Monday, 23 February 2015

FEATURE: Once The Storm Is Over by Nina Bingham

Hey Lovelies, My Friend, Author, Life Coach and Clinical Hypnotherapist publishes her 5th book, Once The Storm Is Over: From Grieving to Healing After the Suicide of My Daughter (Big Table Publishing Company)
When Nina Bingham lost her fifteen-year old daughter to suicide, she thought her own world would end. But what she learned about love and forgiveness changed her life forever. It will change yours, too.
BOSTON, MA: In late February 2015, Big Table Publishing Company, an indie publisher, will present this profoundly moving account of a counselor’s struggle to come to terms with her depression and her daughter’s suicide. Raw and honest, she shares her painful past: an abusive alcoholic father, a failed marriage, the rejection she suffered after she came out as a lesbian, and her own brush with suicide. What could have been a story mired in self-pity and misery, ultimately is a story of hope. Nina’s compelling life journey shows how pain and loss can be transformed into strength and purpose. This book is not only for survivors but for anyone facing depression with suicidal tendencies.

The book has garnered outstanding reviews from suicide prevention organizations, expert psychiatrists, best-selling authors on suicide, mental health and parenting magazines, as well as grief recovery organizations. Robin Stratton of Big Table Publishing Company says she knew she had a “blockbuster story,” and advised Nina that she might be better off taking her book to a bigger publishing house who could spend thousands of dollars promoting it. To her surprise, Nina replied that she’d been to a psychic who had advised her to take her manuscript to the “literary woman” she already knew, and that Robin fit the description exactly.

Both Nina and Robin say they experienced what can only be called “a ghost writer” in the form of Nina’s deceased daughter while the manuscript was being developed. Nina feels she received a 3-day long “visitation” from her daughter who caused unexplainable and sensational phenomenon to occur. Robin could sense a strong presence around her when she would work on the book; at the same time, her normally calm and brave dog would yelp and hide in the bedroom. Both Nina and Robin acknowledge that there was an unseen spiritual force guiding them along the way.

Once The Storm Is Over unapologetically rips apart the fa├žade of coping to show the devastating aftermath of a child’s suicide and how a mother, flawed but courageous, learns to live again. Described as brave, insightful and inspiring, this book is sure to make its mark in the literature of suicide recovery, and be remembered for its profound and healing message.
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Saturday, 21 February 2015

VIDEO: #Uncensored w/ Alex Okoroji 3 - That Word Failure....

I have talked about this here on my RADIO show, I even tweeted about and I decided to record a video and share it around my social media to reiterate my views about the word FAILURE. 

I know there are so MANY people who beat themselves up day and night because they haven't ACHIEVED their goals and those around them consider them to be useless or a failure. If you see Failure as a tool to drive yourself to GREATNESS, you will realise that is simply another OPPORTUNITY for you to try again. And you will be better for the lessons learned. Please WATCH and Enjoy....

So What Do You Think Lovelies? Feel Free To Share Your Thoughts. Have A Sweet Saturday Lovelies! Kisses!!!

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Wednesday, 11 February 2015

The Valentine Boosts

Sweetkins, I know I haven't been very consistent sharing my thoughts here on a daily, what with having to split myself creatively between the Radio show, the Podcasts, The Video Broadcasts, Putting finishing touches to the BOOK and my social work with #4NL. Its been a crazy roller coaster that's doing my head in. And I can't help but notice the proverbial VALENTINE celebration is a few days away....It's pretty much looking like my 'Alleluyah Whisper' isn't getting an upgrade this year. Remember my Valentines video for last year? And how I was supposed to upgrade from getting C-H-O-C-O-L-A-T-E-S to a R-A-N-G-E r-o-v-e-r....Ahem!!! Don't laugh at my dreams. I need a rental BF soonest. Any ideas? Well I've always thought people should treat and remember those they love, everyday and not just on special occasions. Especially when it comes to treating WOMEN and bagging the woman of your dreams. So here's my Valentine BOOST for all year round.....

1) Don't expect her to take you seriously if you come around and show her that you love her only HALF the time. If you are CONSISTENT, you will 'get' her.....If you are PERSISTENT, you will 'keep' her.

2) No woman of substance wants to be a part-time lover. Either you're with her, or you're not.

3) If you want a woman to leave, give her DOUBTS....If you want her to stay, then by all means give her HOPE.

4) Don't call her "baby" if you're calling 4,764,801,966 other women that same shit. How is she supposed to feel special? EXACTLY!

5) A half truth is a whole lie. And a lie is the fastest way to LOSE her interest. Don't be silly, women can always tell when you are lying...its a natural gift.

6) Don't ever get too comfortable, there's always room for improvement or REPLACEMENT...Be complacent and you will get replaced.

7) Remember, a woman that's worth it.. will never be easy to get, and a real man will always be PATIENT.

8) If you can't afford to pay your woman some ATTENTION, be sure, you'll end up losing her to someone who can.

9) Every woman wants a man who is content with the pursuit and presence of her and her ONLY.

10) You can say "sorry" and "I love you" as much as you want, but if you can't prove it to her, your words will always lack meaning.

11) Women are great with numbers, no matter how she feels, she will always end up picking the one man who gives her the highest numbers in values. whether financially or emotionally. Just know 100% love will win over 40%, 60% or 80%. You better be willing to give it your all. If you hold back, you lose.

P.s: (My motto) "If it doesn't serve a practical purpose it serves no purpose." This does... So work at it, work on it, work through it, work for it, as long as she's worth it, never walk away from it. 

Feel free to Catch more of my Valentine thoughts on Today's Show on @ 10pm (WAT) | 11pm (CAT) | 1pm (PST) | 4pm (EST)

NOTE: If You Liked Today's 'Daily Boost', Then Don't Forget To Share It With Those You Love (Or Even Like A Lot). 

Have A Wonderful Wednesday Lovelies! Kisses!
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Thursday, 5 February 2015

That 50/50 Kind Of Love

I have not claimed to be an EXPERT on love, friendship or relationships as I am still a student of 'LIFE' gathering knowledge and hoping to graduate a first CLASS human being.

But I can say that I have loads of countless personal EXPERIENCE  (good and bad) that serve as practical analysis, for my reflection, MUSINGS, and EXPRESSION, as well as the experience of others around me, which have now guided the new theories that form my many opinions.

Its IMPERATIVE that we learn from the experience or mistakes of others, because we can never live LONG enough.... to even make them all ourselves.

I have learned that most relationships FAIL, not because of the ABSENCE of love. LOVE is present alright. It's just that one person loves far too MUCH... while the other person loves far too LITTLE!

So when people say, they love you. That might in fact be TRUE...but perhaps the 'love' they supposedly have for you is simply NOT strong enough to earn you, KEEP you or even fight for you.

It sort of reminds me of my favourite Teddy Pendergrass song.... "It feels good loving somebody and that somebody loves you back" BUT the best part of the song for me is the 'refrain' where he sings.... "Not 70/30, not 60/40...We're talking about 50/50 love...Yea"

So if you are the type to give, give and FORGIVE....And your partner is the type to get, get and FORGET....then it doesn't take rocket science to see that your partner or spouse isn't giving you that 50/50 kind of love... Just like a LOAD on a seesaw, if the EFFORT doesn't balance the weight, the WEIGHT will tip. Something is bound to give. And that might just be your very HAPPINESS! 

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You can also reserve your own 'Specially Autographed' copy of my upcoming book here 'THE NAKED EXPERIENCE' and win VIP tickets to my Book Tour. 

Have A Terrific Thursday Lovelies! Kisses!
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Sunday, 1 February 2015

I've Got The Raw Feeling Of Hope

Last week, this blog officially clocked a year. And it dawned on me that it's been one year since I started my NAKED journey here. Stripped myself, and shared some of my most amazing thoughts and experiences with you.... whilst motivating you all to have a voice and EXPRESS who you really are in your most UNFILTERED revealing self.... I so badly wanted to write the 'bangiest' post (that's if there's even a word like that) but every time the thoughts crept in my mind....I couldn't find the zeal or the time to pen my thoughts. (I pray this isn't the case of the old wife's tale). So today I woke up trying to get the thoughts out of my head as usual.... but I'm feeling rather uncoordinated that I'm not even sure what to here's a raw list of my thoughts.

#1. I was hoping I would write the perfect celebratory blog post today (Its a new month and I still haven't thanked my readers for sticking around my sorry arse for a year), but I don’t feel that WITTY, wise or even inspired. In fact, I feel… unmotivated, mentally exhausted and shut off. Like I'm being forced to swallow the coldest soggiest lies ever. Err....Yeah!

#2. I feel this constant PRESSURE to always be perfect, to always appear happy, to always have the right answers, to act cool, stay positive and be there for everyone else. But, wait a second, who's really there for me? *scratches head thinking*

#3. Sometimes I’m not perfect. Often times, I wish I were. But I know I'm not....And I know Perfection is a MYTH and no one scores a 100 in that zone. In this case, I don’t even know how to hold myself up there....even remotely close.

#4. I feel this expectation to write something hilarious, wise and life changing. Yup!!!

#5. “Life changing?! Wise? Hilarious?!! Hahaha....Yea! I know....I must really think highly of myself, to even think my writing was ever that significant in the first place. Or isn't it?

#6. Nowhere feels like home to me right now. Nowhere....not even that tiny sanctuary in my head where I let loose the damnest imageries and rascally thoughts. It feels like my cerebral cubicle has been invaded by political monsters. I simply can think of nothing else....At least for NOW!!! What a shame!

#7. I guess that’s a rather… cold and lonely feeling.

#8. Err...I’m even afraid to admit that I feel very lonely right now. And that I want more than just a BOO for one night. *shrugs

#9. I feel as if no one can ever understand me. How could they? I'm somewhat complex in the simplest of ways, that even I confuse myself sometimes. Seeeee.... I'm even confused right NOW!!! 

#10. I feel like no one would even WANT to understand me. Why should they? It will require more effort than the average intellectual is willing to make. Average....You dig? Hahahah.

#11. I really hate how my list is jumping all over the place– I feel like it should be more organised. Yea, err...Like organised chaos. Can you read me?

#12. I feel like I should be more organised. Kwakwakwa....I can even hear my friends laughing at the thought of that. Oh Shuucks! That's story for the gods.

#13. I feel like I should be writing better stuff than this. Perhaps something downright 'Raw and Unfiltered' that will send crazy chills to your spine....Haaa!!!! Or what do you feel?

#14. I feel like I shouldn’t be so hard on myself, dammit! There's no escaping that one. I show myself no MERCY.

#15. Sometimes it’s exhausting trying to write the perfect post.

#16. Exhausting....True, but no more than it was staying in a 7 year old dead-end-romance with Tiger and his unrequited love. Thank goodness I broke that jinx and left him for good. I'm finally FREE. Hehee.

#17. I’m afraid of losing this new found 'presence of mind' that I enjoy. I'm present, pay me no mind biko.

#18. I’m afraid to think maybe I’m already losing it. Ehn!!!! No o! Losing it ke. That's not true, I'm saner than ever.

#19. I’m afraid of letting people down. Oh well....I've accepted that I can't please everyone.

#20. I’m afraid of letting MYSELF down.

#21. Or that I'm not always going to be real or open. Or that my signature straight talk might sometimes chicken out for some compromise, at the cost of my own soul! God Forbid!!!

#22. I’m afraid of people questioning my intent and purpose....or even propose to compromise my intent.

#23. I’m afraid that one day this could turn into something I have to do instead of something I want to do. It has seemed so for the last month. Dang! This thought terrifies me…

#24. Not more than the thought of being single, old, frail and gray down there.....Hahahah. Naaaa....Don't want to be a SINGLE old maid. And I'm honestly not ready to have my pubic hair turn into gray. At least not yet. Lol.

#25. If this is my biggest fear, there must be something wrong with me. 

#26. I mean, I must be really weird for being so obsessed with the colour of my hairy cat down south….north or wherever the heck, the pussy cat is.

#27. If you can’t tell.... I have been feeling 'insecure' about a lot of things lately. A lot....And that includes dating all over again. I'm just worried that I've become so friggin wise it may scare the SHIT out of any mate.

#28. Other than that, I’m just feeling insecure mostly about… feeling INSECURE.

#29. And oh, maybe I’m afraid of FAILING, but I’m not sure what at.

#30. I’m just afraid that I can’t. Hian!!! [Can’t what??!]

#31. I’m pretty sure that this is the most uncoordinated blog post i've ever written.

#32. But for some strange reason, I’M FEELING SOOO MUCH BETTER ALREADY!

#33. In fact, I just realized that writing this list was actually REALLY soothing!

#34. And all of the sudden I am LAUGHING!

#35. At my silly self.... Because my thoughts are so damn ALL OVER the place! Don't even know if they are NAKED enough.

#36. You know what, though? It’s OKAY.

#37. And you know what? I am OKAY too.

#38. In fact, this very minute I am more than OKAY… I almost feel perfect.

#39. Yes! perfectly imperfect just the way I am in my completely exhausted uninspired uncoordinated consciousness.

#40. Ohhhh, Alex– you’re so bloody corny, but I love you gurl.

#41. Blog post, I kinda ♥ you, too. Hahahah.

#42. In fact, you might be THE BEST BLOG POST YET! Maybe, not the best. But you are definitely the REALEST. And perhaps even the WEIRDEST (but that one’s a toss-up)... how about I let you all decide?!

#43. So someone said to me two days ago, "I just don't get how an Amazing woman like you can stay single. Sometimes Alex, you may find love in places you've looked before. Look again. Properly this time."

#44) Well, I'm being BRAVE and looking around with keen eyes and no expectations. Though I get the craziest feeling of HOPE lurking around me.... because despite everything I experience, I've been rewired to stay positive.

#45) If you’re feeling brave too, don't be ashamed to be vulnerable and share your own honest UNFILTERED thoughts below in the comment box. I would love to know how you are feeling and what you are thinking this FEBRUARY. (There $100 cash giveaway up for grabs for the most vulnerable, compelling and honest thoughts). Its not easy to write a post nor is it easy to be open. but remember its okay to be NAKED and Your thoughts are always welcome here, just as YOU ARE. So go on and share your thoughts NOW!!! I've got your cash waiting. Always!!! ♥ ♥ ♥

P.S: HAPPY NEW MONTH SWEETKINS! and Congratulations to my ABC fam on our One Year Milestone. Yipeee!!! Without you, this blog will have no purpose....My Writings and Audios will have no real VALUE. Can't wait to share many more of my most revealing thoughts with you this year. I'm hopeful for deeper expression, more awareness and profound growth.

Have A Sweet Sunday Lovelies! Kisses!!!
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