Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Alex's Audio Diary 24

Have you ever thought about all the hard work and immense DEDICATION you GIVE to your work, businesses and careers most times at the EXPENSE of your other RELATIONSHIPS?  That you don't even realise, your relationships are SUFFERING and a major part of you is lacking that wholesome generic EXPERIENCE of life in itself.... because you are way too INVESTED in 'Making a Living' so much so, that you actually forget to MAKE A LIFE. Please LISTEN to today's Audio Podcast....

So What Do You Think About Today's Audio? Feel Free To Share Your Thoughts Believe Me, I'm Listening Talk-Bugs.

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Have A Terrific Tuesday Lovelies! Kisses!!!
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Monday, 30 March 2015

Be Phenomenal Or Stay Forgotten

Happy New Week Talk-Bugs!!! These past months have been stressful as well as AWESOME for me. Because I worked so hard....finally took control of my life, accepted my gifts and walked into my PURPOSE. No longer do I have to feel ashamed for craving the things I want out of life. And for everyday I get to breathe, I see another opportunity for me to achieve GREATNESS. Knowing fully well, that Greatness is a lot of "small things" done consistently well, day after day. So I have chosen not to let the silly little DRAMAS of each day get me down, because I am here to do great things....Even if the road to SUCCESS is lined up with so many 'tempting' parking spaces. I am not willing to park just yet (not even for free).... because I realise that a coward gets scared and quits.... while a HERO gets scared, but still goes on, having it in mind that weakness of 'attitude' becomes weakness of CHARACTER.

Now, we all at certain times in our lives have found ourselves tired, confused, overwhelmed or even BROKEN. But true STRENGTH is found in picking up the pieces and shaping our lives as our message to the world. Well, I'm working on making mine INSPIRING for everyone I come across! What are you doing with yours?

Here are a few BOOSTS that have become my EVERYDAY Morsel. Hope it feeds you, the way it feeds me....

#1) You are today where your THOUGHTS have brought you; you will be tomorrow where your thoughts take you. What are you thinking?

#2) What you BECOME is far more important than what you get... even though what you 'get' will most definitely be influenced by what you become.

#3) You must get self-satisfaction from 'pushing' yourself to the limit, knowing that all the EFFORT is somehow going to pay off, one way or another.

#4) I have learned that 'Success' is a MINDSET. If you want to be successful, start thinking of yourself as a success. Everything evolves around perception baby.

#5) Whatever you do just remember that the HEIGHTS of your 'accomplishments' will equal the 'depth' of your own CONVICTIONS. Do you believe you CAN? Really? How much? How far? It's up to you...

#6) Some people WANT it to happen, some WISH it would happen, others just go ahead and truly MAKE it happen. Err...Where do you belong?

#7) It may be alright to be CONTENT with what you 'have', but never with WHAT you are.... I said 'what' not 'who'. You dig??

#8) Never be satisfied with what you ACHIEVE, because it all pales in comparison with what you are STILL 'capable' of doing in the future.

#9) Stop looking at life through a 'keyhole'...open the door to your opportunity...get involved, and CREATE the person that you were meant to become.

#10) Every day you are blessed with NEW opportunities to get BETTER. There is no reason that you shouldn't take 'advantage' of those opportunities.

My Lovelies, just a little more PERSISTENCE, a little more EFFORT, and what you think seemed like a hopeless 'failure' may turn to glorious success. I am a living testimony in the making... Just remember that nobody ever built a STATUE for someone who played it 'safe'. They don't build MONUMENTS for the average mediocre. Its either you go all out and Be PHENOMENAL or just Stay forgotten!!

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Have A Magnificent Monday Lovelies! Kisses!!!

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Sunday, 29 March 2015

#AskAlex : Help, How Can I Enhance My Performance During Sex?

Dear Alex, Thank you for following me back on twitter. I hope I haven't missed free advice Friday? Wanted to ask you something important. Can you advise me on my sexual issues? My problem is this, I have this pre notion that whenever I want to make love I won't last longer. And it always affects my performance. What could be the reason for this? What can I do to enhance my performance? I await your reply. Thanks. Ayo.

Hello Ayo,

Thanks for reaching out to me and my apologies that we weren't able to chat for long during FREE ADVICE FRIDAY. I know a man's sexual performance in the romp is pretty much a big deal to him. And I hope I can help you channel your thoughts in the right direction with this post.

First of all, we must remember that what we THINK affects how our body responds. If we have depressed thoughts, our body literally starts acting depressed. Same way if a sexual or raunchy thought crosses our mind, our body starts to get aroused and responds simultaneously.

You need to stop thinking about your PERFORMANCE prior to sex. Because lovemaking isn't the OLYMPICS and you are not going to be awarded a medal for participating. It is a medium of EXPRESSING your feelings using your body. So your thoughts should naturally be on how gorgeous the woman is or how intelligent her mind is, or how great her body looks. The goal here is to FOCUS more on the stimulating part(s) of her that ATTRACTS you, while taking your time to get to connect with her physically, as oppose to worrying so much about WHETHER you'll please her well, instead of 'HOW' you'll please her. Believe me, you'll help her get her FREAK ON, if you 'connect' with her on a level she finds comfortable. Because it's only at the point of connection, that she can tell you what she really likes.

Now, a lot of men assume women are walking around with an invisible score card RATING men sexually....Well, truth be told, she will rate you after you have flipped out your 8 inches of veined sausage and discombulated her womb without a care in the world for her own rhythm. She will rate you and tell all her other girlfriends to free willy jr....and you'll literally become the COCK-MONSTER. Lol. But, if you are sensitive towards her sexually. Even if you give her only 2 minutes of penetration (heavens forbid), sad as it may seem....it will be the best two minutes of her freaking life and she will want more of you, ten minutes after you catch some rest . In my own opinion, it's way better for her to crave more of you 10 minutes after than to want nothing more to do with you after 45 minutes of pummelling her. Or don't you think?

Now here's what I think you should consider, if you really want ENHANCE your performance and prolong lovemaking....

#1) Its Really How You Use It That Matters - And Not Size

As a woman size has never mattered much to me, I mean it's not like we choose our men by penal measurements. I doubt we ask men to flip out their SPANKERS while we inspect them with a measuring tape. I've never heard a lady tell her girlfriend to hook her up with a guy with 9inches of hot rod either. Its probably more tuned towards a guy who's GOOD in bed, not a guy who's LONG in bed. And since women don't come with the same manual. It will help if you forgot about your size and pay more attention to what she in particular likes.

#2) What A Performance!

Forget about performance. It takes two to tango baby and (traditionally) two to make love. You need to stop thinking about your performance like it's a theatre show. C'mon it's not "The Ayo Show" where your performance will get a detailed critique. Imagine per show review, meeting analysis, target charts, withheld bonuses. Sure, you need to please your partner, but not  at the expense of your own enjoyment. And you can't enjoy sex if all you are thinking about is whether you are delivering a good job on entertaining your lover. As an actor, I know this. And as a woman I see it often and it's rather frustrating.(Don't choke going down on me because you imagine I'm comparing you to the last guy who gave me a head, UNTIL you started moaning on my behalf and asking if you are the best I've ever truly had, that guy didn't even cross my mind) Hahahah. Its not a competition.

So I will advise, when next you are with your woman, just "cuddle up naked" and on no account should you have sex! Hard as it may seem, this will take all the pressure off; and once you stop trying, things will feel much more natural.

Start to think of lovemaking as 'more' than just the 'mechanics' of SEX. Infact, bring in the SOUL SEX. Just being vulnerable together is as much INTIMATE, if not  more, to do with 'making love' as the sex act in itself. You can read my #AskAlex Post "CAN MY MAN AND I HAVE SOUL SEX?"

#3) Healthy Sexual Functioning Comes From A Healthy Lifestyle....
Your penis works healthily when you are healthy - think of it as your health barometer (but don't introduce it as such). If you keep your body healthy and well-maintained, your sexual functioning will improve.

To keep your 'barometer' healthy and working:

a) Don't Smoke. Men who smoke are twice as likely to suffer impotence as healthier non-smokers (I remember talking a few times to my ex, Tiger about his smoking and dependence for a little 'herb' to spur things and I kept letting him know it was affecting his erection and our sex). Cigarettes damage arteries carrying blood into all the organs of the body. And the weed doesn't help either. Who wants all that smoke and bad breath? You get what I'm saying? And the news isn't much better for heavy drinkers.

b) Limit Alcohol Consumption. Excessive boozing reduces testosterone production, which can lower sex drive and cause impotence.

c) Manage Your Stress.  Stress increases cortisol in your body and compromises testosterone production, lowering sex drive and function. Relax regularly, take adequate breaks, and get enough sleep.

d) Exercise. When you're fit, you feel and look more attractive, which will lift your sexual confidence. And, as we'll see in the next tip, the right kind of exercise will actually increase your levels of sex hormone. Exercise will also improve blood flow, which will make for sexual enhancement.

e) Eat For Sex. Your hormonal expression is strongly influenced by what you eat, and improved circulation results in greater erectile response. Include in your diet foods rich in L-Arginine such as granola, oatmeal, peanuts, cashews, walnuts, dairy, green vegetables, root vegetables, garlic, ginseng, soybeans, bananas, chickpeas, and seeds.

#4) Understand Women's Sexuality

A lot of men aren't quite sure where the erogenous zones are (although they think they have a scant idea). They are yet to understand the importance of FOREPLAY in building a woman's desire (and I don't mean going for her nipple with your wet tongue) You should never go from zero to second or third base. For a woman like me, I have quite a bit of erogenous zones that are not my GENITALS like my back, face, neck, under my feet. And I'm sure there are lots of other women like me. The trick is to keep the strokes light and gentle. Don't make it so obvious your goal is to turn her on. Besides, that shouldn't be your goal. Your goal is to connect and bond with her and by so doing build passion. You should start by creating the mood with music (you can check out this post "MY TOP 25 BABY MAKING MUSIC..."), the right light, finger food/(aphrodisiac) or a stimulating conversation and look out for signs that she wants you to be more tactile or touchy. Because if you go straight from saying hello to kissing her breasts or sticking your fingers down below. You'll probably get more excited than her, that's if she's not irritated already and you may want actual penetration forgetting  the average man will climax in about two minutes, whereas a woman typically takes much longer to reach orgasm.

So many different parts of a woman's body (not just the genitals), become aroused during sex and this can happen through gentle feathery touch. Many men like you need to focus on "A Whole New Kind Of Lovemaking Experience" in which you can take your time to focus on her ENTIRE body, and forget about penetration until she's screaming for you to get in..

If you build chemistry by matching her language and interests, then hopefully she'll do the same for you - because different people experience lovemaking differently, and part of having a GREAT sex life is in building a wonderful sense of shared experience. You can read my 'Raw And Unfiltered' Post "GREAT SEX WITHR BAD ROMANCE...."

Hopefully, this post is able to give your mind a direction on where to start. Let me know how things go moving forward dear. Xoxo.

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Have A Sweet Sunday Lovelies! Kisses!!!

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Tuesday, 24 March 2015

It Is True I Don't Love Loudly

It is true the first few weeks of excitement has dwindled. I am no longer in AWE. I'm not flapping my wings, shaking my tail feather or swinging my panties in the air. I can look anyone straight in the eye in all of my NAKEDNESS and tell them I am NOT in love....and I wouldn't be lying. Had it been that I was though, I probably still be clutching dearly to all the SIGNS that will give me away because that's who I am. I just don't love loudly and it has me thinking about my father who comes off as a quiet man to those who don’t know him. Married to a woman – my mother – who oozes charisma and CHARM in any room full of strangers. My father is most comfortable being one of those people “behind the scenes,” even though his job will never let him. While my mom, being the wife of a highly respected PUBLIC figure, is comfortable being in his shadow even though I sense she will love to be the centre of ATTENTION. Hahahah. 

Now even though my dad is a calm collected man, his love, his affection, his PASSION is rather obvious; it’s LOUD. You can see it, hear it and most certainly FEEL it. My mother on the other hand is almost the exact opposite. And as a child, I didn’t understand the way she loved. I almost at some point thought she didn't love me when I started my holiday job running her fashion business at the age of 11 and working with her for fifteen good years. But even then, as her expectation grew of me, I started learning that she loved me more than she could put into words at the time, even though she rarely said "I love you Alex" like my father would at any given opportunity. Still she did love me very much, she just doesn’t love loudly. And little did I know, that I would grow up to love like my own mother. Kai!!! 

Vulnerability is still a WEAKNESS  for me but I think I’m getting better at it. I mean real vulnerability – not sending text messages at midnight to a love interest in a half-drunk state after gulping all the Vodka and Campari at my disposal. Or Tweet messaging my broken heart or whatever infantile substitutes this generation plugs in the name of love and affection. 

No, I think real vulnerability means there is no room to save face, (and many people still don't understand that part) that there is great possibility for HURT, for PAIN... but there is also great possibility and potential for something that could become genuine LOVE, that's if it isn’t already there. And some people do this QUITE loudly – they emphatically don’t subscribe to any of “the rules” or care to be the one “in power,” or even remotely mind being the one who CARES more, and TEXTS first, and all the other INSIGNIFICANT details we’ve made so grandeur. Yes, some people love to show off their emotions and it’s perfectly wonderful. But some people don’t. Err...People like me....Hahahah. And I pray for the day that some people will understand that I'm completely normal if only they looked deep enough to see what I'm guarding.

Had I not been wary of REJECTION and abuse of power....I almost believe I used to be jealous of people who loved to EXPRESS their feelings openly.... maybe secretly jealous, but bloody jealous all the same. Hence my new EFFORT at being expressive....maybe not always about my feelings but at least about my THOUGHTS. Yea!!! There is a difference.... And While a few close friends seemingly envied my detached demeanor as it came. For the rest, It often times comes, at a heavy PRICE to pay. Think about it.... No one would ever mistake me for someone who cares too much, even when I have; even when I did or while I still do. Because unlike those who love loudly, I don’t wear my EMOTIONS on my sleeve....and when I do, it's so freaking complex, that I give ALGEBRA a good scare....don't bother with the calculations, I'm that COMPLEX so they either NEVER believe what they see or I just confuse them while I do a great job confusing myself too in the process. Yep! Its that's hard baby. And even as I wrestle with this weakness that has become my vulnerability, I don’t know if I ever will be that person – the one who's tactile and loves to be kissed in public and doesn't mind the world knowing which crazy dude she's screwing every other night – and I don’t think I have to be.

I think the world is large enough for those who love loudly, those who do not, and those who belong somewhere in between. Because for those who don’t, we give love in the DEPTH of our affection, not in the 'frequency', abi what do you think? Our passion isn’t characterized by the volume in our voice when we’re fighting or yelling or crying; oh yes we do but sometimes we remain SILENT because that’s the only way in the 'moment' we know how to SHOW love. And we may not walk around advertising our emotions, not because they don’t exist, but because we believe they are SACRED enough, not to have to share them with just about anyone. But this doesn’t mean that our love is any less.

We love just as deeply, powerfully and passionately. Believe me, we do. Sometimes it’s a love you’ll find in those AWKWARD quiet glances, that mischievous smirk, the SHY grin, and those unnoticeable acts of KINDNESS. Sometimes it’s a love we can only EXPRESS with few words, softly muffled under breath; words that garner their strength from a foundation that is paradoxically both FRAGILE and yet FIRM. But mostly it’s a love that though isn't loud, is always ferocious, ready to bear anything and EVERYTHING for those who are 'lucky' enough to receive it, in a solitude that we offer to share. 

So never believe that a love that isn’t loud, is a love that isn’t there.... For those who don’t love loudly, We may not always say it, but we know that our love is as REAL as it gets. 

NOTE : Join Me In My Effort To Change The World With My Empowering Thoughts. If You Like Today's 'Love And Naked Reality' Post....Then Don't Forget To Share It With Those You Love (Or Even Like A Lot).

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Have A Terrific Tuesday Lovelies! Kisses!!!
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Friday, 13 March 2015

PODCAST : Who's Intimidated By Strong Women?

Hey Lovelies! You really need to LISTEN live to this Panel of Strong, Outspoken, Uncensored Professional Women and An Accomplished Man discuss "WHO IS INTIMIDATED BY STRONG WOMEN?". Tonight's conversation include Equal rights, Feminism, Domestic Violence, Equal Pay for Women, Sexual Harassment, Child Bride, Girl Child Education, Gender Profiling and so much more straight talk like you have never heard before. Join the Virtual Round Table Conversation with Nigerian Actress/Singer/Radio host of UNDILUTED and Goodwill Ambassador - STELLA DAMASUS, + Writer/Actress/On Air Personality n Host of WHISPERS - BIODUN STEPHENS, + American Author/Life Coach/Clinical Hypnotherapist/Mental Health Advocate and Host of THE LIVING ENLIGHTENED SHOW - NINA BINGHAM, + Renowned Media Brand Strategist - CHARLES OTUDOR, + Actress, Social Advocate/ Convener of UNITY FOUNDATION - AISHA ABIMBOLA bare it all with host ALEX OKOROJI #Live on #TheNakedTalk w/ @AlexOkoroji on http://www.blogtalkradio.com/thenakedtalk/2015/03/13/who-is-intimidated-by-strong-women @ 10pm (WAT) | 11pm (CAT) |  1pm (PST) 4pm (EST) and CALL IN +1 (215) 383 3766 with your opinion on why SEXISM still exists and what we really can do about it.

Don't miss the live show....You can schedule a reminder HERE

I Love you for Listening.... Have A Fantastic Friday Lovelies! Kisses!!!
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Wednesday, 11 March 2015

We Are Here For All Of Us

So, all ye CRAZY people tried to 'Break my Mobile Phones' yesterday with phone calls, emails, sms, BBM messages, Tweets, Facebook messages, comments....and it goes on and on.... Some of you sang, a few CROACKED and many prayed heavens upon me. I laughed so hard the muscles in my stomach TWITCHED....I cried a few droplets.... the surprises were beyond me. I even reconnected with old friends, long lost business contacts, distant cousins, former love interests and crazy exes. Some BROKE up with me on Twitter, others used up my Images, I received VIRTUAL gifts and PAPER cakes....some even wished me well on other people's pages. I found out secret FANS, amazing ADMIRERS, invisible blog readers and the calls came from all over the world to celebrate this young woman, who's only gradually unfolding her dreams. That's how eventful my birthday was despite heading to an important meeting and getting stuck all the day in crazy Lagos traffic and the PARTY hasn't even happened yet.

You showed me Incredible love like I've never known. You celebrated me and ELEVATED me even though I wonder what I have done to deserve it. You recognised my gift, my miniature contributions, my drive and my passion....And I will forever be grateful.

I so badly hate to do Cliché but I realise there's nothing cliché about GRATITUDE. I thank you from the bottom of my NAKED heart for the LOVE you all deeply showed me. It reminds me of why I am here...Why we all are here. "WE ARE HERE FOR ALL OF US..." (Thank you, Alicia Keys)....Yes I'm feeling somewhat overwhelmed today....and though I had this AWESOME idea to regale you with all the crazy details of events that transpired yesterday. I've decided to pile up the incredible stories till after the launch of my birthday project on the 19th, THE OFFICIAL LAUNCH OF ALEX'S AUDIO DIARY Volume 1: From Inspiration To Celebration...." (so viral post coming soon) Heheheh.

Well, I traditionally share a prayer on my birthday but this time I wanted to share a GIFT that will stay with everyone for a LIFETIME, hence the content of my soon-to-be released Motivational Podcast Album. And my wish is that, it not only INSPIRES you but it helps you to make the much needed changes you need, to spur yourself to CELEBRATION.

So in the spirit of GIVING.... and my continuous walk down self discovery. Over the last year I have learned some MORE things....and I've chosen to share some of that 'BOOST' today....Hope the truth strikes a chord within you....

#1) Many people would be scared if they saw in the mirror, not their faces... but their character! Can you honestly face yours?!

#2) The truth is, everyone you call a FRIEND will probably hurt you at some point. The trick is determining who in your life is WORTH the pain.

#3) Many times you SAVE a RELATIONSHIP by simply having a 'conversation'. Swallow your pride. Communication removes assumption.

#4) All men want from women is Food, Sex, And Peace Of Mind. What they haven't realised is that, its what women want too. Hahahah. Well take away the food and replace it with 'Affection".

#5) Never leave a good friendship for a few tiny faults. Nobody is perfect. In the end LOVE is greater than perfection.

#6) I just realised that the only reason why men don't do MORE is because most women don't require more from them. Men are 100% content doing the bare minimum.

#7) Never confuse people who are always around, for people who are always THERE for you. There is a difference.

#8) No matter how good of a woman you are, you'll never be good ENOUGH for a man who isn't ready!

#9) Sometimes the very thing in life that we are SO afraid of 'losing', once gone, we realize it's the very thing that actually sets us FREE!

#10) Loving someone should not mean losing yourself, LOVE EMPOWERS YOU, it shouldn't erase you.

#11) Don't let your loyalty become slavery. If they don't value you, then its okay to WALK!

#12) A good woman's summary of a man's 'greatness' depends on his CHARACTER ....an average woman, his 'achievements'.

#13) Be careful how much, how far, you push a good person away...once they leave, they may NEVER come back.

#14) True love is not a feeling; it is a choice and a decision. If you are praying for it.... then you should know the first 50% starts with you, being ready for it and the other 50% you not giving up on it.

NOTE: If You Like Today's Boost, Then Don't Forget To Share It With Those You Love (Or Even Like A Lot).

We are all here to support one another. If you are here, then feel free to support me. You can also pre-order a copy of my soon-to-be released Podcast Album "FROM INSPIRATION TO CELEBRATION...." from my Official Online Store.

Have A Wonderful Wednesday Lovelies! Kisses!!!
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Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Positive About Dropping My Panties

For months, I've been thinking about dropping my panties....but it won't be to a surly, sour, self absorbed man who's negative energy is the size of TEXAS. Have you been around people who are so difficult to please. Who just keep complaining about every goddamn thing under the sun. Nothing sits right with them and their egos weigh more than an obese woman on a food binge. Sometimes you look at them and see the contradiction between their own STANDARDS, their personal taste, and even their EXPECTATIONS....And it makes me dizzy in wonder. Being a genuinely positive person myself, I have realised that one's outlook on life has nothing to do with being 'pretentious' or living in DENIAL. It has more to do with the kind of positive people and energies that surround you. And everything to do with being OPTIMISTIC about your choices as well as the beauty of EXPERIENCE in just 'living' life as it comes. That's why I rid myself of all the NEGATIVE sourpuss around me. Who wants divisive people slowly sucking dry the positive juices one manages to self LUBRICATE, despite very anti-orgasmic situations at any given time.

Then, I recently met a charming man who's POSITIVE aura was so freaking ATTRACTIVE, and like some mysterious divine intervention, I took to him instantly. What was it about him?....Certainly not his drop dead good looks (which my vain eyes caught by the way) or his rather PRETTY hands....or yea, Imagine me use pretty as an adjective to describe a man's hands. But damn those are the prettiest hands I've seen on any man and yes, I'm quirky like that. Hahahah. Maybe it is the depth of his intelligence, his SINCERITY or his rather emotive nature. Who doesn't like an EXPRESSIVE man? Show me one woman biko....Huh? But no, 'Kisses' (as I now jokingly refer to him, my metaphoric endearment for his constant show of affection and ofcourse my smart retort for the pet name he now calls me) is a massive ball of LAUGHTER. A large rolling ball of fun and sheer laughter, so much so, he can make any PANTIES drop. And my proverbial panties being the shield protecting my core depths. Yes, that's how much he tickled my fucked up senses. and I gradually started dropping the shield around me. I'm staring at this gorgeous 50 year old who I find out, has experienced so much PAIN, hurt and challenges the realities of life can throw at anyone, yet he's so freaking positive about life that I am ashamed to be anything less. And quite frankly, his playful nature will give my almost 5 year old Ray a run for his adrenaline. And don't look at me like that, I've made no secret about my VINTAGE collection. Yes, I like old wine, and I make no apologies....Shoot me joor....Heheheh....What with TIGER and a few others from the old boys club clearing the cobwebs these past years from my FANNY. I am stuck on the CLASSIC.

I couldn't help but wonder what the underlying ATTRACTION was between us. There is a massive age difference, no doubt....and though he looks a decade younger and everyone seems to think I'm an old soul in a young body way past my years. I know I'm simply a young woman who has experienced way too many things while trying to discover myself. And so many times I've tried to push out the thoughts of his willy and my fanny embracing each other, hehehe....I mean what could a handsome man and a beautiful woman be doing together apart from having great SEX? Could they be having a good laugh or building a formidable friendship, perhaps creating a dynamic enterprise that could be greater than either of them could ever be on their own? Aha!!!....But who knows??? Yet he breezed in like a breath of fresh air, random, mystical but DIRECT and melted my sometimes rather icy HEART with the sweetest pet-name any mammal with three legs could coin....CUDDLES, and for the life of me I couldn't fathom why a strong vivacious woman like me had earned such a warm slightly cheesy endearment....but guess what? I liked it and I wanted to cuddle him badly. Ha! That's the power in a name.... so I spent 15 hours on the phone talking to this young-at-heart 50 year old who's positivity is rather INFECTIOUS. And I suddenly realised, I liked having him around. I liked listening to his soft Baritone call me 'cuddles' and the bubbly sound of his laughter rubbing me off the right way.  And to be honest, I have never been so scared SHIT-LESS .... Because for the first time, someone is getting through to me in the rarest of ways. And he didn't have to drop names, flip his wallet, make empty promises or wave his PENIS at me. Hahahah....Yes ke!!! 

Suddenly I'm reminded of the powerful radio conversation I had as special guest on THE LIVING ENLIGHTENED SHOW a few days ago with Author/Coach, Nina Bingham and producer of Charlotteview Radio, Claudia Pureco where we talked about the Power of Positivity. And it hit me, that this special man has used nothing but POSITIVE energy to draw me towards him and NOW I'm starting to see him as a major part of my daily life.... because with him I feel a certain CALM that helps me forget my worries and my challenges even if it's just for a little weeny while. 

You can LISTEN to the powerful wisdom shared on the archived episode of the 'Power of Positivity' on MARCH 2, 2015 @ Charlotteview Radio on www.charlotteview.net. I share a lot of my Unfiltered Truth. Feel free to listen and share your thoughts. Don't forget to let me know what POSITIVITY means to you too. 

NOTE: If You Like Today's Random Musing, Don't Forget To Share This Post With Those You Love (Or Even Like A Lot)

Have A Wonderful Wednesday Lovelies! Kisses!!!
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