do things the big girl way).

#1) First Things First.... Big Girls Don't Cry.

I know what you are thinking. Yes, you are allowed to feel betrayed and shed as much PRIVATE tears as you want. But don't take those tears to him. Why? Hang on, have you realised that tears never stopped any man from doing what they wanted. Besides, he'll just think you are trying to manipulate him emotionally. And when you are emotional you can't really think can you? He will end up using your own tears to blind you with a sorry ass story that will impede your judgement. Wipe the tears and put on your best straight poker face. Its time to act THE QUEEN BITCH.

#2) Confront Him Nicely

A Queen BITCH is always in control of herself....(Babe-In-Total-Control-Of-Herself).  So this isn't the time to bring the drama. Believe me, I have tried that a few times and it never solved anything. So forget about screaming your wits out or even quietly suffering in silence just to play the Sweet Ave Maria.... He needs to know straight up in the calmest voice you can muster, that you are hurt and absolutely disappointed in him.

#3) Apologise Before He Throws It Back

You obviously intruded on his privacy by going through his phone (I've tried that a few times....Believe me, I know that impulse to go all CIA on him and get yourself some good proof that you're instincts aren't misleading you...But Geez, the last I found....I promised myself never to try that again) Now, he can turn that around to his favour. So before he goes that route....Say this or something similar; "I'm sorry I invaded your privacy and went through your phone but I needed to prove my instincts wrong because I was so sure you'd never do anything to hurt me....But it's turns out I don't really know you at all. I'm really sorry. I think I married a stranger" You have acknowledged that you are wrong but you have also shot him in the brain. Lol.

#4) Reiterate Your Standards

The truth is that we teach people how to really treat us by the standards we give them. Whatever we condone is what we communicate as okay. If a child steals and you don't punish or reprimand that child, he or she will go on thinking it's okay to steal. Same way, if your man cheats on you or thinks it's okay to maintain constant communication with a woman he still has reserved feelings for, then you are telling him it's okay to keep disrespecting you. So let him know straight up, you are not the type to keep chasing a man you have already won and you have no intentions of fighting for a man who is emotionally unavailable, neither are you willing to compromise your needs or your standards. Let him know that you love him with every fibre of your being and you understand his feelings for the other woman. But you also know that love is a decision, it is a if he claims to love her, he has simply CHOSEN her over you and you are willing to nicely let him be with the woman he loves. (meanwhile, don't just say these words but mean them and be ready for whatever the outcome will be). Either of two things will happen....

a) He will be so surprised by your cool, calm and civil reaction that he will realise what a fool he is to lose his present happiness for the past and beg for your forgiveness.

b) He will think it's a bluff and that you are playing mind games and go on about his extra marital business, maybe even ask for a divorce....

Whatever the case is, I can't tell you what decision to make when it comes down to the wire. That will be your responsibility because only you know what you can take or tolerate. Still I know that some marriages overcome their challenges and this is one of such CHALLENGE. Love takes a lot of work and commitment from both parties. And women need to start showing men how best to love them by what they tolerate. Dr Myles Monroe will say a WOMAN is an enhancer, a reflector and a life giver, pretty much like an INCUBATOR, whatever a man gives to her, she will multiply it and give back to him double. i.e.  If A man gives a woman his SPERM, she gives him a BABY. He gives her a HOUSE and she gives him a HOME....He gives her GROCERIES and she turns it into a MEAL. He gives her a SMILE and she gives him her HEART. He gives her PEACE and she gives him back the HAPPINESS he deserves. (If only we women truly even knew our power and purpose).

Let him know, moving forward....that there will be no double standards in your marriage or relationship because what is good for him is equally good for you as well (After all, you are a human being with the same blood running through your veins (and no where in the Bible, does it say only women shall not commit adultery) Hahahah. Okay, I'm not trying to encourage you to get back at him. The purpose of this enlightenment is to get him to see your marriage as a level playing field for you both, perhaps then, he can put himself in your shoes and ask himself how he would feel if reverse were the case. He also needs to know that the love and respect must be equal,  in other words you are willing to work on the same pace as he and match him respect for respect, love for love, kindness for kindness. 

You can read one of my posts "THE QUEEN BITCH EVERY REAL MAN NEEDS" or I can mail you an E-copy of Sherry Argov's book "WHY MEN LOVE BITCHES". It will help clarify the role you play in enabling the way he treats you. I will also like to recommend a book THE PRAYING WIFE by Stormie Omartian (I secretly read it from time to time, even now that I'm single).

I wish you both well and I pray you can resolve the issues amicably and find PEACE in your marriage. Do let me know the outcome of the talk....(And oh, don't use the dreaded "we need to talk".... it scares the SHIT out of them. Hahahah. And it will set him in a defence mode. Just tell him you want to share something important with him) Keep it honest and clean dear. Just remember to EXPRESS, not what you 'think' but how you FEEL, because one of the biggest regrets we can encounter are the WORDS we didn't say when we had the chance. If he's a wise man, he'll hold on tight to you and never let you go.  Xoxo.

NOTE: If You Like Today's Feedback Post, Don't Forget To Share It With Those You Love (Or Even Like A Lot). 

Got A Question? Feel Free To #AskAlexHere

Have A Sweet Sunday Lovelies! Kisses!
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