Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Alex's Audio Diary 25

Here's the first truth about second chances:  We probably do know that they rarely happen by CHANCE but by a well calculated attempt at succeeding after a failed first attempt. Oh maybe, the first time, sure, is often concentrated pure LUCK, nonetheless first chances are notorious for FIZZLING out, derailing, being taken for granted. At which point, everyone kind of learns a second truth: Which is that 'Pure luck' will only take you so far. You will need to experience the harsh realities of GROWTH and a new mindset to achieve a remarkable second shot.

Now there's always that million dollar question that's crops when your ex wants you back. Should you give them another chance? As regards a second chance in RELATIONSHIPS. it’s important to be completely honest with yourself and investigate why you both still feel EMOTIONALLY attached and attracted. As most of us may realize, no one is perfect and even though there are thousands of 'potential mates' out there for each of us.... in reality, it’s very hard to FIND someone with whom you really CLICK.

That's why some Relationship experts agree that if you’ve tried dating other people since your "break-up" and it just hasn’t been successful, there’s a reason why. Perhaps you still have UN-RESOLVED issues that need your attention before you can move on completely.

Now whether the relationship still gets a second chance and works or ends again the second time around, you’ll know for certain whether he/she was the right person for you.

Rather than torment yourself wondering how things could have been handled differently or if things would have turned out better if given another opportunity, it might be helpful to consider reaching out to your EX again with a new MINDSET. But then again what are the things to consider, before you decide a comeback is worth it? Please listen to today's Audio Podcast: THE POWER OF SECOND CHANCE....

I sincerely believe that 'Second Chances' are not there to just correct mistakes but to also determine WORTH.... or what do you think Lovelies? Feel Free To Share Your Thoughts!

NOTE : Join Me In My Effort To Change The World With My Empowering Thoughts. If You Like Today's 'Alex's Audio Diary'....Then Don't Forget To Share It With Those You Love (Or Even Like A Lot).

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Have A Wonderful Wednesday Lovelies! Kisess!!!

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Sunday, 19 April 2015

Stripped Down Experience Lane

Hey Sweetkins! Have you ever wondered about the content of my soon-to-be-released book...THE NAKED EXPERIENCE by Alex Okoroji. Well, Here's Excerpts culled from different portions of Chapter 2: Stripped Down Experience Lane....

#1) "There's been so many assumptions made about me. And they got approval cos I never addressed them. I realise that Communication kills Assumption! Think about it, People can't read your mind. So you have to Learn to say what's on your mind. After bottling up so much pain, I figured Expression was the right release.

#2) "Oh! I'm not perfect. But I'll be damned if I let someone hold me to my past mistakes....I'm learning to Embrace being a work in progress. Every day I get a little wiser, a little better and a little stronger. It might like just a little but at least I'm not where I used to be"

#3) "So we had absolutely good Chemistry, Tiger and I. And yes! Having Chemistry with a gorgeous man is great, but eventually a relationship needs to move out of the laboratory...and into the real world where challenges will test its components. I would know right? I studied chemistry...Hehehe. "

#4) "Just before my metamorphic transformation from Timid Girl to Woman. I told myself straight up, no bullshit. Hot Penis aside,  I won't let the girl I USED to be hold me back from becoming the woman I'm MEANT to be. And that's how I flipped that Page. Goodbye Ignorance, Welcome Presence of Mind.

#5) "Geez, I made a lot of mistakes. From letting myself be the back pocket girl, to not being vulnerable enough to reveal who I really was inside and what I truly wanted for myself. But I also know that Mistakes have to be made for you to find your way. Some of the most imperfect journeys create the most beautiful destinies...."

#6) " Oh People have left some downright merciless scars on me....still I remind myself often that Forgiveness doesn't make the other person right, but it makes you free girl! And no one can take away that freedom from me. Aye! That's why I'm quick to forgive them. I may not always FORGET, but at least I forgive their sorry butts and take back my friggin' power."

#7) "Even though at the time, he did say he loved me. But clearly I'm the kind of woman who pays more attention to action than words. Did he love me or did he love her? It wasn't adding up joor...I mean, when a man is truly into a woman, he always makes a way. There's no mountain high enough or valley low enough to keep him away from winning her heart."

#8) "So I said, you know what Alex? Stop chasing people who require being chased around. If someone is a good catch, believe me....they will want to be CAUGHT. Hahahah. That's right?!

#9) "I stopped worrying about other people's opinions of me. God never told us to impress people, only to love them! So I stopped trying to get validation from others. And I started speaking my truth. Why? Because it hurts to bite my tongue all the time.

#10) "We don’t receive wisdom; we must discover it for ourselves after a journey that no one can take for us or spare us from. As I got stripped all the way, I learned there is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel INSECURE around me. Which is why I decided for me to even get better, I needed to get away from the noise, and surround myself with real people who are better, smarter, kinder. So I could raise my standards of what is truly possible."

My book is open for Pre-orders at "The Alex Okoroji Online Store". Specially Autographed Copies are limited. So please get your copy reserved!!!

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Have A Sweet Sunday Lovelies! Kisess!!!
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Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Finally Earning My Respect

Someone asked me recently what I have been up to, if I still feature in Movies or TV as an Actor because I have obviously moved on to other small things....Small things? Ye Pa! Anyway, here is my humble reply in modest celebration of reaching 600,000 page views and counting on my blog today, from readers all over the world (its not an easy feat especially since I'm not a news or gossip blogger...I don't even advertise or use any marketing platform. I don't know that any of the people I harass everyday with my broadcasts, re-broadcasts them on my behalf. I rarely use my Google+ Page except to share my blog posts, but I see that it has over 480,000 views) Ha! I mean who really cares about my CRAZY thoughts?.

I am an Actor (or Actress if you find it difficult to swallow my choice of gender spasm) and As An Actor, I will never give up that part of my life, as long as I get invitations to be part of quality productions that speak to my new standard as a Creative Enthusiast.... as well as my Purpose.

That being said, there is a bigger picture and in that picture, I have found a much greater PURPOSE. And my purpose is to influence the world with my EMPOWERING thoughts using every medium of EXPRESSION at my disposal....Movies, TV, Radio, Books, Audio, Mentoring, Advocacy. The goal is one simple goal. To help others understand that EXPRESSION is an amazing tool in creating a PRESENCE OF MIND.

I used to love being addressed as a 'Budding Actor', .... Fast rising...Oh not so budding anymore. Hehehe...It will be 10 Years in December, since I flew on the wings of the maiden edition of Amstel Malta Box Office (AMBO) Reality show in 2005.  I mean, I love Filmmaking, I love Nollywood, I love being a part of the system, the process... (Oh I still like being thought as one of them, which is why once in a while I squeeze in time, to 'make love' to the Camera). I mean there's a sort of respect that comes from playing someone else, but there was also an emptiness inside of me, vague yet real....because even though the world watches you and pretend they  connect with you.... In reality, they are actually connecting with the characters you portray. People think they have an idea of who you they have huge expectations...and for those who are opportune to be around you, they assume you are forever acting, pretending or role playing. I never really had a 'voice'....and though my desire to be at the TOP of that game, is still to be actualised, I'm no longer driven for the 'wrong reasons'.... because I am now fulfilled by the REAL connections I have been making around the world, sharing my NAKED thoughts through my other gifts of writing and speaking. In this areas, I REPRESENT myself completely. Not the ambition of the producer, not the words of the writer, not under the direction of any director. Just ME, Uncensored, Naked and Honest.  I found my Voice and I have been trying to let the world know, that the confused TIMID girl of yester years, is now a 'CONFIDENT' Woman who knows exactly what she wants out of life.

I do not want my claim to fame to just be "Alex Okoroji - the Actress or the Writer, the Radio host, the Author, Blogger, Podcaster, the Self-help Mentor or even the daughter of an ex Musician" (Oh people introduce me like that, all the time) Hahahah... like my claim to fame is just being Tony Okoroji's daughter. Who is that? Don't you know him? Former PMAN president, err COSON boss...eerrr....That copyright man....SHUT UP DAMMIT....And yes, I like wearing those hats, but everything new gets old. I just want to be ALEX OKOROJI, because all these little 'gifts' make up tiny pieces of who I am. What if I woke up and released an R'n'B musical album? Would I be a failed actor who started singing? No!!! Without all those fragments, I won't be complete.

I see people struggle every day to be on the cover of magazines. Well, I do not want to be known for who I am dating, who I married, what I wear to an event, who I hang out with, what social club I belong to, or which sexual position gets me going....Hehehe....I just want to be remembered for the number of people, I truly influence positively everyday.

I do not count my progress based on the number of comments on my blog, the balance in my bank account, which minister I dine with, the number of cars in my garage, awards on my mantle (and oh I do crave for them, after all I'm human.) But they don't drive me.... because my focus, is on the thousands who send me private messages and emails every other day. Thanking me, praying for me, teasing me and asking me for more.

I want every young person to understand  that the MIND is a very powerful TOOL, that they can use it to either write and direct their own life path, as well as use it to 'limit' themselves.

I have learned so much in the last one year. Things I never knew until I opened my mind.  I started my blog which I configured and designed myself 100% using a blackberry mobile phone and even though a few celebrity colleagues of mine refused to guest post in the early days... because they thought it was too new a blog to attach their brands to. I decided to write everything myself and it has grown in leaps and bounds filled with empowering materials that will be read by generation upon generation. I have taught myself to design websites (and I'm working on my 4th site for the radio show). I have written a book that should be released in two months, I have a Podcast Album, I have trained myself to use online mediums because in publishing and broadcasting, I see 'online' as the future. I am building an E- Community of Future Thought leaders, I am developing an Online Book Club, I started #AskAlex Talk Therapy and I'm presently creating my Online Radio Network with other shows which I intend to provide a platform for other hosts and young voices to be heard. All of these in just one year.

I want my name to be synonymous with Expression and the Truth, hence the birth of the NAKED movement. If you haven't figured it out by now. All that raw, unfiltered passion is a reflection of what lies inside of me. The beauty of being Present in Mind. I could easily feel content leaving a bunch of CD's for my great grand children to watch. But I want more. (Just so you know so many thriving young Artists don't even know my Father was once a celebrated Musician back in the days. They just know him now as an Intellectual Property Guru) Does it beg to wonder why true artists are doing so much more than just entertaining people for pleasure? The need to leave a legacy beyond Fame and Money.

I simply want to use my voice to help those who don't know they have one, find theirs. I want to make a difference and teach them the POWER.... that WORDS and the TRUTH have.

Six Hundred Thousand views might be a token number compared to so many famous news and gossip blogs raking in the numbers, but to me, it is a reminder of the task ahead of me....If my original thoughts can be appreciated and read these many times by different people around the world, in just one year. Then I truly do have the power to shape the world with my gifts.

My father said to me some days back "Do you know, People used to point and say that's Tony Okoroji's daughter....But now, they point at me and say, that's Alex Okoroji's Father ". Hahahah. That's right! I'm finally earning my respect, by just being ME. Its time to earn yours too. That's my NAKED CHALLENGE for you.

NOTE : Join Me In My Effort To Change The World With My Empowering Thoughts. If You Like Today's 'Random Musing'....Then Don't Forget To Share It With Those You Love (Or Even Like A Lot).

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Have A Terrific Tuesday Lovelies! Kisess!!!
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Monday, 6 April 2015

Do You Have What It Takes?

I have met so many intelligent, ATTRACTIVE men and gorgeous women who really have the POTENTIAL to be 'great'. And most of them are still 'chilling', yet waiting to become GREAT. But I just realised that it's not the lack of 'potential' that holds us back, neither is it the presence of it that propels us forward. Its not even what separates us, because we are all born with potential to be something great. So the question is....Do you have the WILL, the ZEAL, the DRIVE, the COURAGE and PERSISTENCE it takes to keep going, even when it looks like nothing is happening. Even when they don't value the love you give, even when the world completely 'ignores' your skills, talent, ideas or dreams. Do you have what it takes to keep PUSHING at it till you get it?

Well, don't ask God to guide your footsteps.... if you're not really WILLING to move your feet.

Before you go to bed every night.... Remember, they won't believe in your 'DREAM' until it's a REALITY.... So keep working on it, till something gives. I am a 'working' TESTIMONY.

Please Check out, Follow and Join my LIVE video broadcast on my New Online TV Channel HERE. I Love You For Watching.

NOTE : Join Me In My Effort To Change The World With My Empowering Thoughts. If You Like Today's 'Alex's Daily Boost'....Then Don't Forget To Share It With Those You Love (Or Even Like A Lot).

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Have A Magnificent Easter Monday Lovelies! Kisses!!!

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